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Tyler Harrington

25 January 2019

Ryan is an amazing person and an equally amazing PT. He has been helping me for years with my form back in my CrossFit days(3+ yrs ago) all the way to helping get my ligaments and joints strong as I get older. Ryan continues to motivate me to be a better human being and all around better athlete. He is really well educated in many fields and has answers to any question I may have. Stand up guy and stand up business! More...


Matt Coleman

25 January 2019

Dr. Ryan did a wonderful job treating my back pain and muscle strains. I had struggled with back, neck and shoulder pain for over 2 years. Sports medicine doctors had struggled to find the cause of my issues but he was able to figure out the root cause and improve my range of motion and pain in just a few sessions. I cannot recommend him highly enough. More...


jadeaknut .

25 January 2019

I started going to Change the Game (Ryan) in March 2018 after I developed an issue in my right shoulder. I had previous issues with my left shoulder that were lingering, but honestly I just "wrote them off." Ryan worked with me diligently and within two sessions my nagging issues in my left shoulder were GONE. He listened intently and continued to work with me and I did all my "homework" and now my right shoulder is fully functioning too! I have never taken recovery and mobility so seriously since I started sessions at Change the Game and it has showed in my performance at the gym- I have really excelled in my upper body strength! Finding Change the Game and Ryan has been a life changer! More...


Tom M.

26 November 2018

Ryan is amazing! His knowledge of the body and it's trigger points is very impressive. He is very patient and understanding. I feel confident that in his care I will attain relief. More...


Nancy Giove

27 October 2018

Dr Ryan is very knowledgable about the muscle system of the body. He is very good at diagnosing and determining treatment. My neck felt 100% better the next day !! More...


Dawn Wagner

27 October 2018

It is obvious Ryan really knows what he’s doing and is passionate about it. Great experience!


Barbara Heath

29 July 2018

Knowledgeable, friendly, and convenient. Discussed treatment plan on first visit and had great results within the planned time frame.


Brian Jeno

29 July 2018

I have been treated for a shoulder problem and now a back problem. I am amazed at how quickly I experienced relief. I would recommend Change the Game Performance to anybody dealing with any muscle injuries. Absolutelt top notch!!


Aaron Barlow

25 May 2018

From BodyTherapy to Changethegame, you have changed my outlook on physical therapy and training principles/objectives! Most people are looking for the easy way out....when in reality, the injections and "most" surgeries are "fixing" a bad motor pattern that has accumulated large amounts of pain. I'm glad that I did have knee surgery....if I hadn't had knee surgery, it would not have put me on the path to you! You have changed my game, and gotten me back in it! #strongerthanever #changethegame More...

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