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Clarke Direction

Norwalk, CT, Fairfield


Clarke Direction

Norwalk, CT, Fairfield


I’m a an ad man with 30 years experience in advertising. I am especially strong in Photography, OOH design, print and TV. I also enjoy new media such as digital banners and social media.


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I usually begin with a phone call to find out about the company I am working for. I outline how important Strategy and positioning is before the actual creative process begins. I can help develop the strategy or if that has already been set then I will work from that. I then develop 3 ideas that can take up to a week. I will then present those concept and together we decide the best route to take and then I develop in detail all the layouts and media sizes. If none of the 3 concepts are liked then Iam open to going another round.

Information about your company. A brief if one exists. Names of key stakeholders.

Working with new people. Solving problems. Helping grow a client’s business and doing stand out work.

Years of working for other companies! Being able to work directly with clients.

I am a professional who is dedicated to my craft. I am also a businessman that is keen to understand other people’s business. I am not just a creative person.