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This therapist offers a cognitive behavioral approach to psychotherapy. I work with couples, families, adolescents, and individuals. Psychotherapy is performed in the office, but also outside walking and talking. Enjoy the beautiful scenic outdoors of downtown Reno, Nevada, while processing through life's victories and challenges (over a cup of coffee or tea).


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14 November 2018

I believe clover counseling .... will really help me live my life again..... I finally have hope!

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I love helping people process through their life's challenges, as well as celebrating the beautiful moments. I love being able to work with people in the here and now moment. Clover Counseling does not necessarily dwell on the past or ruminate on the future. Regret and guilt are wasted emotions.

Living in Reno Nevada inspired me. I love being connected to my community in northern Nevada. Over the years, I have established many friendships and connections and treasure all of them. This is the foundation of my being. Having a business allows me to be a part of the community and to provide a service to others. I believe that life is a blend of finding enlightenment, searching for more light, and being a service to others.

Anyone can benefit from bettering their mental health. The blend of emotional, psychological, and physiological well-being is essential to creating equilibrium and balance. Those are the critical pillars that support us. If you want to enhance and strengthen each of those pillars, please contact me.