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Cat Russell, MS, LPC, Counseling & Coaching

San Antonio, TX, Bexar

1 hire on Bark
Cat Russell, MS, LPC, Counseling & Coaching logo

Cat Russell, MS, LPC, Counseling & Coaching

San Antonio, TX, Bexar

1 hire on Bark


A coach and Licensed Professional Counselor, I am passionate about helping people recognize and resolve issues (especially Complex Trauma) underlying their obstacles to growth, change, and attainment in their lives and relationships.


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Susan Walraven

6 April 2019

Working with Cat has really helped me. Honestly, I’m surprised how much. She’s easy to talk to. Always makes me feel that what I have to say is important. Best of all, she helped me resolve underlying issues I had no idea had been affecting me. This one thing has helped make the changes I had never been able to make before. More...



2 April 2019

Compassionate and Caring. I knew I needed to talk with Cat about some fears I was experiencing, but when the time came, I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with them. Cat graciously waited for me to share, while making me feel safe in sharing. As we walked through each fear, I realized they were just that, fears. We replaced those fears with truth and I developed a system to deal with these and other fears as they come up in the future. I left the session feeling loved, well taken care of, and ready to keep going. Thanks Cat! More...


Jenn Kuenzler

22 October 2018

Cat rocks. She has this amazing ability to take the complex and seemingly unsolvable and simplify it in a way that stays with you all week. Extremely helpful.


Patricia Mestas Nuñez

8 March 2018

Cat counseled and guided me through one of the hardest time of my life. She is an amazing professional and person. She definetily is the best.


Bonita Allen Burleson

11 July 2016

Cat Russell helped my family through a very rough time in our lives. She was both a counselor and a coach to us! We are so thankful for her guidance and help. Our family was greatly blessed by her and you will be, too! More...


Whenever I meet someone looking for help for their marriage, their relationships, their inner life, their behaviors, or their future, it never crosses my mind to think, "what's wrong with you?" I think, "what happened to you?" In our sessions, I focus, first, on helping clients recognize and resolve the issues that drive their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Addressing these underlying, causative issues makes changing the situation straightforward. Anything less is like putting a bandaid on a gangrenous leg wound; you might stop the bleeding, but you could lose the limb.

Clients report that they see the results they’re looking for. I’m new to bark.com, so I’m just getting started gathering reviews. But through my website, www.catrussell.com, you’ll find 74 reviews, 83 hearts, and a 4.9/5 rating, verified through Genbook, the scheduling site I use. You can access Genbook either by choosing one of the booking links, or the “About Cat” section on my website.



Deep, life-changing work to help you overcome the hidden, underlying obstacles - bound in personality and life experiences - that keep you from going where you want to go in your lifestyle, emotional, spiritual, and relationship life.

The best premarital counseling focuses on building strategies for handling difficulties before you come to them, by creating reflexes for understanding the thing that drew you together...and might just tear you apart.

The biggest source of the damage we do to our partners comes from the way our inability to deeply understand each other erodes our respect and care. But you can build a reflex for - instead of destroying each other - creating, building, and maintaining the glue that keeps couples together.

Strategies and guidance for your destination.