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Virginia Dews

5 May 2019

The order is freshly cooked as ordered. Love the seasoning. The taste is delicious.


Tammy Macharia

26 April 2019

The shrimp; fish; fried okra and she crab soup was delicious.


Lexus Savage

26 April 2019

This was my first time coming here and I MUST say that their seafood was the BEST seafood I've ever eaten! It was perfectly seasoned and fried JUST right! I had the seafood salad, mac & cheese (homemade), hush puppies, shrimp and oysters. I will definitely will be returning! Everything was perfect! More...


Christopher Cummings

25 February 2019

Went here for their crabcakes..delllicious..customer service was excellent they took their time to explain the menu to make my hubby choice much easier. Will definitely go back.


Jessica Jacobs

25 February 2019

Stopped in on a stormy evening. They were closing up early (I can see why ) The nice man allowed me to order and it was amazing!! Went with oysters and okra and seafood rice on the side. Definitely will be back when I return to Charleston. More...


Betty Stewart

25 February 2019

Gotta say it. When I first saw it I was bewildered. I was not even sure it was open. There was no one parked in front and it was maybe 1:30 pm. But, here we were, a mile from the hotel, and hungry. Do we dare? Now, you have know two things before you go to this place. 1) Be prepared to see a building that is probably like 20 ft x 20 ft, barely noticeable as a building. We actually drove past it trying to find it. 2) The total number of seats was 8 so be prepared to eat in your vehicle. BUT, it is worth it.The menu is simple, but these folks are super nice and super good cooks. I had a fried shrimp and scallops combo. Although the scallops were a bit smallish, the shrimp were much bigger than popcorn shrimp and maybe closer to gulf sized. We also ordered a 3 crab meal for $11 that had an amazing sauce poured over them that had a touch of garlic in it. They did the hard work by taking the outer shell off, but we still had to crack the legs open and finger through the body for morsels of it. These were not large crabs, but a good value and really tasty.BTW: most of their business is catering, so that explains the smallish eating area. More...


Patricia Lyons

25 February 2019

Went here for their crabcakes..delllicious..customer service was excellent they took their time to explain the menu to make my hubby choice much easier. Will definitely go back.


David Washington

25 May 2018

The shrimp was delicious!!
Shrimp and grits were amazing!! Def a stop when in charleston!!!!


Donavon Archie

25 May 2018

Some of the best fried fish I had in awhile. Would be nice to add local fish to the menu like; speckled trout and catfish. This is Charleston, good fishing waters all around. Step up the menu with more variety. Good luck on new location. More...


Jasmine Brown

12 April 2018

This is the best place, I was looking for some good shrimp... Every time we come here we stop here all the way from Savannah GA


Ronda Cobb

26 March 2018

Great food with excellent service! My family and I will definitely visit this restaurant again on my next trip to South Carolina.


Emmett Archuleta

20 March 2018

Awesome place and very lucky, found a pearl, my first ever in one of their oysters!!! Delicious oysters, and the sauce, is something special!


Angie Barno

21 November 2017

The cashier was pleasant and the food was good. I got the crab and rice and the shrimp basket with a crab cake that was delicious.


Brian Grooms

31 October 2017

I love the experience you get from small local businesses. Great seafood as well!



6 September 2017

Best oyster po boy in Charleston by far. Juicy crisp oysters with fresh tomato and lettuce, topped with their ethereal sauce. Seafood rice buttery and savory with tons of shrimp. Awesome place. Glad I stopped in! More...


Alan Ali

2 September 2017

My wife and I got a couple of meals to go. The food was fantastic. Don't get fooled by the size of the business. The food, prices, and professionalism make up for that. Please help spread the word. Chucktown Seafood is the real deal! More...

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