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London, Greater London, London



Global PR services with a twist.

We enable people to access the world and be more globally mobile.

We support people by offering a therapeutic approach to relocation, allowing our clients to seamlessly enjoy life in a new country.


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2 August 2018

I am absolutely delighted with how easy and straight forward it was to relocate to Cyprus with Chepyng and the wonderful Nadine! Any enquiry we had, we received a professional and speedy response. This is a life changing move and so glad we chose Chepyng to manage it. Many many Thanks More...

29 July 2018

I transferred to Dubai and Chepyng gave me great service to get it all arranged. I encourage everyone with a need to relocate to give Chepyng a chance. They’re always helpful. Thanks!!! More...

25 July 2018

First of all wanna say thank you so much to Nadine for her patience and guidance, and for helping to find a property in Mallorca. I admitted that company is quite speedy proposing a variety of properties on your request and has a wide range of accommodation to offer. Good luck to you and thank you one more time! More...

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Helping people achieve peace in their new home gives me a sense of satisfaction. Supporting individuals and families to live new lives abroad is the most amazing experience of all.

Being an expat and moving abroad without the support we offer.

We are client-focused and do our best to support them whatever their needs.



We specialise in helping expats and those wanting to move abroad with their concerns, helping them to feel at ease and settle into their new home.

We offer international communications support to help businesses and individuals to get it 'just right'.

We manage the relocation seamlessly without fuss.

Our team of lawyers manage the residency and citizenship process, obtaining visas and new passports wherever needed.

We help clients to source property overseas, providing a property concierge service at no extra cost to the buyer.