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Google Reviews

Review of cipl by sonya freeman
1 month ago

This place is awesome! So much fun and I walked away with such a positive Sony brand experience. The brand ambassadors were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. How they involved the artists was clever. We had a blast making a music video, taking the album cover photo, and recording a song. Great immersive experience.

sonya freeman
Review of cipl by Vanessa Powell
1 month ago

The iconic SONY rooftop. If you have a friend that works here, definitely ask to stop by for lunch or an afterwork tour.

Vanessa Powell
Review of cipl by Nguyễn Tuấn Anh
1 month ago

Sony Vietnam organized the event unprofessionally from check-in to luckey draw steps. This is the gift that Sony gave for members taking part in event of experiencing Sony Alpha III Camera in Hanoi on Apirl 15th 2018. The Sony Corporation is very big, the event seemed to be very monumental but the gifts are very poor. This show a big disregard for Hanoi Consumers in particular and Vietnamese consumers in general. Shame on Sony - a destitute company !

Nguyễn Tuấn Anh
Review of cipl by avon crawford
1 month ago

Never again will i buy a sony television. Brought a sony XBR65X930D in october of 2016. I noticed it would consistantly restart in the middle of me watching tv. Then in june of 2017 (8 months later) it totally died. Customer service sent a repair tech out and they replaced the motherboard. Worked fine for 11 months now i am back in the same boat. After wasting 2 hours of my time on the Customer service line they have scheduled another tech to come out. I have not even had the tv for 2 full years and this the second repair on it. In order to recieve a new tv technition would have to recommend, other than that sonys only option is to just keep repairing. No i officially on a 3000 dollar paperweight. I have had my samsung tvs for 10+ years and have not had one problem. Stay away from sony tv's. Sony has oficially made me a samsung customer for life. smh.

avon crawford
Review of cipl by Damian Taylor
2 months ago

Great experience, very knowledgeable and passionate about their products and services. If you're ever in the neighborhood drop by for a bit of nostalgia, modern and futuristic designs.

Damian Taylor
Review of cipl by Jirapat Sangvacharakul
3 months ago

Can even describe how fun and awesome this experience was. If you're ever in NYC and can't find anything to do, you can easily waste an hour or two in there messing with all the new cool Sony tech. Latiff, one of the staff, was a huge part of this and really made this an awesome experience.

Jirapat Sangvacharakul
Review of cipl by Zachary Guerrido
3 months ago

Hands down great visit to NYC always capped off with a stop to see all the fun tech at Sony. I saw cast members from Petter Rabbit last time I was in and Spider-Man the time prior.

Zachary Guerrido
Review of cipl by Tatiana Samuels
3 months ago

The SONY Square gets 3 stars in comparison to the Wonder Lab. This rating is based solely on the differences between SONY Square to SONY Wonder Lab. Their target audience has shifted more so to techy adults instead of techy families.The SONY Square is only a Show Room of the latest specific themed items or products. The showcase per theme lasts for about 4-6 weeks. This is great for adults who are interested into seeing how certain tech things work but it is definitely NOT like the Wonder Lab that was super cool for both adults and children. If you have a family with children, the SONY Square is great for their short attention span for about 10-15mins. Afterward, they won't really have much to do. On the bright side though, there are certain themes that can be kid friendly but you need to follow them on social media to get those dates. They also have artist signings which is also pretty cool.

For any adults that are interested into tech, this is a great store for you! Staff are well educated about their items and products. 4 Stars for the SONY Square and their new mission.

Tatiana Samuels
Review of cipl by NADINE WRIGHT
6 months ago

Great place and location! An interactive mini tech museum! I remember when it was called "The Sony Museum" and was located off of 5th Ave near Central Park! It was larger and multi level. Good for you Sony!

Review of cipl by Hector Cruz
5 months ago

They change the layout of the place very often and is fun to just go and play some new unreleased video games! I recently went to play the Grand turismo grand prix.! it was fun.

Hector Cruz
Review of cipl by Tomo Tran
6 months ago

Great place to check out if you are in the area. The place changes based on what Sony is promoting whether it’s a new movie or products. Sometimes there’s special events with celebrity appearances.

Tomo Tran
Review of cipl by Catherine Wang
7 months ago

Awesome experience. Employees are knowledgeable and VERY NICE. Super polite and help the users a lot. Makes me want to buy every game on display in the future! Also everything is accessible and clean!

Catherine Wang
Review of cipl by jarred power
5 months ago

Great chance to check out some of Sony latest products. If you haven't experienced the PS4 VR this is your chance.

jarred power
Review of cipl by ウィルソンヘンリー
5 months ago

Great place and space. I love how they change things up to show off new Sony products.

Review of cipl by Gabriela C
6 months ago

Tried out the virtual reality games for the PS4. Guardians of the galaxy was the best! Jumanji was also featured with its own section.

Gabriela C
Review of cipl by Austin Schargorodski
6 months ago

Went to Sony Square NYC to try out their racing setup for the new Gran Turismo Sport game. I was blown away with how nice the setup was and how much the game has improved over every aspect of Gran Turismo 6, especially the engine sounds. I ended up posting the fastest lap in the world for this event on Suzuka Circuit in the BMW M6 Touring. Needless to say I was super pleased! I will be back here in the future for GT tournaments.

Austin Schargorodski
Review of cipl by Emmanuel Villagomez
9 months ago

Amazing experience!!!! I got to play with their products as well as learn about their newest innovations. Their free camera rental program is amazing and a great way to test out a camera before you buy it.

Emmanuel Villagomez
Review of cipl by Marc-Andre Surette
6 months ago

Absolutely loved the Playstation VR and racing simulator. Also, the tech demos of future products was cool.

Marc-Andre Surette
Review of cipl by James Cassel
8 months ago

Interesting place. Not a store. It's a show case space of their latest products. Can't buy anything there.

James Cassel
Review of cipl by David Anthony
8 months ago

This place is awesome! Lots of fun everytime I visit. Be sure, to log into Eventbrite for free workshops! They will make you a fan of Sony DSLRs, I promise. Did I mention, they have a loaner program?? 😁😁

David Anthony
Review of cipl by Raphael Minter
11 months ago

One of my friends said it and I did not believe it. It’s so nice by passing the online platforms and visiting the store on my own free time. Sony has always been number one on my heart and with this store so near to me; I plan on having my own Sony console collection soon.

Raphael Minter
Review of cipl by Viren Doshi
11 months ago

Saw this place near Madison Square Park and just stopped in after passing by - spent about an hour in there. Lots of fun, everyone there is very helpful and knowledgeable about the products, was a pleasure stopping by. VR experience was the best part!

Viren Doshi
Review of cipl by Stefan Carpio
8 months ago

A show case of the best of Sony with changing themes make this a place to see the past, present, and future of technology.

Stefan Carpio
Review of cipl by Gary Ng
10 months ago

Awesome exhibit with new toys and helpful employees. Also has a loan a camera or lens program to try out Sony's best stuffs

Gary Ng
Review of cipl by Abid Khalid
11 months ago

It's he worst place ever. They do NOT help at all and doesn't promote artists in particular due ti favoritism. They have blacklisted certain artists and tied them to contracts for about 5-10 albums. They're constantly taking their money and scheduling useless performances and not actual promotional performances. They are literally only here for the money. They do NOT invenst on the artist that is one of their biggest cash cows and just let them hang there for fan support. Fans can NOT make a song a hit because they can only do so much. YES, I'm talking about Fifth Harmony. They have ruined these four girls' carrers and just feeds off them. They need to either free them or PROMOTE them as soon as possible.

Abid Khalid
Review of cipl by Mal- Kay
10 months ago

Pretty disappointed with the store part of the building.
Went to the Nintendo one earlier and Nintendo's was way more fun.
Think Sony took themselves a little too serious.
Waited a big chunk just to try the VR as it was about the only thing of interest at the store. Really meager in interactivity.
Could do way better than that, Sony, after all you're the master of the video games, just to name a few of your strong points.

Mal- Kay
Review of cipl by Brian m
11 months ago

I been here twice and i really enjoyed it . This is a great place for when your wishing to kill some time . The staff is so nice and there unique exhibits make you wanna return, plus it's FREE I mean trying out PlayStation vr or checking out technology is always fun . So go there on a lunch break or whenever you have time to kill you will enjoy it

Brian m
Review of cipl by Alberto Malo
11 months ago

Sony’s absolutely the best, the only thing I do not like about the console is that it is not backward compatible with the previous editions yet still the prices are cool enough to get us going, I bought INFAMOUS and I love every part of the adventure.

Alberto Malo
Review of cipl by Angel Vizcarra
1 year ago

Amazing Sony Experience. Stop by and check out their latest releases. Last time they had the Sony PlayStation VR to try out. Oh, and it's completely free for all visitors.

Angel Vizcarra
Review of cipl by Nurse Aine
1 year ago

So impressive, staff were so helpful, wish I remembered their names. Saturday June 10th around 5 pm , everyone of them were so informative and enthusiastic... left a very +ve impression...

Nurse Aine
Review of cipl by BlackHole Area
1 year ago

Walkathon which was pretty interesting as far as the talking but the actual walk was very boring and dry. I gained no substance from the walk it was very staggered Ashanti morrow in together and no challenging experience

BlackHole Area
Review of cipl by Raezor Nlg
1 year ago

Very nyz place demonstrating latest tech of sony. Just to explore there is no store.

Raezor Nlg
Review of cipl by Andy Ebbin
1 year ago

Great place to visit even just to kill a half hour or so. Great, friendly staff and they let you play with all kinds of prototype Sony tech. There's shameless movie promotion but even that's cool because they let you play with the real props. Probably wouldn't spend more than 90 minutes or so there, as of now it's not huge, but highly recommend.

Andy Ebbin
Review of cipl by Scott Alpert
1 year ago

Cutting edge Sony demos and a great place to go for new Sony products.

Scott Alpert
Review of cipl by Wendell DaCosta
1 year ago

Great place, amazing people with lots of knowledge about their products.

Wendell DaCosta
Review of cipl by Jay Kline
1 year ago

Visit the Sony square open to the public and get to play Playstation VR!

Jay Kline
Review of cipl by Andrew Bollocks
1 year ago

Staff is super awesome and they know their stuff! Great place to geek out

Andrew Bollocks
Review of cipl by Nik Custodio
1 year ago

Where walkmans from the 80s and vr collide.

Nik Custodio
Review of cipl by Martin Halvorsen
1 year ago

It's a museum.. And a cool showroom

Martin Halvorsen
Review of cipl by Cole Monck
1 year ago

hey there i gonna to call you is okay on my computer that is alright

Cole Monck
Review of cipl by Devonta White
1 year ago

The Sony Space has potentials to be a huge marketing tool for new Sony products but unfortunately it falls short.

Feels more like a Museum than an interactive space.

Devonta White
Review of cipl by Jenny Z
1 year ago

Played the mini escape game, which wasn't my interest but the technology was cool.

Jenny Z
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