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My name is Caroline Aby I am a counsellor who will offer a confidential safe environment in which we can discuss the issues that are troubling you.

In today’s fast paced life there are times when it is difficult to cope for all sorts of reasons, such as the effects of past experiences, relationship difficulties, feeling generally low and lacking in self esteem, lack of motivation, stress, anxiety, problems at work or loss and bereavement.



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I love the fact that my job is so varied . People are unique and so are peoples issues, there is no one size fits all approach to counselling so each and every client has counselling which is tailored towards there own unique issues.

like to think of counselling as a jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle is of our lives our past experiences , it may be that we are trying hard to make the last piece of the jigsaw fit into a space that it does not not belong, and the only alternative is to start the Jigsaw puzzle again.

Counselling can help by having someone to listen to you, listen to your concerns, your issues, your worries , your story. Talking to someone who does not judge you. Enabling you to complete the Jigsaw Puzzle of your life for yourself.

Starting my own business has given me the key to my future. Unlocking the potential for me to move forward and work in an industry which I am passionate about .

Each client is unique , each issue is unique . For clients to come to me and trust me to open up and share their inner most thoughts and feelings is a absolute honour .

I offer offer a confidential, non judgemental and safe environment in which we can discuss the issues that are troubling you.