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John Morris

22 May 2019

Recommended to me and I am passing that recommendation onto anybody else. Both times I visited the problem was sorted out, each time promptly and with little fuss. Good value screen fix, worked properly and lasted (unlike solutions from some other big high street retailers). Support your locals. More...


Anisah Irfan

18 May 2019

Honestly hands down the best service received at a phone shop. Whenever i need help or advice on any of my tech they are always willing to help. The staff are amazing, very friendly and their service is excellent. Would definitely recommend. Definitely experts in what they do!!! More...


Pete Owen

18 May 2019

Really helpful guys, took time and patience to fix my teenage daughter's phone. Very reasonably priced too, I can't recommend these guys enough. Thank you.



10 May 2019

Celltech is excellent, I've been there quite a few times over three or four years, problems like being unable to turn on my phone, replacing the battery, not picking up the internet. The staff are very helpful, give advice and they always carry out the repair very quickly, The prices are excellent. I know others have also had very good service here, it's so good to have somewhere like this on our local high street. More...


Seymore Ja

4 May 2019

I've used celltech in kings heath twice and I've found their services to be very helpful.
They give good and honest advice.
I'd recommend this shop 100%.


TTV_Boss _1

4 May 2019

Very helpful. My phone wouldn't charge due to liquid going into the charging port. They cleaned it out and fixed the problem. Then when my phone turned on I couldn't remember my password. They help me reset my phone and reactivate it and also get my stuff back. Many thanks to the staff at celltech. Much appreciated. More...


Iftiqar Ajaz

27 April 2019

Excellent customer service. Very helpful and honest staff. Carried out repair promptly and provided advice on maintenance of tablet. Highly recommend.


Charu Kakad

25 April 2019

A BRILLIANT service with a smile. Was served by Ahmed but all the staff were exceptionally professional and polite. Would recommend this shop to All. Very reasonable charge as well. Thank you. More...


Michele Temple

25 April 2019

This is absolutely the go to place for any problem with your devices. These guys are super friendly and extremely helpful. I needed the data from my device - which had died on me, they transferred all my data to my laptop, opened up my phone to diagnose the issue and advised me well. I will always use these guys now, if you are even unsure it can be fixed / rescued go here!!! If I could I would give 6 stars, so happy with this service and forever thankful for saving my data. More...


Kamilaah Khan

25 April 2019

Got my phone fixed after my son threw it and the screen went completely black. They were really helpful and made the phone look brand new and fixed it in front of me. Really quick and reliable service at an affordable price, would definitely recommend to go there if any problems with your phone. Thank you so much cell tech. More...



24 April 2019

A great informed experience. My data from my old to new phone transferred within no time. My old phone cleaned and now works! Friendly staff who knew their stuff and didnt charge but should have. I wish them all the success that they deserve and shall be sending my friends and family there.Thanks again More...



15 April 2019

Excellent service. Expert fitting of the glass screen carried out as I waited. Great to see the care taken in fitting it.



14 April 2019

Went in for ear plug covers, they were quickly supplied, and I asked how much? The very helpful staff member simply said, " no charge". How good is that I would certainly recommend them. More...


Ikraam Samow

26 March 2019

I had the most cracked screen, that wouldn’t let me use it at all, to the point it would make random calls to people I didn’t even call. Now it’s brand new and amazing and it works very well. Took it less than 2 hours and I feel like a brand new phone. Amazing customer service. Highly recommend to those in the kings heath area More...



22 March 2019

The 2 chaps who work here were extremely friendly and helpful when I went in with a problem with my phone. I was going on holiday the following day and they spent a long time sorting my problem. I went away with a phone that worked and was very grateful. Very good customer service More...



19 December 2018

If there were 6 stars i would give it, these guys (and they are not brothers, joke) are exceptional at what they do no hassle quietly confident and there are always customers in the shop which is always a good sign.I wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone who needs a very good polite service, and the price is right. More...



4 August 2018

Phone sensors and screen repaired on the spot in front of me. Excellent service and a great price. Will be recommending Cell Tech to my friends and family



19 June 2018

Excellent, friendly and very fast customer service. Will be returning if any more problems occur with my phone and would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family.


Kam 210682 Parmar210682

29 December 2017

Great staff very knowledgeable. always helpful with any issues i have with the phone. Recently helped unlock my S6 from my network.


James Gardener

27 November 2017

Had my J3 screen replaced here excellent service. Was told by my provider that the repair couldn't be done. They did it in super quick time definitely recommend thanks guys.



18 November 2017

GO GET CELL PHONE HELP HERE PEOPLE ITS 100% U DONT KNOw ME BUT TRUST ME ON THIS perfect customer service I went in with a phone not charging or switching on and the staff member I was helped by managed to find a solution to my problem as well as explain to mein detail what had happened in the first place he was very very patient with me making sure all my questions were answered. Very friendly very informative and polite I would recommend and already have recommended CELLTECH ACOCKS GREEN to many of my friends and family as I know they trust me to send them only to places I fully feel is at the top of their game with what they have to offer affordable prices on stock and merchandise So grateful I have a phone shop that is trust worthy and highly experienced in their role. thank u ten fold for patients and understanding very nice man and thank u again for the time u spent with my phone me and my boy in your store much appreciated. Miss M More...


Ifeoluwa Olujuwon

15 November 2017

Very helpful and honest. I thought I would need another phone but they helped sort out the problem with my phone without charging a penny. I would recommend them any day. Thank you so much. More...


Claire Sherwin

15 November 2017

Helpful friendly staff my devices are done same day at a really good prices. Always show the customer the producs are in working order before handing back to them. Would definitely recommend. Thank you to all the staff it is much appreciated . More...


Thomas Knowles

15 November 2017

Came into this shop very helpful with advising on how to use my new phone. Managed to connect my Bluetooth speaker which I was having problems connecting. All free off charge would definitely recommend. Thanks guys..... More...


Harvey Lendon

7 November 2017

A friendly modern feel to the store reassured me that I had come to the right place.
Service great, efficient & thorough.
Of course, my phone is back up and running!


Sylvia Lippiatt

1 November 2017

Brought tablet with software problem managed repair very quick and recovered all prized photographs. Very friendly staff and highly delighted with service & would definitely recommend to friends & family.


Gwen K

18 October 2017

My Sony Z1 mini shut down last night, was in a difficult situation needed phone sorted asap. Came into Celltech was advised accordingly, phone was sorted within 20 minutes with all data intact. Thank you so much would definitely recommend. More...


Iram Qayyum

17 October 2017

I came in to change my iPhone 6 screen. Was very satisfied & impressed with how the assistant tested the phone prior to repair. Very happy with service thanks Celltech. Would recommend. More...


Google User

8 October 2017

Extremely helpful and polite gentleman. Quickly identified problem was a Samsung manufacturing defect and advised accordingly. Thanks. Would definitely recommend and use again. More...



6 October 2017

My phone completely died on holiday I'd had problems with it not holding its charge previously and they changed the battery so I thought it was kaput but they brought it back to life with a reboot and only charged £5.Excellent courteous service! Oh and I didn't lose any data or more importantly my photos!Many thanksMarian More...


Jon Wilson

29 September 2017

Definitely very impressed with these guys! Glass panel on my iPhone replaced perfectly for £25 (after 'a certain well-knownphone provider opposite told m



27 September 2017

These guys are amazing my i-hone 6 was completely submerged in water whilst in Niagara Falls on holiday. Two weeks later after coming home they managed to repair it which was great as I had thought I would have to buy a new phone.Great friendly and fast service.



9 September 2017

Camera on iphone 5s broken by my naughty 2 year old was quoted large amounts by other shops in birmingham area for repairing took to these guys and they repaired within minutes and didnt even charge. Thank you so much will be going to these guys for all repairs. Thanks Guys. Mrs Ahmed.x More...


Shahin Willshire

29 August 2017

Visited Celltech today to get screen repaired on my IPhone 6 and I was extremely impressed with the customer service, which was fantastic. The gentleman serving me was very knowledgeable and helpful. I left my phone to be fixed and was told it should be ready in a hour. Within the hour it was done to a high standard and for a reasonable price. I am so happy with the quality of service and brilliant customer attention I received and will most certainly be recommending to all my friends, family and other contacts. Thank you celltech. More...


Godfrey .m

26 August 2017

My sim card was trapped inside my phone and I couldn't get it out phiscally so I came to this shop to get it took out and it was done successfully. This is a great shop.


Damien Jackson

19 August 2017

Unlocked new phone set up our new account really helpful & very informative.
Thank you...


Jamal Miah

18 August 2017

Had an absolute disaster on Holiday in Turkey...fried my new Google pixel phone...with thousands of pics got back here told by EE they will wipe my phone with no access 2 my Gmail account (new 2 me never used Google account b4) the chap here helped me 2 get access my gmail axcount & treasured pics not vids ...all free of charge really really helpful & helped with another phone 2 More...


Nenia Francis

5 August 2017

I m so happy for the help he is so very helpful and kind and genly



25 July 2017

Very Knowledgeable and professional service with great prices



24 July 2017

I took my iphone 6s into this new shop in Acocks Green, it was diagnosed and repaired within an hour. very pleased with the service which was very much cheaper than going to the Apple shop and also cheaper than other advertisers.The young man in the shop was obviously experienced and extremely helpful. Will use again. More...



1 May 2017

Needed a screen replacement on an iPhone 6 on a bank holiday Monday, left the phone in for repair at 2pm, fixed and ready to collect within an hour. Excellent customer service, assessed phone functions on drop off to establish repair requirements and costs, 30 day warranty on collection. More...



10 March 2017

Went into the shop today & was looked after by Awass. Superb service, we have used this shop a few times & our queries are always dealt with & problems solved. I would recommend this shop to anyone with a query regarding electronic goods. Angie More...



30 November 2016

I've had my phone screen replaced by two different guys in here, it's really affordable compared to a lot of other place (£75 for an iphone 6 screen replacement) and they're really friendly and both times have fixed my screen within an hour, would definitely reccommend!



8 June 2016

I've been in and out of this store for many years . little queries, battery changes , unlocking etc . They have always done the job efficiently, only once they couldn't complete but they tried and tried , no money was taken during this time . I think they are hard working and want to help and give a good service .they always quote when possible and are reasonable. More...



16 October 2015

My iPhone 5s was literally gone and I was searching the web for a phone repairs center in Birmingham. I read the reviews on Celltech and decided to give them a try. The service was very neat and affordable; and the customer service blew me away totally. In addition to my phone screen issues, Omar told me some parts were missing in my phone and he promised to get them and have my phone sorted out. After two days, I went back and I had ALL the missing parts of my phone fixed for FREE. I highly recommend Celltech. More...



6 June 2014

I have an iPhone 4s . The home button stopped working , warranty was finished and apple quoted me £120 to replace and fix the phone. I was shopping at Asda and I seen the shop so I went it to go get a quote and they fixed it for £25 . Brilliant customer service and very reasonable. More...



18 July 2013

WOW! My son cracked the digitizer (glass) on his Ipad 2 and was very upset. He does not go to sleep unless he watches his favourite cartoons. I needed it fixed same day and they said it will take 24 hrs to repair. I asked if could have it done same day they said they will try. 3 hrs later I get a phone call telling me my ipad was ready for collection. My son was so happy to see the ipad again. Price I paid was also fair the best for the service received. Thank you Celltech team More...



13 March 2013

I had a cracked screen on my new ipad 3, which I had no warranty and thought that Apple would charge me a fortune. Celltech was recommended to me by a friend, they charged just £80, within a day it was fixed!! Very efficient service, would highly recommend. More...



13 March 2013

Well i dropped my iPhone on the pavement smashing the front screen and leaving a huge crack which made it barely usable. I took my iPhone to celltech and was told that they could repair it within the hour for just £45! They even threw in a free screen protector! I defiantly recommend this shop to anybody who needs speedy repairs done on their iPhone or iPads! More...



5 October 2012

I dropped my Iphone 4s and the screen cracked. I took it to a local shop near me & I was told it would cost £120 to repair the LCD. £120 is quite a lot of money and I wasn't happy, so I took the phone to Celltech. These guys told me that they could repair it within the hour, and it only cost me £60! They did a excellent job and the phone looked brand new same as how it was before i dropped it. Very pleased with their service, would recommend anyone to go there for mobile phone repairs. More...



24 September 2012

Thoroughly recommend these guys. I had a Blackberry which wasn't powering on. They diagnosed the problem & told me that it was water damaged & that the Blackberry software was corrupted. They did their best to repair the phone & I was really pleased in the short amount of time that they managed to undertake the repair, and it only cost £35. More...



16 July 2012

Iphone LCD was broken. I was quoted £60.00 from these guys!! They did a amazing job & i was very happy with it! Quality job. Would recommend others to go to Celltech for any queries about mobile phones. More...