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Capture The Look + Love | Photo + Cinema

San Jose, California, USA

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Capture The Look + Love | Photo + Cinema

San Jose, California, USA

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Capture the Look is founded upon the intrinsic knowledge that a picture can change the mind and perception of the viewer. Our photography and cinematography studio offers commercial, product, headshots, food and wedding photography and cinematography.

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Eric T.

24 February 2019

Michael did a fantastic job with my headshots. I am amazed by how many excellent photos he took in just one photoshoot. He is a lighting expert and does excellent editing work. If you want your photos to shine and stand out, Michael is the guy to work with! His photos are AWESOME! I will definitely be back. More...


Steven B.

31 August 2018

I had the opportunity to get the looks that I wanted shooting with Michael . He maintained a comfortable and professional environment at his private studio which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank again Michael.Until next time! More...


Michele O.

15 July 2018

This was my first time getting headshots, and I wish that I had done it sooner! First, at Michael's studio, I had my hair and make-up done by Tiffany from Design Her Image. The process took about an hour, and she did a wonderful job of making me look natural, but polished! Michael provided helpful wardrobe tips for both professional and casual looks that I wanted. I viewed the photos immediately after he took them, and I was able to narrow down the photos that I liked most. He asked if I was satisfied with the photos that I had selected, or if I wanted to have more taken. I thought the photos looked great, and we went on to talk about retouching. Check out his web site to see examples of "before" and "after" photos of his excellent retouching skills. My photos were ready shortly after I arrived home, and I've been so impressed that I keep looking at the photos! Thank you, Michael and Tiffany! More...


Nina M.

26 March 2018

I'm elated to say that Michael was available for our wedding day! Apparently we have a very popular wedding date and finding the perfect match was proving to be difficult. After researching many different photographers/videographers and speaking to countless ones over the phone we decided to make an appointment with Michael. We loved his website and fell in love with the videos and images we'd seen and we were super hopeful everything would go as we planned. Needless to say, our consultation exceeded our expectations. His presentation was beautiful and professional. He made us feel comfortable, excited and really helped us envision how he will be able to capture our special day to cherish for ever and ever. We can't wait to work with you Michael!! Nina & Jac More...


Linda C.

13 December 2017

I met Michael 8 years ago when he was hired to do professional portraits for my boss' team at work.  I rarely like pictures of myself, but Michael's portrait was one of my very favorites for years.  I've since hired him to do commercial / product photography for me, and have been very happy with the results.  Michael is easy to work with, professional, and fast.  The quality of his images is top-notch. As an amateur photographer myself, I trust and respect his creativity and value his opinion.Recently, I decided to update my professional portraits. I never considered another photographer. I just got the results, and am very happy with the final images.  Thank you, Michael.  As always, you've done a great job!  P.S.  I also hired Tiffany to do my makeup for my portraits.  Not only was she really sweet, she listened closely to what I wanted, and created a look I was very happy with.  Thanks, Tiffany! More...


Jen H.

14 November 2017

Echoing my friend Cindy L, yes, this team is FABULOUSSSSSSSS and FASTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met Michael in 2009, and I knew he and his team would be my wedding photographer and cinematographer one day when I tie the knot. In 2010, I introduced my start-up company in Redwood City to Michael and his team to do an IoT video and they loved his work. The animation was pure genius and story line was so easy to comprehend.In 2014, I introduced my best friend, Cindy L, to Michael and his team, for her wedding, and she and her husband absolutely fell in love with Capture the Love photos and cinematography.Fast forward to 2016. When my NOW husband and I booked Nestldown for our wedding venue in 2016, I knew IMMEDIATELY who I would have as my photographer and cinematographer--the wonderful Capture the Love team!!! I did not even shop around. Right after we signed the contract with Nestldown, I immediately called Michael Soo and made sure we reserve him for Fall 2017 before another couple snatch him from us.Michael and his team come at a price, but you SERIOUSLY pay for what you get. I honestly don't know any team who work as fast as this team. We took our engagement photos and finished around 5pm and within 3 hours, we received sneak previews, and by 9pm, we received all our photos!  We had our wedding on Saturday, which ended at 10pm, and by midnight, we received 2 sneak previews!!!! On Tuesday (yes less than 72 hours later), we received another 20 photos!!!! He informed us that all the photos will be ready by Friday afternoon (less than 7 days from our wedding!!) ! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY, no one works this fast, except this fabulous team. I keep looking at the 20+ photos and I am still floating on cloud 9 and reliving every moment of our wedding day.On the day of our wedding, the team showed up early, which was SOOOO MUCH appreciative, so they could ensure they were able to capture every little minute detail. They always had a smile on their faces, even when they have to deal with crazy family members and vendors who get in the way of the shots. I looked in the corner of my eye and I was personally annoyed certain ppl/kids were in the shot, but the team was very professional and never yelled or had a frown on their faces. This definitely helps keep the bride calm. I never doubted this team and trusted them whenever they told us to go here and there, and do this and that pose. I told them, "tell us what to do and we will do it!"I can't wait to see all the photos and the cinematography so I can relive one of the best days of my life!When you ask former brides and grooms for wedding planning tips, they always say, "spend money on your photography and cinematography!!!" Best advice ever since you get to keep these photos and videos forever compared to florals which will last no more than a few days!Thank you so much Capture the Love!! Money well spent!!! I highly recommend if you're in the market for photography or/and cinematography!!! More...


Katy K.

12 October 2017

Michael Soo is a true artist and photography genius! My friend hired him for her wedding photos and they turned out amazing. So, I decided to check him out and saw that he did product photos as well.  I reached out to him to help me with some product photos for my Amazon business and the experience was out of this world! He has so much attention to detail, even made sure the dust particles were gone, the angles were perfect and  staged the shoot for me. He turned around the photos to me, same day!  I think many times, people focus on the dollar amount spent and not enough on the value.  I posted some photos from another photographer that were not retouched properly and it wasn't selling.  The moment I got them retouched and edited, they started selling, so I know the power of high quality photos when selling a product.  For this project, I wanted the best photographer I could find and Michael Soo is the BEST....ever...  I highly recommend him for personal and business purposes.  He'll get it done, and better than anyone else! I'm sure you'll be happy you hired him and feel that he is worth every penny! More...


Angela G.

24 September 2017

I needed to get a professional head shot done.  Looked up on yelp, and found Capture the look.  It was a great experience, quick and no fuss.  Michael was very professional, we communicated what I needed/wanted before starting.  The best part was as he took pictures, he showed me immediately on the computer so I could give feedback on how I like or don't like those pictures.  Then we both make adjustments.  I totally love the final pictures came out, and bought extras not because I need more than one picture, but just because they look good, and I want to keep them.  Definitely will recommend him to others. More...


Bill P.

21 September 2017

Michael and his team are fantastic to work with. We hired them to do headshots for our comapny website and they came out great! Very proffesional, on time and perfect for people that need to have pictures taken but don't like having the picture taken. More...


Victoria L.

21 September 2017

Extraordinary photography! Photos are absolutely stunning, and photographers are such a pleasure to work with. Love, love, love!!!


Greg C.

9 August 2017

Michael Soo is soooooo talented!  His work is nothing short of amazing and very easy to work with!


Jim Y.

27 June 2017

Michael did product photography for our Faux Floral Designs. Let's just say he has a few redeeming qualities to say the least. ProfessionalPatientTalentedFast turn aroundCommunication on pointThank you Michael and Team! More...


Jen D.

19 June 2017

Michael was great, the photo-shoot was quick and painless, and I ended up with a professional headshot that I genuinely love.


Tara J.

31 May 2017

I needed a couple headshots for work and of course procrastinated because I'm not a fan of taking photos. I ended up needing them done asap and asked my wife to find someone online. So grateful that she found Michael and he had an opening over the weekend. I loved everything about it. He was friendly, professional and very easy to work with. You can tell that he takes great pride in his work and truly is an artist. The best part.... I got my touched up photos the very next day!!! We will definitely be using him for family photos in the near future. More...


Har K.

21 May 2017

I have used this company twice to take pictures and I definitely plan to use them again.  We recently took family pictures at the San Jose Fairmont, which turns out did not have a lot of areas to get good pictures, but Michael did a great job in making the most of the location.  Our pictures look great and he was really good at guiding us through each picture to make sure we got the best result.  Our first pictures were at Santana Row and our photographer that time was Dominic and he also did a great job.  Dominic took pictures in areas that we didn't even know existed and they came out great.  We got lots of compliments from the pictures that were taken. I would definitely recommend Capture The Look to others.  They do great couples and family pictures. More...


Ashley N.

16 April 2017

So glad we found Michael!  My fiancée and I recently had our engagement photoshoot with Michael, I loved everything about it! The photoshoot was easy, fun and the photos came out looking so natural and wonderful.  Michael takes beautiful photos!I also enjoyed working with Tiffany, my hair and makeup artist. She made me look pretty and youthful. I did a few makeup trials with other artists but after the session, I chose her for my wedding day. I highly recommend them to everyone! More...


Art B.

16 February 2017

I do not like having my picture taken at all. I cringe when I have to be in a picture and more so when I see the end result. So, needless to say I wasn't excited when I had to have some head shots done for work. Michael was professional, put me at ease and make the whole experience easy and in the end, I was happy with the results. From the time I called until had finished photos in my inbox was just over 24 hours. Well worth the investment and would highly recommend them! More...


Jacob L.

7 November 2016

Michael Soo is a pro! I had Michael shoot headshots  and a group photo for my company. He went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. The photos came out looking clean, crisp and professional which is exactly what I was going for. If you're looking for a real pro, look no further! More...


Tom H.

14 October 2016

I contracted with Michael for head shots to use in my corporate directory, linked-in and for professional articles where a picture is desired.  I found Michael to be wonderfully supportive of the task at hand, and we were able to come up with 36-46 great pics, which he helped me see the pro's and con's of each photo.  His equipment is top notch, the software he uses to show you the photo's was very helpful and easy to use.  I was able to toggle back and forth easily to review the different settings we used.  Michael has been doing this for years and it shows.  His studio in itself was very impressive.  Some great examples of his work, can be seen there.My experience was informative and very positive.  I plan on using Capture The Look Photography, for some upcoming family seasonal pictures. More...


Cindy P.

25 September 2016

Michael is truly a talented artist!  We did our engagement photos with Micheal today at the beach. He was getting over a cold, but that did not stop him from hiking down the rocky cliffs with all of his equipment in tow. He is truly a dedicated professional!  Micheal helped my fiance and I feel comfortable during our photos. He is so creative and open to suggestions. Micheal is able to take any location and make it work beautifully for you right then and there. He is an award winning artist! He is so nice too  I cannot wait for him to photograph our wedding in November! More...


Euge L.

8 September 2016

when we went to talk with michael the first time, we didnt want to leave. no really, we stayed WAY longer than we should have watching his videos. ive watched one too many wedding videos in my life. they are all usually the same crap on crap on crap. you been to one wedding, you watched them all...... but michael, hes got a way to tell the story differently. its hard to explain. you just have to see it for yourself. some of his videos, hell, you want to know what happens after the wedding. we hired michael to do our video and we couldnt be happier. look for yourself!vimeo.com/178698553this is our shorten version of the wedding (trust me, no one besides the wedding party should have to watch ANY long version of any wedding video)michaels a pleasure to work with, knows his shit, and get things done. badass. no doubt in my mind some of the best money we spent on our wedding. cant say enough good things about michael. More...


Lu W.

30 August 2016

Michael and Tiffany are very professional and efficient in taking care of my very first professional business headshot. Tiffany first gave me a full makeup---she asked for enough information before deciding the makeup style, such as my job title, what my job will be like (which is closely related to the message my headshot should convey), what attire I would like to dress in the headshot (then she could decide the eyeshadow color). Michael, the amazing photographer, he first asked me about my job, the firm requirement about the photo, and then helped me decide the background I need for my headshot. He took about 20 photos of me in a very quick way (yet professional) and then took time with me choosing 1 out of the 20. He also gave me advices when picking the photos. The whole makeup+photo taking+picking takes about 40 min. We finished around 5pm when I told Michael I need the photo done by the evening --- he emailed the photo to me at 9pm on the same day: I really appreciate this. I will definitely recommend them to my friends ;) More...


Tom L.

28 August 2016

I am very impressed with Michael Soo and Capture the Look Photography. I went to see him for something a simple as executive head shots and he treated them as if they were as important as wedding photos. I really appreciate that he is confident enough to offer his professional opinion and perspective when asked.  I will happily recommend him to others as well as seek him out for any future needs. More...


Joel O.

11 August 2016

Michael Soo is a perfect combination of professionalism, charisma, and originality. He's the best of the best. When sending him text messages or emails, he usually replies within the hour, even when he's outside of the country! My fiancée and I recently had our engagement session with Michael, and we couldn't be happier. We had chosen three sites for the session, and he was happy to accommodate. At each of the locations, he worked efficiently and captured some amazing images. My fiancée and I definitely appreciated his instructions on positioning ourselves for the best shots. Our photographs are a testament to his creativity and mastery of his craft. We hired Michael and his crew as our photographers and videographers for our wedding in October. I know they'll be excellent, and I can't wait to see their work. More...


Food Critic C.

2 August 2016

Michael made it very comfortable and he was easy to work with!! He's professional, responsive and listened to capture the desired look. His home is also his studio so if you enter a neighborhood and think you're lost - you're headed the right way! Many thanks Michael. It was a pleasure working with you. More...


Alexander L.

10 June 2016

Very professional photo shoot session. Extremely nice and friendly service. Took some family and individual graudation photos. Satisfied with how the photos turned out. We would definitely recommend this place to those with photo needs. Would come back if I need another session. More...


Wu C.

1 June 2016

Michael Soo's team is awesome!!!! They are more than what we expected, and we really recommend Soo Photography to all the couples who are planning their weddings!It's true that things always got changed no matter how well you have planned, but we are glad we had Michael's team with us on our wedding day. At the very beginning, our decorations got a little bit trouble, and Michael helped us to fix it (things that they didn't have to do!) They helped us make sure everything is good to go for the ceremony and reception. Then, our schedule got slightly delayed, but Michael's team is very patient and still got very good pictures and videos of us. I am sure they were very tired that day, but Michael still came to us and congrats us, which really touches me. He is so polite, so professional, and so talent! He is not just a photographer, he is a magician!!!! Thank you so much Michael and your team members!!! We are really happy with our pictures and videos :D More...


Marie Kindred

29 May 2016

l ordered another one anyways because I really want it excellent as always.


Michelle C.

28 May 2016

Michael is the most amazing photographer - I've know him for about 4 years or so though close friends. I've seen his work with many of those in my friend circle and each time I love how he can capture the style of each couple.  So when it came time to select a photographer for my wedding- I couldn't imagine having anyone else but Michael!  The Engagement Photos were fantastic, wedding day and the Cinematography was just fantastic.  My husband's mother unfortunately fell so ill on our wedding day that she wasn't able to stay with us past the ceremony. Michael's crew and video allowed her to experience the day she missed in beautiful form. You won't be disappointed working with Michael and his crew. More...


Drea P.

23 May 2016

The photos on their Yelp account looked so great that I was willing to drive the estimated 1.5 hours to San Jose to get my headshots taken by Michael. Good news is there wasn't that much traffic, and the photos were among the best I've ever taken!The Upsides: Very responsive (he responded to my inquiry within an hour) & flexible (I set up an appointment 2 days in advance). Michael has an eye for highlighting your best features. He's great at making you feel comfortable & his lighting skills really speak for themselves. The raw images somehow looked photoshopped! The Catch: None!Tip: Westfield Valley Fair Mall is less than 10 min away. I ended up doing my hair and makeup in the Macy's bathroom haha! Although I'm sure Michael would have been accommodating if I had asked =) More...


Chris G.

17 May 2016

This was my first professional head shot and it couldn't have went any smoother. Michael is a true professional, friendly and easy to work with. I informed him I was on a time crunch to get the pictures done and he was able to fit me in on short notice. After the photo session he sent over the pictures faster than I had imagined. I will definitely recommend him to my business associates and friends. More...


Kim j.

23 March 2016

Michael was friendly and very professional.  I was in desperate need of an updated headshot and I was in and out in 15 minutes with a great photo.  Highly recommend.  A little advice: wear socks...you will need to take your shoes off when in the beautiful home studio. More...


chellai b.

23 March 2016

So we finally wrapped up our wedding and we are happy and thankful for all the work michael and his team did for us. they did a great job and the album is fantastic


Chris F.

20 March 2016

Michael does amazing work and provides excellent service. I was looking for simple headshots and got much more in return. From start to finish it was a great experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer and look forward to working with him again in the future. More...


Vera C.

6 March 2016

Michael and his team do amazing work!  He and his team are extremely professional and they are truly passionate about their work. It shows in all the films they've created- we've seen so many amazing films that are so touching and captivating.  They didn't keep us waiting long at all for the final versions of our films and we were in complete awe of how great the quality was.  People loved our video and they did a really great job delivering something to us that we will be able to share with others throughout the years.  He and his team were extremely easy to work with and we would recommend him to anyone we know! More...


Tanvir A.

26 January 2016

I can not give enough stars to Michael Soo at the Capture the look photography. I wanted some headshots done for my real estate website and business cards. I was not sure what I really wanted besides the headshots and Michael came up with great recommendations on how to make the photographs pop! His pricing is also really reasonable and the vision in the photos is stunning. My team and I will be using him in the future! More...


Hilary N.

23 January 2016

I needed to have a professional Headshot for marketing materials and Michael delivered. Three reason why you I loved this experience 1) his place is BEAUTIFUL! (And I want his furniture). 2) he made me feel so comfortable and 3) my picture came out amazing! I'm so thankful to have yelped him and picked him out of all the others. I will definitely come to him for my photographer needs... And that pretty much says it all right? More...


Kirsten A.

6 December 2015

What an amazing photoshoot today! For the past few hours I have been looking over the proofs, and I seriously cannot decided which ones I like best! Each one is just amazing!I was really last minute in the request for photos, and Michael was extremely accommodating. For the assignment, I wanted photos that represented me: fun, outgoing, light-hearted and outdoors. I love nature; it is a huge part of my life, so it was extremely important to me to have the photos be outside in natural light. Michael is super fun and easy to work with. He is professional, experienced and full of great ideas for locations and poses that look natural and not staged. He really has an eye for bringing out the best in people. When I saw my proofs, I saw myself as I really am (but better!). I looked happy, natural and well a lot better than I think I do. I received the proofs really quickly (same day - within hours of the shoot!), and was really amazed at how wonderful they were. The last outdoor photoshoot I had with another photographer, I only liked about 5. With Michael's, I liked them all! I am really excited to see how they look when they are edited, as in my mind they are perfect now! Bottom line: If you would like some amazing, high-quality photos that bring out your best features, go to Michael at Capture the Look. You will be amazed at how easy, relaxed and fun the photoshoot is, and how wonderful the finished products are afterwards. I will definitely use him again, and recommend him highly! Thank you for the amazing photos and fun shoot!! More...


Y W.

5 December 2015

I went to Michael and asked for a professional headshot. I wasn't very into the typical big smile profile picture and I also want some background rather than the single colored ones. I had something in mind but couldn't really describe it. Michael was really patient and tried/brainstormed several different poses, backgrounds. He was able to create something in spot simply by me providing a friend's picture which I really liked. The experience was very pleasant overall. Definitely recommend him to be your photographer for any occasions! More...


Sarah M.

29 August 2015

WOW! I mean, we knew the photography is great with these guys from their Yelp! reviews, but to experience it for ourselves was shocking and amazing. Michael Soo was so easy going with my family of 5 (including two teen girls and our dog), that I didn't feel like we were in a photo shoot....it was so easy. We hired him for one hour, in the Rose Garden. The first 20 minutes was for our family photo, and the remaining hour was for my oldest daughter's senior portraits.Michael knows how to capture people in their natural state, but as your BEST SELF, relaxed, laughing, and smiling...the, "I didn't know I could look that good!" kind of state....we are all very impressed and plan to hire him again in the future. It looks like he took hours and hours and hours to capture these shots, but each one was so candid and quick, it's truly amazing.And the biggest surprise? As if the beautiful photographs weren't enough, was that he had them uploaded the same day of our photo shoot so we could start pouring over them within hours. Wow! Wow! Wow!Thank you, Michael!!! More...


George H.

20 August 2015

Came earlier today for business portraits. Michael is very professional and an expert of this field. Business is located at his private house, so it is very quiet and peaceful. Got back the final version of the photos on the same day, very fast. Quality is good, and would recommend! More...


Penny A.

19 August 2015

I recently utilized Michael Soo at Capture the Look Photography, to take executive headshots. I found Michael to be professional & courteous, but more importantly, produced a quality product that I am very pleased with. Reasonable rates and quick turn-around time too!I highly recommend Michael Soo/Capture the Look Photography. More...


David W.

15 August 2015

I highly recommend Michael Soo at Capture the Look Photography. I used Michael to take my executive headshots for my new business. Michael was professional, easy to work with, experienced, and provided to me the headshots (including both the original and cleaned up/final version) the very same day I took the photos. Plus, his rates are very reasonable compared to other headshot photographers I researched in the Bay Area.Michael clearly has a talent for bringing out the best in individuals for photos and I would definitely use him again! More...


Sam A.

25 July 2015

Went in for an Executive Headshot today. He operates from a large residential Home Studio. Michael is the man -- almost all his clicks came out to my liking making it tough for me to choose and that's where lied my dilemma. Michael gave me honest recommendations, made me comfortable with choosing the right photo selection based on my need. Refinished photos seem extremely professional. At his studio he had lighted photos of events like weddings and corporate events on his walls and those seemed very artistic and nice -- I might give that a try in future also.Overall a very terrific experience....would recommend him anyday! More...


Eddie T.

20 July 2015

This review is for the Capture the Love team for a 12 hours coverage of wedding day photography and cinematography.  We do want to caution Yelp readers that this is a very LONG review. We are very grateful that Michael and his team was a part of our wedding day, and wanted to provide a more detailed review of the little things we noticed that made us feel that his team went above and beyond. In summary: Hiring the Capture the Love team to capture the memory of your wedding day is not a cheap investment, but for us, it was worth every penny. We booked him before we even selected our venue and caterer; he was the FIRST vendor we booked. We highly recommend Michael and his team, and if you would like to read more below, we'll explain why. Before the wedding:On the day of the wedding, Michael and his crew showed up about 30 minutes beforehand (and didn't charge us extra) to begin to set up and scope out the area. Michael is very artistic and comes up with creative ideas to capture your beautiful day. It's not always about the headshots and capturing the faces, but it's the little details. Michael and his team does not waste any time and immediately starts working. The first thing he asked the bride was "where's your dress, the rings, and shoes?" He was able to quickly envision how to stage these important items while the wedding party were still getting ready. As they were staging the wedding dress for photos, the bridesmaids informed us that Michael came up with tons of ideas on the spot. These ideas were unique to the location and to the couple. They were quite impressed with the amount of preparation Michael will go through just to get ONE amazing photo.  His team of photographers and cinematographers work very well together. His entire team is super professional, calm, fun, and knows exactly what their doing. For example, Michael's team all had headsets/ear piece so they can communicate and collaborate. It's such a great idea, right? We were the most impressed that the team split into 2 groups: 1 team to capture the groom and groomsmen and another team to capture the bride and bridesmaids getting ready. We were in different hotel rooms getting ready, and in different buildings as well. The team was able to capture the bride and groom opening wedding presents for each other - at the SAME TIME!!! All of this was recorded as well, and not a moment undocumented.The first look:The BMs got in contact with Michael to help prepare for the first look. We had no idea what was going to happen, since it would be a surprise us. Even our BMs had a good time working with Michael, and agreed that his customer service was as pleasant to them as to the bride & groom. The wedding ceremony:We were nervous finalizing a photographer to capture our wedding at Stanford Church since they have very strict rules. Michael studied the venue, and even showed up to Stanford the week before our wedding to capture some aerial shots and even scope out the area. This is what we call dedication and being fully prepared. Some of my friend's wedding photographers show up on the day of, and just kind of wing it on the day of. The price you pay includes the preparation work that Michael will put in, even BEFORE your wedding day!After the wedding:During the reception, Michael pulled us aside for some bride and groom photos. His team split into 3 groups: 3 photographers continue to capture the the dinner reception with our guests, 1 photographer focus on us, 1 driver to drive us around the venue for more shots because it was faster than having the bride walk in heels (soooo considerate!), while Michel was setting up for an aerial shot. Because his team worked so well, we didn't miss an important moment captured even though we separated from our guests. We also noticed that Michael waited until AFTER the bride and groom photo session (this was very important for us!) was done before he and his team ate dinner. The bride and groom remains his top priority throughout the day. The final product delivery:Who can wait a couple months or several weeks for the photos and cinema? Michael is very quick in editing your photos and your cinema. My family visiting was able to see our wedding video before they left the country - it was all ready in less than 2 weeks! When we first booked Michael, we told him that we wanted to our wedding video to make us laugh and also cry, and he did exactly that. The cinema really touches your heart, and it's not just recording something that took place. The way that Michael edits the video, he does it in a way to tell a beautiful love story customized and specific for the couple. I'm sure some of our guy friends teared up as well, but they refuse to admit it. Great big THANK YOU to Michael and the Capture the Love team! More...


Tracy W.

20 July 2015

Quite the artiste!  Very professional and wonderful results.  We highly recommend MIchael Soo and Capture The Look Photography for any occasion.


Michael H.

15 July 2015

Professional and a breeze to work with.  I needed a headshot and a few pictures taken of my office building and he delivered in spades--I will definitely be a repeat customer.


Nancy C.

27 June 2015

Michael is amazing!  We needed product photography -fast. He was all set up with perfect lighting, worked quickly, had great ideas, very professional!  We had our finished photos the same day. We will definitely be calling him again. Choose him- you will be glad you did. More...


Anja K.

25 June 2015

Met with Michael at the studio because I needed some updated theatre headshots.He helped pick the outfit from a few options I brought with me and immediately set everything up. I showed him a couple of samples of what I wanted and he did exactly what I needed. He was professional, nice, and it was obvious that he knew what he was doing. Apart from many photography studios out there, Michael is an artist and regards his work as such.I got my retouched photo the same day, only about an hour after I left his studio!The end photo was beautiful, the experience pleasant and turnaround quick.Thank you Michael! More...


Keith C.

26 May 2015

I contacted Capture The Look after searching Yelp for a professional photographer and seeing their exceptional reviews. Now, I can say firsthand that Michael truly is a fantastic photographer. The studio is very nice, and the photos came out great - exactly what I had hoped for. More...


Tina C.

19 May 2015

Michael and Tiffany are a wonderful team. I would go back again for sure for any other photos shoot. Love the setup they have, efficient and beautiful.


Cindy L.

16 April 2015

One word...FABULOUS!  One of my bridesmaids recommended me to meet with Michael for our wedding photography for our wedding on April 4, 2015.  I met with him right away after she told me she would hire him for her wedding in the future.  Of course it caught my curiosity.  I started to online stalk Michael's work and really enjoyed the beautiful photos and wonderful videos that he had created.  A few days later, there I was in his studio with my then fiance signing a contract.  Michael is by no means the cheapest photographer out there, but you pay for what you get.  Within a month, we took our engagement photos in SF.  To my surprise, he emailed them at 1:00am that same night!  We finished our shoot around 6-7pm?  This guy is quick!!  Fast forward to two months before our wedding, my fiance and I added cinematography to our package.  I think that was the best decision that we made for our wedding.  All of our close family and friends always say how the regret not doing videography for their weddings and we didn't want to make the same mistake.  It is well worth the money, especially when you're spending so much on other random things anyways.  On the day of our wedding, The Capture the Love team were wonderful.  They are extremely professional and always smiling.  As a bride, you can get irritated with a lot of little things going wrong, but with them, I had complete faith in their work.  Although, I do feel really badly that we had a miscommunication with the food for them at our reception.  Oops!  Remember to tell your reception place to feed them before everything starts.  *sigh*  (My only regret of the night).  The team was so understanding, so thank you for that Capture the Love.  The wedding was a blur, but thankfully the team captured it perfectly.  Within a week, Michael had produced our highlight video that you can now view on his website.  He also gave us all of our wedding photos.  I am more than happy and can't get this smile off of my face when I think about it.  Thank you so much Capture the Love!! More...


Debra R.

13 April 2015

Michael did a great job on my corporate head shot.  Tiffany was excellent with my hair and makeup as well!


Michael D.

30 March 2015

Michael did a great job!I needed a professional headshot taken within a couple of days.  Michael was able to get me an appointment and I had my headshot the next day.  The work was very good and I am pleased with the outcome. More...


Sushma D.

13 March 2015

We had our first family photo shoot with our one year old daughter at Capture the Look studio. Michael was amazing and took very natural photographs. We were put at ease and especially our daughter enjoyed the whole process. Thanks Michael for taking such fantastic photos! We would like to come back again this year. More...


Erin B.

16 February 2015

Michael got the job done! I'm a L.A. based actress and I was tired of the same style of shoot done here in Los Angeles. A lot of the photographers are doing the same ol' flavor. Michael brought a fresh perspective to the shoot and instead of putting me in a box of what he thought I should do - he listened to what I wanted. The results are wonderful and my pictures will stand out against the 'look' everyone is doing down here. This is the second time i've used Michael, and both times I was very pleased with the results. Plus, he has a beautiful studio and great places to shoot outdoors in his area. A great eye for light and color. Thank you, Michael! Oh, and a shout out to his makeup artist, Tiffany. She is amazing! More...


Sabrina H.

30 January 2015

I am a architecture, food and hospitality photographer but when I need my photo taken, I call Michael....because he take wonderful portrait.  I don't really like to stand in front of camera so I need someone know what they are doing and make me relaxed.  The photos turned out better than I can ever imaging.   Thank you Michael.  It was a fun day!! More...


Sean D.

23 January 2015

I chose to do an invidual photoshoot with Michael because I was hoping to capture some terrific images that could be used for my modeling portfolio and dating profile. After meeting him, Michael got right down to business and didn't waste a second in making me comfortable, at ease, and confident in shooting with him. He shot the poses that I had wanted to capture first. After this, I simply went with the flow on his recommendations and couldn't have been happier with the results. Mr. Soo is a genuine, humble, and amazingly gifted photographer who focuses on bringing out the best in his clients during a shoot. His images were flawless once I received the proofs and I was very pleased with the shots I chose for purchase.Thank you Michael for makng my first photoshoot a worthwile, engaging, and downright exciting experience. I had a blast! More...


Lynda T.

22 January 2015

Michael was very friendly and easy to work with.  He is great with angles and positioning you to look just right in the photo.


Jay E.

26 November 2014

I contacted Michael with a project that had a two day deadline. He worked with me to fit the project in, and I'm very pleased with the results.He was very professional throughout the process, and the photographs turned out beautifully.Thanks! More...


Jason V.

26 October 2014

Called him on a Saturday morning and I was able to set something up that day.  He was very good and the quality of pictures was very high. I will be going back for sure.


Mariah M.

30 September 2014

Michael is amazing! A few years ago he did the photos for my best friend's wedding that I was in and they were just gorgeous! Fast forward 2 years and I needed some new business head shots done for my LinkedIn profile and just in general.  Michael was my first and last pick! It should be noted that I absolutely HATE being in photos, and just hate photos of myself in general.  Hats off to professional models, it's just all around an uncomfortable experience for me.  I arrived to his studio feeling a little anxious (again, since I hate being in photos, let alone one totally by myself!!), but shortly after arriving I  was as comfortable as can be! His studio is warm and welcoming, with fun music playing to relax the mood.  He made me feel comfortable right away, helping me pick out my different outfits and getting me into position. The entire experience was quick, easy, and comfortable.  He took a bunch of photos and we settled on 3 great images that I am really happy with! He made me look fabulous! Business head shots are an important investment, and I am VERY satisfied with the shots Michael got. I already have a few people who are interested in getting some after they saw mine!Thank You Michael! More...


Min S.

30 September 2014

My family and I went to Mike's studio for a family portrait shooting and was very impressed with his work! He is very friendly to work with and has a great sense of humor! He knew exactly what to do to give us the best shots. Each of our family members (my parents and my brother) had our own glamour shots taken as well, during the one hour appointment. His studio is very nicely furnished for both indoor and outdoor shootings. I was really amazed by his level of detail in photo shooting. Even my parents, who are very reserved, were very pleased with his work! I am very glad I did the research to find such an amazing photographer! and would highly recommend him for any events! Our family will revisit Mike for our other future events as well :) More...


Joanna H.

12 September 2014

This review is for the Capture the Love team with Michael and Tiffany for the half-day engagement session.When we first booked the Capture the Love team, we initially didn't want to schedule an engagement session since we already did one prior to meeting with Michael in our Chinese/Vietnamese attire (this was mostly for our parents). Five weeks before the wedding, we decided to book an engagement session to get a better feel for how we would interact/work together on our wedding day. We were a bit nervous about not meeting the team beforehand and if would get along/bond well together. After the engagement session, we felt very comfortable with Michael and Tiffany. They are very easy going, polite, considerate, and offer their professional opinions without being too pushy. We only had time for one location, and the pictures turned out amazing! I have some people who commented: "Your photographer did a great job with Photoshop-ing both of you in the water..." At first I was a bit offended (for Michael) because these photos were real, but the fact that people questioned it....it means that Michael is an amazing photographer. We got wet posing for them and it looked too good to be true!!!Highlight for the photographer: Michael will climb rocks for you, he will get his feet wet for you, he will make sure you stay hydrated, and he will show you the photos immediately after taking it on his camera so you get to see it and provide instant feedback. Finally, he delivered the photos two days after the session, which is a really fast turn around time. Although it wasn't the high resolution files, it was good enough for us to use it for immediate printing in preparation for our upcoming wedding - four weeks from the engagement session itself. We did receive all the high resolution files after the wedding.Highlight for the makeup & hair artist: Tiffany listens to you, and pays very close attention to detail. Her make up style is very light and natural, but if you want a more dramatic look, she will make it happen. More...


cat g.

12 September 2014

What can we say about Michael that hasn't been said before? We were one month away from our wedding with no photographer booked in sight! Unfortunately we organized our wedding in only 2 months so it was a tight time frame to ask anyone for availability one month away.. after emailing about 20 photographers, Michael was one of the few who answered us with a possible availability. He may have had another client on the day of our wedding but to him it wasn't an issue - he has a team of photographers! In the end Michael himself was the one who did the photos for our entire wedding - from our getting ready in the hotel, to the ceremony at the church, to the reception! And we couldn't be any happier! Delivery of images on 2 dvd's no less than a week and a half after our wedding. SOOO many beautiful shots! Michael is an expert and very unobtrusive. He took pictures of our rings, our rosary, my dress, my daughters in their flower girl outfits - all while we were getting ready while it was hectic! Guy knows exactly what he is doing and he's so quick I didn't even realize some of the shots he had of us - so precious! He has a sweet one of my 2 girls on our hotel bed with my husband in the back of them in a soft focus, getting ready. I can keep going on about all our shots but hey, check out his website. His work speaks for itself! You won't regret booking Michael, and please please make the effort to visit him first in his studio! He's got a lot of amazing things to show you and not just albums, but videos and amazing shots of couples on their special day! We are extremely happy and thanks Michael - if we need any more professional shots for *anything* in our lives we will be sure to call! Happy customers!! More...


Karina Z.

15 August 2014

This review is for the half-day engagement session offered by Michael Soo (phtotography) and Tiffany Chiang (hair & make-up).Five stars for an all-around awesome day! We were hesitant about this engagement session because we both don't like to be in front of the camera and we were worried we would feel awkward and end up with photos that would have us looking uncomfortable and unnatural.Hair & Make-UpTiffany let me know what I needed to do to prep for this session. This is important because it let me know that she assessed my skin & hair situation and let me know what I needed to work on.During the hair & make-up session, she explained what she was doing and why. I liked this because I basically have very little knowledge about hair & make-up.I had contacted her with some questions before and she was very quick to reply and very thorough in answering all my questions.PhotographyMichael went with a combination of telling us specifically how to pose and giving us loose instructions on what to do. Example of specific posing instructions: put your left arm on his shoulder and look where my hand is and then give a big smile. Example of loose posing instructions: hold hands and then walk between those two markers and look this way occasionally.I really liked that Michael would take time in between shots to show us what he had captured on this camera. Instant feedback is important because it let me know that I needed to stop slouching!I wish I had emailed Michael about my planned outfits for the engagement session and gotten his feedback because one of my outfits was not quite the best outfit for taking photos, but he made it work and the photos turned out looking really nice! More...


Wendy W.

23 July 2014

Michael Soo of Capture the Look/Capture the Love Photography is both creative and professional.  I had head-shots done for my new business cards, web page, etc. and Michael took several different poses (and in different outfits), and I could immediately scroll through them and choose the ones that I liked best.  He uses the latest technology, but he is also personable and caring.  I hate having my photo taken but Michael makes you feel totally comfortable and at ease.  I highly recommend Michael Soo for your photography needs. More...


Christine J.

21 July 2014

Michael is a talented photographer and a pretty cool person as well.  He's easy to get along with especially during our engagement session in San Francisco.  We went to several cool locations and he was able to capture some amazing photos.  He's definitely skilled at finding great shots and maximizing the lighting to really make the pictures look great! More...


Alan T.

11 July 2014

My fiancee and I recently had our engagement session with Michael.  We selected a few locations in San Francisco to take our pictures, but neither of us had been to these locations before.  Michael was able to find some great spots and we were able to capture really amazing pictures.  Michael is extremely easy to work with.  He really seemed to enjoy his work which made our session so much more enjoyable.  We actually ran into some wind issues at one of the locations and part of his equipment fell over and broke.  Rather than get angry, he just went with it and changed up the shots we were taking.  Even though this happened midway through our engagement session, he didn't let this mishap (his equipment that broke was expensive) affect the mood and his professionalism continuously shown through.  We are really happy to have Michael as our photographer and look forward to great pictures with him at our wedding in a few months. More...


Sirma T.

25 June 2014

My now wife and i had the pleasure of engaging with Michael and his team (Dominic and Tiffany)  for our back yard wedding pictures and i must say that the whole experience, and the resulting photo portfolio, are a cut above everyone else. We had researched different photographers and although felt the chemistry with a few, did not really "feel it" when it came to looking at their photos. When we saw Michael's pictures, both of us knew that this is a different style of photography, which combined the intimate, the glamorous, the artsy, the artistic, the polished, the beautiful and the touching. It was art. It did capture the moment and elevate it to be a highlight, not just an event.Not suprisingly, when we saw our own wedding photos, they were right in line with what was promised. Michael and the team overdelivered! The pictures are beautiful and authenitc at the same time. I look at them and say: " This is us and we are beautiful!" In addition, the whole process of working with Michael, from the initial email and call to inquire, to his discovery process, to the first meeting, to the lead to the event, the wedding presence and execution, the package options and explanations, and the post production execution, were impeccable. We could not have been more pleased with his work and will engage him in the future. More...


Genichi T.

1 June 2014

We visited the studio for our family photo. I think the photographer, Michael is a nice guy and professional. We enjoy our time at the studio. It thought I could down load pictures online. But you have to pay for them if you want as well as prints. I think it would be good if Capture The Look Photography posts what is included and not on their web site and price list, too. It would help people to have an idea of payment. I recommend them if you are looking for family photo. If you decide to go with them, take an discount on the yelp ad link. We found them on yelp but didn't use the link and we had to paid full price. More...


R C.

12 April 2014

I don't often take the time to write a Yelp review, but I had to make an exception today.I had the pleasure of working with Michael in April 2014. Online searches yielded many creative photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area. I wanted a jewelry photographer so that I could sell a wedding and engagement ring set--I needed pictures to post online that would do the pieces justice, and help me get closer to my asking price with private buyers. Of all the photographers I spoke to, there was something different about Michael. Certainly, he was professional and knowledgeable. He is also passionate. His passion comes through in his portfolio work, and in his responses to questions. It was very much worth the trip from San Francisco to San Jose to work with him. I wasn't sure what to expect when I drove up to his home studio. His home is a work of art itself! It is very clearly an artist's home from the dining room chairs to the detailing around the fireplace. His custom-painted walls are a gallery of his photography, particularly of weddings. Many photos come to mind as I think of it, but the one with the "destroy" dress is the most memorable for me--after the wedding, some brides decide they'd like to end their dresses with glory. This particular photo had the bride in her dress walking waist deep into a lake, her dress billowing up behind, as wings behind the graceful arch of a swan's neck. In my personal experience with the rings, Michael is creative in his ideas particularly regarding contrasting materials, i.e. diamonds on wood and plants. He spent some time talking with me about what I needed, who I envision as a potential customer, what I had in mind, and was instantly working on creative shots. He took a number of photos, and helped me narrow the selection down to 6. By the end of the evening the same day, the images were retouched and a link to download the finished product was sent to me. I am impressed with this artist of photography and do not hesitate for one moment to recommend Michael Soo of Capture the LOOK. More...


Karen C.

22 March 2014

Now that my wedding passed, I can say Michael has the fastest turn-around ever and probably the best photographer all around. Our wedding pictures were ready for pick-up within a week of the wedding date. This is great because you're still in wedding mode and the event is still fresh in your mind. As a bride, during this week, you are still wondering what parts of the wedding you missed while you were hiding out before the ceremony or what the boys were up to while all the girls are getting ready. No one wants to wait 9 months or a year for their pictures when memories start to get hazy. Michael takes some of the greatest pictures and I love the fact that Tiffany and Michael work so well together. Michael also coordinated with our vendors so he was able to capture the moments. He was very on top of it on the day of the wedding. I sent him some last minute bridezilla requests before his arrival and the moment he stepped into the hotel, he mentioned some of the requests - which meant he read my email while he was on his way to the hotel!!! AMAZING! I am glad I chose Michael as my photographer for my engagement and wedding. I received a lot of questions from guests requesting Michael's contact information because they saw him working and liked the engagement/wedding pictures. He is so easy to work with and so good, I referred him to family and friends. More...


Liz V.

5 March 2014

My fiance and I had a pleasure working with Michael Soo for our engagement session. He was very easy going and accommodating to the things I wanted (e.g. classic nature and beach shots). He will cater to your needs even though the needs sometimes are not well defined. Before the session, he sent us a link of what we should expect the day of our shoot and what we should bring (e.g. water, outifts). I thought that was really helpful in planning our afternoon together. For the actual session, Michael came well prepared. He had all his equipment in his car by the time I was done with my make up trial. We went to Santa Cruz for our shoot. Michael knew what he wanted in terms of the kind of shots he wanted to take and was pretty spontaneous with it too. For a person that was pretty indecisive where and how to pose, I thought his directing us with poses contributed to the lovely shots that were taken. I have had experiences in the past where a photographer didn't really direct us on what to do and it led to unsatisfying photos.Our pictures came out GREAT. I had compliments from friends who have done photography in the past and they said, wow your photographer is highly technical! :) The only thing I'd say was missing from our engagement photos is head shots, which would have given us a whole array of pictures.  Other than that, Michael Soo did an incredible job capturing the moments! We immediately noticed that he's done this many many times!Michael, thank you for a wonderful afternoon with you. The pictures came out great! We are looking forward to working with you again on our wedding day! :) More...


Louis F.

5 January 2014

I only write Yelp reviews if something is either really bad or really good. I'm happy to write this one. Michael shot some new product images for our website. We are super impressed and very happy with the final results. We've always done our own photos but decided to try a pro. We found Michael and decided to do shoot a small product range to try him out. The photos looked amazing! I called Michael on Wednesday and he was ably to fit us in on Saturday. The photos were delivered to me via email Saturday afternoon and on the website the very same day.  We plan on having Michael reshoot our entire product line. I highly recommend Michael Soo photography. More...


Rona L.

5 January 2014

I really hate to have my picture taken. Really.  But when I had to have a headshot for my website, I did a lot of research, and found Michael. It was quick, painless, professional, and I am very happy with the photo.  I would absolutely  recommend him! More...


Kelvin L.

25 December 2013

Michael hasn't shot our wedding yet, but we did a full day engagement shoot with him and the results were fantastic -- beyond our expectations, actually. We were extremely pleased with the pictures we got back and we're looking forward to him shooting our wedding!My fiancée and I had a difficult time finding a good wedding photographer for our upcoming wedding because it seems that just about anyone who has a DSLR can put up ad in CL, build a website, and call themselves a 'wedding photographer'. After countless hours of browsing the internet and Yelp, we finally came up with a short list of potential photographers and contacted each of them.I have more than several decades of shooting experience having started with my father's old rangefinder so I'm hard to impress. A photographer's ability to find 'a shot' from everyday situations is one of the things that separate the great photographers from the merely good. After meeting Michael, I definitely feel that he had this innate sense. We selected Michael not only because his technical ability was good, but his style was distinctive and not merely copying whatever shots were in vogue.Finally, as I alluded to earlier, I prefer being behind a camera than in front. I'm definitely not comfortable being photographed but Michael's personality was encouraging and pleasant which made the experience a lot easier. This was important to us because it helped us to create amazing and memorable photographs that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. More...


Tony A.

20 November 2013

We recently had Michael capture our wedding(August 31, 2013)and all around, I can say is that it was a great experience. Initially we were drawn to him by the artistry of his photos. Upon meeting with him and seeing more of his body of work and how he interacted with us, we were really excited and pleased. We met with him a few times before the wedding in order to iron out details and he was very helpful, detailed and accommodating. The day of, he and his assistant were great. He would grab us when needed in order to take maximum advantage of the scenery/lighting and the pictures all turned out great. We couldn't have been more pleased. Thank you Michael for capturing great memories that we will have for a lifetime. More...


hamid a.

24 October 2013

Michael Soo is by far one of the best photographers I've seen. His creativity, preciseness, and skill will amuse you.We had him for an all day engagement session in SF and couldn't be happier with the way the pics turned out. Also, Tiffany did a great Job with make up.Yes I know he's a bit pricey but all worth it after you see the photos. More...


Diana M.

7 October 2013

I recently used Michael Soo and Tiffany Chiang for my wedding photography and make up and it was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding.  I had the misfortune of rain on my wedding day (even though it was September and the ONLY day it rained in the entire month *grrr*) and Michael Soo did a spectacular job arranging photography shots so I was still able to get a few outdoor photo's without getting wet.  Tiffany was also very nice about having to reapply my make up when I noticed the rain and started crying.  She was very sweet and she moved heaven and earth to get my makeup done in time even though I had pushed up the time by 3 hours.   I would definitely recommend getting both Michael and Tiffany together because they both complement each other perfectly.  Michael takes awesome shots and Tiffany gave excellent suggestions on particular poses throughout the engagement session that turned out BEAUTIFUL.  If you chose them for photos and make up, I assure you that you won't regret it! More...


Wael S.

28 September 2013

Michael Soo was the videographer behind our proposal video. Video is here: youtube.com/watch?v=fdDH…Vivian and I had been dating 3.5 years, and I wanted to do something special. I contacted a number of videographers, all of whom would do exactly what I wanted. While Michael said he would do what I wanted, he also gave me great ideas for the video.. and we hit upon making a proposal from the point of view of the dog.  From there, everything fell in place and he worked to get the great shots.Michael is a consummate professional, always showing up early, and willing to do all the great work needed. His editing, as attested by the video, is excellent. His videography and directing? Just take a look- shooting as a dog is significantly challenging, yet he rose to the task- he is able to take the most mundane backgrounds and turn it beautiful. It was all his ideas that everyone thought was romantic. He put in way more time then I think we agreed on- both in shooting and in editing. He worked with me to accommodate everything I desired. I really could not ask for more from a videographer. I was astounded by what he was able to produce and am forever grateful for a video that touched the hearts of Vivian, myself, and our family and friends.Michael is the best and would  be our go to guy for any videography need. More...


jaime S.

19 September 2013

Michael and his team of 4 just completed shooting our wedding photos on Sept 14, 2013. Our wedding was not a typical wedding, it started at 8:30 AM for the Tea Ceremony, 3:00 PM for the American Wedding Ceremony and then 6 PM Cocktail and 7:30 PM for Dinner Reception that ended at 2 AM. Michael and his team were on time to both my house and my fiance's house in the morning and began working right away. Also, it was a 1100 person wedding!They had great energy and were great to work with throughout the whole day. I was amazed at how much energy and life they brought with them creating a great vibe for the wedding, which made the day stress-free and actually enjoyable to pose and take photos. His other team member, Dominic, was fast, precise and VERY good at leading people and making people understand how the photo is being taken. With 1100 people, he was very good at posing them, taking the shoot and moving on to the next group. He even provided me with food that he carried around for the Bride and Groom in case they lost energy.  Michael Soo brought the creative aspect seeing visions that I would have never imagined. He has great vision, good energy and makes taking photos enjoyable. Michael really listens to what you're looking for and what your vision is and makes it happen!I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of doing a large, small, or intimate wedding. Michael and his team are worth the price because you can tell that they give it their all at that time and place. With such a large wedding and such a long day, I want to thank Michael and his team for helping me, my family, my fiance and his family stress-free, sending great vibes, and, of course, creating such beautiful photos. More...


John H.

8 August 2013

Michael and Tiffany were fantastic on our engagement photo shoot.  My fiancee and I have some pretty mundane places that are important to us, and we couldn't really visualize how to take great pictures there.  Michael was able to find the perfect angles that transformed the setting into something amazing.  We're thrilled with our engagement photos - can't wait until the wedding! More...


Monica K.

15 May 2013

Michael is a great and experienced photographer. He took my law school graduation photos at his amazing studio and the photos are all fantastic. He is extremely helpful and kind and it was an overall lovely experience. He definitely has a good eye for photography. I will definitely recommend him to ALL of my friends for whatever photography needs they have! Best photographer in the Bay. Thanks Michael. More...


Kirsleve S.

14 May 2013

If there are only 10 stars for yelp, i would rate him that much instead of 5!! I just got married last saturday, May 11, 2013.. and Michael was our photographer. My husband and I were VERY MUCH impressed on how Michael worked on the day of our wedding! He has his other side kick guy Dominique, too, who helped us on posing etc! Our entourage loved them, our family and friends! We kept on boasting how incredibly good he is behind the lens! He is just awesome and for us, he is the best photographer!!!!! We are kinda sad that its over but hope to get him again as our photographer again for future occasions. Thank you again Michael and your crew! You guys made our wedding so happy with all the picture takings!!! We love you guys!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!! - Michael & Shenna More...


Jordan L.

11 April 2013

This review has been almost two years in the making, so this won't be short.My FI and I were visiting our favorite restaurant (Maggiano's) for their wedding faire. Walking around we took the time to examine each vendor there before approaching. We didn't see Michael first, heck even hear what he was saying to another engaged couple, it was the large album of his work on the table that grabbed our attention and compelled us to study each of the photos carefully. Each picture had life, love and personality to it. You could literally feel the connection between the bride and groom in each shot. We then approached Michael and requested his contact information and business card.After that day we couldn't get his pictures out of our mind. While attending other fairs and meeting numerous photographers, we just didn't feel that they were on the same level as Michael. It didn't take long for us to realize that we had found our photographer for our wedding and to deny it would be very foolish. We called Michael and visited him at his studio. He made us feel so welcome and relaxed. After settling in with a tray of crackers, truffle cheese and glass of Chardonnay he showed us slideshow after slideshow and videos of his weddings. Videos! We needed a video as well. FI and I picked out a simple package for photography. This didn't last long however. We came back and selected an upgraded package that included an engagement session and a videography package as well!The hardest part now was waiting to work with him. Fortunately we didn't have to wait long. My sister and her FI finally settled on a date for their wedding. It happened to fall on a Monday at San Francisco City Hall. At her insistence I contacted Michael in hopes that he had the day available. Success! On the day of my sister's wedding Michael showed up to the hotel room to capture my sister and I get ready. He did a marvelous job capturing our excitement and joy. He especially did an amazing job getting the most amazing shots of my sister in her beautiful wedding dress. Her best photo was un-retouched, something only a true professional with a passion for his craft could obtain.The wedding went beautifully. My sister and brother-in-law got married on the governor's balcony in the afternoon. I couldn't tell you when or where Michael was during the ceremony, much less what he had to do to get those stunning shots. Even the guests didn't remember seeing him! Knowing my sister now has beautiful pictures to remember her wedding day makes me warm inside.This past week, it was finally OUR turn to work with Michael. I know I sound a little selfish, but the wait was definitely worth it. We started out in his studio where he worked with our "Superhero" theme. My FI and Michael picked out different shirts from both the DC and Marvel Comics Universe to get plenty of fun shots! After this we traveled to San Jose State University, where FI and I met as students, to get some pictures inside the theatre building. Michael did an amazing job capturing our silliness as we played on the stage. From there we traveled to Capitola to take pictures at another of our favorite restaurants and the beach. Michael captured both the quiet, intimate side of our relationship and the adventurous, crazy side as well. At the beach, we got soaked from running down the beach. While we probably should have been shivering from the cold, we climbed over the rocks did our best to hold our poses while the waves crashed against our legs. At the beach is where some of the best photos were captured.Let me sum this up. Michael Soo is an artist. He loves his work and you can see it in every one of his photos. He will do whatever it takes to get "the shot" even if he has to scale a curtain or balance atop a handrail while gently pulling on a flowered branch to get it in the side foreground. I won't lie, he is not the cheapest photographer you will find. Sure you can find somebody who will do your wedding for less but I promise you it will show in the quality of the pictures. You have to ask yourself, what will you have left after the wedding day is over? Your dress and the pictures. You will have these pictures to forever remind you of your beautiful wedding, don't you want the best possible pictures capturing your joy?This review isn't over. Luckily, we still have the wedding to look forward to at the end of this year. I'm already more than confident that it will be another 5 star review! But we know this won't be the last time we will work with Michael. My sister and I are contemplating a duo trash-the-dress session with our husbands. I know for a fact that I plan on hiring Michael to take pictures of our first born's birthday party. Oh, did I forget to mention that he also photographs food, fashion, products and head shots? Honestly, where does this man's talent end? More...


Nathan K.

18 March 2013

A family photoshoot has been long overdue and we finally got around to one this St. Patrick's Day! For such an occasion, we simply had to work with the best photographer. Without a doubt, Soo Photography was the perfect choice.Michael Soo was amazing both on and off the camera. He was very cheerful and made us feel very comfortable during the hour-long photo session. Always thinking on his feet, Michael was very aware of our surroundings and selected the perfect spots to capture his incredible photos. He was great with accommodating our dog in the pictures and had a whistle ready to get her attention!Cracking jokes and making us feel at ease, Michael still kept a professional demeanor. His suggestions for poses and his creativity speak worlds about his experience. Michael has a real eye for detail and captured us in the best possible light (both literally and figuratively)! More...


Hai M.

27 February 2013

I just take the lighting class with Michael last sunday. He is a good teacher. He taught us many techniques and he always ask us have any question to answer for us. I will take other class when he have open new class. If anyone want learn to take a good photo must take Michael's class.... More...


Perry K.

26 February 2013

I just attended his class today and i gotta say he is not only a great photographer, but an excellent teacher as well! He showed us ways to use different light sources and even brought us out to Santana Row to do some hands on shooting with the gorgeous model Baylee Hunt.Then we headed back to his studio and learned more about the use of studio lighting.He taught us many techniques and ways to achieve certain effects which no other text books or classes had ever mentioned.I'm definitely looking forward to attending his next workshop!Thanks once again Michael! More...


Christina Z.

12 February 2013

You hear this all the time but it's true! Michael is great to work with! We just had our engagement session yesterday. He had suggested a few places in the area when he had found out that I liked the natural outdoor look. We went from parks in San Jose to beaches in Santa Cruz.  He made us feel so comfortable so quickly that we did not look stiff in our photos which was what I was afraid of. I loved how he taught us how to pose and look intimate like how engagement photos should look. We had tons of fun! He definitely has an eye for beautiful photos. When he sees a corner of an old rusty house, he envisions a beautiful photo. When he showed us the picture on his camera, we could not believe how he beautiful had made the picture look and mind you this is before all the editing and photoshop they do in magazines. You know he is dedicated if he is willing to risk his equipment for 1 shot which is pretty much all he needs with his skills. I am so glad we ended up with him as our photographer and could not wait to see how our wedding photos would look that day. More...


Michelle L.

5 February 2013

I recently worked with Michael on a food photo shoot. I saw his food photography portfolio, and I knew he would capture the food in the best way possible. Michael also referred Randy Mon, a food stylist, and they were both amazing!! I highly recommend Soo Photography for any type of professional photos needed. I had high expectations and he delivered! More...


a d.

31 January 2013

Michael is excellent! He took amazing photographs and I'm someone who is not that comfortable in front of a camera. More so he was so professional and down to earth. I drove down all the way from North Bay to San Jose as a colleague recommended him. It was totally worth it. It took me 2 hours stuck on 101 and I was 30 min late. Michael was SO gracious and did not even mention it. He was helpful, captured exactly what I wanted for my head shots and overall the entire process was smooth and easy. I also loved the photographs in his studio! Wish I'd known about him earlier but I'll be sending a lot of friends and family to him for their photographs. More...


Deanna B.

3 January 2013

I called Michael after 4 pm on December 29 to see if he could fit us in for a family portrait sitting before my son went back to college on January 1.  Although his schedule was full, and I was a new client, Michael took time from his family schedule and did amazing fun photos for us on December 31.  It was the most efficient and fun photo shoot our family had ever experienced.  Everyone in the family was comfortable and enjoyed working with Michael.  It was especially impressive how he immediately shows you the photos that were taken and allows you to provide feedback about what we liked and didn't like that he adjusted for on the fly.   We are new to the area but won't be looking any further for any of our photography needs.  Thank you Michael from our whole family! More...


Rue L.

31 December 2012

I would highly recommend Michael Soo for any photography work!!He was amazing at our wedding! Not only is he talented, he's professional, flexible and easy-to-work with! The same day as the wedding, he emailed four wedding pictures to me and my husband. We were both thrilled as the pictures turned out great and we were able to share them with our family and friends.  It wasn't even a week later when we received the entire photo collection. This type of turn-around is unheard of!He definitely exceeded our expectations! We will be using him again in the future for other events! More...



18 December 2012

I'm a Graphic Design graduate and have been into photography all my life. I wanted to get deeper into photography so I took Michael Soo's workshop. He gives a lot of great insight, from angles to color theary to equipment.  Regardless of what level you are, Novice to Professional, he takes the time to go through it all and answer all questions. It was a 6 hour workshop that flew by. I will admit his workshop is a bit pricey, I got lucky with a living social deal. I wish I could take his other class because its more "hands on" but I can't afford that one. Maybe if he did a payment plan for his next class, I'd be in it. LOL. He is a good mentor that I hope to follow one day. Anyone that wants to get into Photography professionally or even as a hobbyist should attend his workshop. More...


Gavan K.

10 December 2012

One week before our wedding, we came to Michael with an impossible request: we wanted him to put together a video of our story that we could show at our reception.  We brainstormed with him on Friday, gathered all the props on Saturday, and somehow managed to record the whole thing on Sunday.  Less than 12 hours later, Michael had the final version ready!  The video had half the guests laughing and the other half with tears in their eyes.We just saw our wedding highlight video, and all I can say is that we've been dancing along with it on repeat all night long.Michael and his team are very creative and turn out some amazing video.  Despite how busy the engagement video shoot day was, Michael made us feel relaxed comfortable the whole way!  We're so glad we entrusted him with our engagement video and our special day! More...


Rachael I.

15 November 2012

We got engaged in September and planned our wedding for December. We search in many ways for a photographer and we're so glad we found Michael Soo. He not only was very accommodating for our short time frame but also is a talented and truly professional photographer. We finished our engagement shoot last week, and we had an amazing day of unbelievable photos. We highly recommend Michael Soo and his team, and we are much more relieved that our wedding photography will be timeless. More...


J R.

2 November 2012

Michael Soo is truly a talented photographer.  Rarely does someone exceed your expectations and I feel it is important to share with others when you find someone who does.  Our company has used Michael Soo for product images during the past two years.  Michael is organized, creative, respectful of our time, comfortable to work with and cutting edge, using all of the latest technology. The images that he has produced are precise and artful.  He is always capable of capturing the essence of our products and then adding his special Michael Soo flare. More...


Laurel S.

29 October 2012

I have the hardest time with photos--I'm just not photogenic at all. When a camera is pointed at me, I suddenly develop a lazy eye and a bunch of chins. I can't smile like a normal human. I knew that in order to get a good headshot, I needed to go with a pro. So I emailed Michael Soo.Tiffany did a beautiful job on my hair and makeup, and Michael somehow got me to look good on camera (with the help of Photoshop to touch up the little details). I now have two wonderful, professional photos that show me at my best.Thanks, Michael! See you again when I'm too old to pull off these pictures anymore. More...


Mike G.

12 October 2012

I could tell from the moment I walked into Michael Soo's studio he is a real pro.  His equipment is state of the art and the process of getting my business photos done was fun!  The head shots & full body shots came out great!  You cannot go wrong with Michael Soo as your professional photographer. More...


Joyce C.

10 October 2012

San Francisco/Bay Area's Got Talent!We recently had Michael and his team (Photo + Cinema) shot our wedding at Lodge at Pebble Beach. Hiring Michael is one of the BEST decisions we made for our wedding! our favorite vendor too!We also had Michael helped us shot sunset beach photos the day before our wedding. When he showed us the photos on his camera right after he took those, we just couldn't believe how amazing those photos looked!! no fake photoshop or any editing! and it's like every single one of his shot told a story! Michael's done way more and beyond what we've expected in any ways, even after the wedding for the photo selection / album designs! We couldn't be happier that we decided to go with him! We highly, highly, recommend Soo Photography, you will not be able to find a better photographer than Michael and his team! More...


David Z.

8 October 2012

Michael and team has recently shot my wedding. They handled both photography and videography.  We were referred to Michael by a relative who's really into photography. He's taken a class from Michael before and was really impressed. And he was right. Michael's a true pro in every way. He's passionate, professional, very responsive, and extremely accommodating to our needs and asks.  As a bonus, he's got a great personality and has a great sense of humor.But what impressed us the most was his craft.  When we saw the pictures...  wow: they were absolutely amazing. My wife and I couldn't be happier to have had Michael as our wedding photographer. Can't wait to see how the videos have turned out! Thanks Michael! More...


Sarah G.

22 September 2012

Wow.  Michael is the best!  We were lucky enough to snag him up for our wedding which took place on 8/5/12 at Murrieta's Well Winery in Livermore.  Anyone can see from the work he has posted on his website and Facebook page that he is no ordinary wedding photographer.  Quite honestly, I think his brain just works differently than the rest of ours.  He sees things that most people would never see and turns them into the most BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking photos.  From the beginning of our wedding planning experience, my fiance, myself, and my mom (the woman in charge) all agreed that we would be willing to invest financially in our photography package for the right person because our photos were really one of the most important things when it came to our wedding.  Well, we definitely will never regret the investment we made in Michael Soo.  Not only is he an amazing photographer, but he is so personable and funny at the same time.  He put all of us at ease throughout the day and into the night.  The photos he took on the day of our wedding will be something we look at frequently and for the rest of our lives.  We couldn't be happier with the way they came out and the entire experience of working with Michael and his team.  We have even decided to have him make an album for us and for my parents as a thank you gift (his albums are pieces of art!).  I can't recommend him highly enough! More...


Roger W.

15 September 2012

My fiancée and I couldn't be happier with our engagement photo session.  Michael is a true professional, who listens to the needs of his clients.  He is easy to work with, and made us feel comfortable.  The photos turn out better than we expected.  If you are looking for a engagement / wedding photographer, I would highly recommend him. More...


Sophie L.

13 September 2012

It was such a great experience! We recently used Soo Photography to do our headshot for my team.  Michael made us feel comfortable and at home with their beautiful studio. He's so easy to work with and we just love how funny he was! =)The photo session lasted longer than we had expected but it was such a good investment because we love love love our pictures. Thank you for making us look so professional and yet nice. More...


Philip T.

5 September 2012

I was so blessed to find such a wonderful photographer so close to where I live!  Michael Soo is incredible!  I am a 22 year old guy trying to break into the modeling industry, and I believe Michael's photos will work great in my portfolio!  After shooting each look, you get to look at the pictures on the monitor--I kept thinking they were already photoshopped--the lighting/setup is literally that good!  Tiffany, the makeup artist is also unbelievably talented!  And I can't forget to thank Danean Gallaher--look her up--she is an amazing wardrobe stylist!  God, I don't know where to start--Michael's studio is also his home--it is beautiful!  I got to play my ipod songs on his awesome sound system during the shoot.  He made me feel so comfortable and at ease!! What an amazing person--I just don't know what to say other than, if you are a model looking to build an awesome, highly professional portfolio, check this guy out--seriously!!  Best photographer ever! More...



4 September 2012

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G  is the only way to describe Michael Soo!  We found our photographer before even finding the venue.....as a matter of fact, Michael Soo was the one that recommended the place!  After looking through over 20 wedding photographers, we were pretty convinced that we were just too picky.  We stumbled across Michael Soo's photography randomly one evening and were instantly intrigued.  Michael is professional, responsive, on time, fun and most importantly he "gets it."  We continue to receive compliments on our wedding pictures a year later.  He was able to capture moments in his pictures that take us back to that very second every time we see them.   We would hire him again in a heartbeat.James and Lisette P. More...


brian c.

31 August 2012

We just had our engagement photos taken by Michael yesterday and couldn't be happier.  If our wedding photos turn out half as good as our engagement photos we will be ecstatic.  Michael is very professional, personable and has quite an eye behind the lens.  I won't stop giving MYSELF credit to my fiancee because we are both very very happy with what has turned out from our engagement pics.  I would highly recommend him to anyone that asks or is looking for a photographer that is not snapping away "cookie cutter" pics you see around.  Thanks again Michael... you are definitely a notch above the rest!  See you in October!-Brian C. More...


Mahbod M.

22 August 2012

The photos Michael take are wonderful and they speak for themselves. He knows the area very well and also is so creative. Just one piece of advise: Definitely ask Michael to take you to " Soo Stone". It worth the hike! Doesn't matter if you are not gonna get the sunset because of SF possible fog, he always figure something out to take the best shot. More...


Vivian H.

21 August 2012

We just had our engagement photos done last week by Michael in bay area. He is just a genius to have so many ideas and creative to capture the outstanding pictures for us.  With the help of Tiffany's make over, it is guaranteed no bad one in the album. More...


Maryam F.

21 August 2012

My Fiance and I searched a lot to find a great photographer for our engagement photos, and finally saw Micheal's photos and fell in love with them!  We decided to get a full day engagement session and it totally worth it! The photos Micheal took are amazing, so natural and unbelievably beautiful, and of course we had a wonderful day with Micheal too. He is so funny, kind and patient and he does make your engagement session one of the best day you have ever had. More...


Lei I.

4 June 2012

We had an engagement photo session with Michael.  He is the most creative and technically skillful photographer I have ever met! He is the master of light.  All the photos he took for us are amazing. We absolutely love them!! He has captured our laughter and our emotions so well.  Since we started out little late in the day, by the time we got to the legion of honor, it was closed.  That meant, he had to work with just outside wall. In addition, we had unusually strong wind that day. Despite these challenges, Michael were able to take fabulous photos. He turned disadvantages into something positive, into ingenious ideas.  At the legion of honor, he shot the photos between pillars to avoid the wind, making the photo look like it is a hall from a castle. He purposely made the background light blue to create mystical, yet romantic atmosphere to match my blue princess gown.  I got something very unique, very different from the other photos from the what's shown at his web site.  Because of the weather we weren't able to go to the places as we originally planned out. Yet throughout the session, Michael adjusted our sites taking my interests into account. He came out with new ideas, took pictures in places he didn't take pictures before. He took my portrait by a stone wall with lighting help from my white jacket which we just happened to brought along. He thrives on finding great use of surrounding and what's available at that time.  He is quite ingenious. The night view of SF city he took for us is just so incredible. It's a page out of a fashion magazine, a big wow. I can't believe he could get such a nice shot in pitch dark.  I can feel the passion from him when he is taking photos. He enjoys his artistic creation.  After the session, we asked him if he could give us some of the photos to do a slideshow at our wedding reception.  Not only he selected great selection of photos overnight, he also retouched them to be suitable for a slideshow. He was quick in printing out thank you card for us too.  He goes extra miles to make you feel special. Thanks Michael! More...


Laura Vitkavage

30 May 2012

What can you say when you've just had the best photo shoot ever? Well, you could tell everyone that you found the photographer on Yelp, but some may not believe it's true. You'd be wrong. We were looking for a photographer with unique and artistic vision for our son's Senior pictures and portraits to use for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. We searched the websites of dozens of photographers, many recommended to us personally, and then we found Michael Soo. We were NOT disappointed. In fact, this is probably the first photo session in my childrens' lives that I have not stood in the background nervously hoping the photographer would capture the personality and moments we see at home every day. Instead, I was able to relax as Michael contemplated the dynamics and took in the information about what we really wanted to capture on film and he did an amazing job! My son and I were both so at ease working with Michael.I am not exaggerating when I say that in one moment, while I wasn't looking, Michael captured THE single best photograph of our son in his entire life! (Not to mention dozens more). I am like a new mom on Cloud 9 tonight, as I sit here looking at the images (delivered within hours, ready to go) and think of how beautifully Michael used his artistic talent, photographic skills and natural ability to make his clients REAL self shine through his lens. We cannot wait to surprise our friends and family with these pictures commemorating two of life's biggest moments. If you're looking for a photographer who can capture the "candid" shots and make them perfect, while also creating "posed" portraits appear as if the subject is at ease and enjoying the moment, then you need not look further.Worth every dime,Thank you, Michael.The Vitkavage FamilySan Jose, CA More...


Vinni A.

29 May 2012

My friends took me for my birthday surprise to get a photo shoot done. When we met Michael he was very friendly and warmly welcomed us. it was great to work with him. He is very professional and made us feel very comfortable during the entire shoot. Michael is very talented, knows his work the best. Highly recommended. More...


Ryan K.

28 May 2012

I used Michael of Soo Photography for my commercial mugs.  Michael is professional and extremely talented.  When you arrive at his office, you will immediately see he has an eye for all things related to style, appearance or photography.  When you leave you will know you got the best possible photos you could get for a reasonable price. More...


David C.

20 May 2012

Michael Soo shot my wedding. My wife and I could not be happier with the decision to hire Michael Soo. From the first meeting at his beautiful home studio where he served us wine and showed us examples of his work we knew he was the right photographer.He was very responsive to all communication, was on time to the wedding and fun to work with.We LOVED the photos he took! Very creative and outstanding picture quality. He is incredibly skilled at his craft and has very high tech equipment.I would use Michael Soo again in a heartbeat. More...


Daisy L.

5 May 2012

I never thought I'd trudge a custom-tailored, traditional dress into the sandy, salty waters of San Francisco bay. Wanting the classic and dramatic sunset picture on the famed "Soo Rock," my fiancee and I braved the hike around fenced-off areas and down steep steps, climbed slippery, lichen-covered rocks, and got slapped good by what felt like a tidal wave of frigid water (what I now dub as the "Soo-nami" that put a halt to our engagement session) as Michael worked to snap the perfect shot of us. By the way, when the wind is ripping through your skimpy dress and your bare feet are freezing as you get a Charlie's Horse while scaling a rock--not fun. Not fun at all.Did I get your attention yet?I guess Michael did try to deter us from said area since we met him in the morning to start our engagement shoot. We had booked this back in November, and I was disappointed to hear about the windy weather, the high tide that would make this shoot challenging, and the long hike down to the location since they were performing construction around the area. I swear, Michael was just trying to find an excuse not to go back there. However, on the way down, I realized that it was a good thing I brought my tennis shoes and a warm winter coat--I am pretty sure that doing that hike in heels would have been the biggest deterrent of all. On the way back up, I gained a new respect for models who have to pose for the swimsuit catalog in the middle of January.After unsuccessfully trying to find a restroom around the area, we had to dock into a nearby restaurant. Looking like a cross between a drag queen and a bedraggled rat that survived the Titanic, I sheepishly asked to use the restroom to change out of my wet clothes. You wouldn't think that bringing extra underwear is a necessity for an engagement photo shoot, but when you've got to sit through dinner and the ride back home in wet undergarments...just sayin'. So, one star for the cold-and-wet experience, and for making me spend an hour the next day hand-scrubbing out mud, sand, and salt water from my expensive traditional dress. But for your excellent humor, charismatic personality, willingness to go where few photographers have gone before, and stellar photos that gained me a whole new level of fame on Facebook for a good couple of days, I am confident to say that I had a five-star experience. You know we love you, Michael Soo. :) More...


Tung S.

4 May 2012

Well, I don't normally write reviews, if at all, but I must submit a review for Michael Soo.  This guy has got some ingenious ideas, some times border lining mad scientist capacity with his enthusiasm with photography.  When you throw at him some ideas that other photographers may consider impossible and downright weird, he'll make it work.  My fiancee and I met in Aikido, although I'm interested in a more rigid art, which is special to us.  She wants to incorporate that into our wedding pictures.  Some photographers we spoke with politely tried to sway us to a more traditional style, but not Soo.  As a matter of fact, he threw in some ideas that we would never have thought of.  One of the idea is capturing the conflicts in martial arts and the point where it turned into love.  This guy can practically turn any situations can be turned into some awesome shots.  That means no need for re-appointments for second shots due to lack of lighting, rain, or (in our case) high tides.  He makes no excuse for the elements that are beyond his control and make beautiful pictures out of it.  On our appointment day, the tide was a little high, and it's difficult to take our favorite sunset shot.  Michael gave us a few alternatives that are also stunning and magical.  For once, we felt like we were a part of a love movie.Michael makes taking picture a fun event rather than an uncomfortable and awkward ordeal that people must undertake for pictures.  He takes a lot of risks on himself to give you the picture that you want, so he's worth every penny.  By the end of our shoot, let's just say his newly washed and detailed car needs to be rewashed and his equipments are covered in sand.  If you can afford it, at least go for the engagement package.  I regret I cannot afford more due to my own financial situation.  Under better circumstances, I would've booked him for a whole day. More...


Nanea H.

3 May 2012

Michael did a wonderful job on my headshot (my current profile pic).  He works in a lovely, professional atmosphere and makes you completely comfortable.  He took time to ask about my business and what I was looking to convey in the picture, and he captured it perfectly.  I would absolutely use him again and will recommend him to all my friends.  Also, Tiffany Chiang, who did my hair and makeup, is very talented.  Great experience. More...


Cha M.

25 April 2012

We just did our engagement shoot with Michael yesterday and we already have our pictures from yesterday's shoot...The pictures are amazing and so is Michael!!! We couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. Not only is he very professional, he is very accommodating. He really knows his stuff, from locations, angles, lighting, it seems like he can do it all! He really knows how to capture every moment with his perfect timing He definitely took us on an adventure, that was well worth it. We felt very comfortable with him, my fiance and I usually are very awkward taking professional pictures but Michael really knows how to lighten the mood and make things fun!!! After yesterday's experience we cant wait to work with him again on our wedding day!!! More...


mary c.

5 April 2012

Tiffany is an amazing make up artist and hair stylist, usually they're 2 people, in her, she all in one!Michael is warm, friendly and makes sure your comfortable. His work is top notch and his studio is like the W hotel decor, beautiful! More...


David V.

4 April 2012

Under the microscope, there are two types of Photographers: Technical Perfectionists who have the equipment & skill to dial in manual controls without hesitation- achieving a nearly flawless result that would please any "Simon Cowell" of fashion/commercial photography.  Then you have Artistic Visionaries that can put rules & standards aside to capture photos which are so meaningful no technical photographer could ever achieve. Usually, we have to choose one or the other but Michael is the only person who excels at both. Michael understands Photography like the back of his hand; with the experience and expertise to deal with any situation while even making the most challenging environments work in his favor. At the same time he has the ability to identify what makes a meaningful photo and turn your moments into breathtaking works of art. Michael simply delivers excellent, professional results very few Photographers could ever achieve. With his "soo cool" easy going personality and passion to capture the love of your big day, there really is no one else I could recommend to be your perfect wedding photographer. More...


Danny K.

3 April 2012

The photos were really cool and professional. There are so many photos that you would never expected to have been taken, but through the magic of Micheal Soo there were plenty of "kodak" rather Soo moments captured.  Check out the picture of the 6ft bride on top of a volcanic rock in a clear blue ocean amist a reddish sky during dusk. More...


Amanda Y.

2 April 2012

I had the pleasure if being a bridesmaid to a wedding in where Michael was the photographer. I was thoroughly impressed by his professionalism and creativity as he used the space and personalities of the audience to really illustrate the atmosphere. The one thing that drives home with me with Michael is that he really makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera...which I think is probably one of the most important qualities to have as a photographer. Ladies, I would highly recommend Michael to shoot your wedding as he is able to really make you and your bridesmaid look their best! I would also highly recommend the makeup and hair stylist, Tiffany as she does amazing work as well. The wedding took place in Hawaii and Tiffany was mindful to take into consideration the temperate, windy climate, to make sure that our hair would withstand the possibility high winds and rain. She was also ahead of schedule when styling all the bridesmaid's hair (which is pretty much unheard of).  Her years of experience spoke volumes as she was very detailed in her work. (Trust me...as I am the most pickiest person when it comes to hair and makeup). Both Michael and Tiffany's professionalism really made the wedding all the more smooth and stress free. In conclusion, if I ever I do tie the knot, you bet I will be calling Michael and Tiffany! More...


Lemon W.

1 April 2012

I was part of a wedding party in which Michael was the photographer. What can I say about him I am going to make it short--- simple, crisp, professional, stylish & fun. take a look at all his works and you will def. understand, It's amazing.... HIGHLY RECOMMEND! More...


Anthony L.

31 March 2012

Here's the thing about Michael Soo.  He knows image!  His branding of his own company is outstanding.   He knows what people like and he knows how to get results!In a day an age when anyone can pickup an expensive camera and  call themselves a professional, it is refreshing to see that Michael Soo is truly a craftsman!The pictures he took of my wife and I are some of the most breath taking shots I've seen in a while!  And here's the best part; he's still getting better!!!!  As an artist and perfectionist, I know that he is always striving to up the proverbial bar!  He is easy to work with and is really in tune with what your needs are.I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to do any type of photography: Engagement, Pregnancy, Wedding, Corporate etc.Micheal Soo is your man! More...


Tony L.

31 March 2012

I just had one hell of an opportunity to watch Michael in action. He is a genius when it comes to his work, I can feel the passion from him while he's behind his camera. The creative imagination of his keeps rolling when he's going, coming up with ways to work with the bride and groom to capture the moment. I'm looking forward to seeing him in action again, hopefully soon. More...


Erin H.

31 March 2012

I was recently part of a wedding where Michael Soo was the photographer and was lucky enough to see him in action. I have already seen some of his works but seeing him in action is definitely something else.  I think you can see from some of the photos posted that Michael can definitely "Capture the Moment". His timing is so superb that at times the raw photos are perfect just the way they are. He is also very considerate of the wedding party that it didn't feel like any of the photos were forced or ridiculous (I know I have felt that)" In fact, every pose and shot he suggested was very fun and only added to the experience. I have already recommended him to many of my friends. They have all been very pleased with his work. I definitely recommend Michael for any photo session you have in mind. More...


Jenny L.

30 March 2012

Having seen Michael in action taking wedding pictures, and then his final work, it is A M A Z I N G ! Seeing his work is so breath taking! If you can check out any of his past work, you'll instantly understand, it leaves people speechless.Recently seeing some of his work on a friends wedding..... i would totally make her bridal photo my wall paper, im talking about my LIVING ROOM WALL! Its STUNNING and breathtaking! (okay, the bride herself is gorgeous too, but the combo of everything and his guidance captured something i cant explain with words on here! I hope shes wiling to post it here and also her own LIVING ROOM WALL...yeah, the whole wall.) haha, okay, thats enough of my silly-ness.This guy is quite a character.  which means he makes the photo session fun and memorable with the BEST results. Not only so, he can also refer you to someone that does WONDERS with hair and make-up. Ive had first hand experience with my make up being done by Beauty Expert Tiffany Chiang. More...


Evelyn T.

17 March 2012

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Michael on a recent photoshoot.   He is extremely pleasant to work wtih and has a very artistic eye.  He was prompt in his replies to my requests for information and provided me with all the information required to help me prepare for the shoot.  He also made time out of his busy schedule to meet for an initial consultation.  The newly renovated studio is absolutely stunning.  The studio is filled with wonderful textures, decorative items, beautiful and unique furniture pieces and warm colors that can complement  and enhance any photoshoot.  Michael's awesome personality made the photoshoot a really fun experience.  The shots turned out beautifully and there were so many awesome ones that it made the decision to narrow it down very difficult.  Thanks for the wonderful experience!! More...


A Google User

4 March 2012

My daughter just finished a photo shoot with Michael Soo yesterday. He did a wonderful job! He was very helpful in finding out exactly what we wanted - and gave his gentle advice when it was appropriate. His studio is perfect, comfortable and spacious with excellent lighting. Michael's talent is evident in the finished product, he really captured some beautiful shots. His personality and style made him so easy to work with - fun sense of humor, great energy, and relaxed - a perfect combination. My daughter had a great time and we will be scheduling her follow-up shoot in the next few weeks. I highly recommend Michael Soo! More...


Julie M.

3 March 2012

My teenage daughter worked with Michael on a photo shoot to create a comp. card.  The entire experience was fantastic.  Michael was very helpful in discussing exactly what our goals were for the shoot, giving his expert opinion on what works best, what modeling agencies and creative directors are looking for, etc.  He helped select the best wardrobe pieces and discussed exactly what look he was going for and why.  The studio is great - lots of natural light and Michael has very sophisticated lighting and equipment.  We were able to view the photo's on his lap top as he was taking them.  Michael is very easy going and has a great relaxed manner - which put my daughter immediately at ease.  He had the perfect combination of listening and offering his opinion - never overbearing.The photo's turned out beautiful and we have scheduled a followup session to complete the project.I highly recommend Michael! More...


Minh H.

2 March 2012

We had an engagement photoshoot with Michael in SF and it was awesome. The picts displayed a well composition between lighting and scenary. Michael just knew to  capture the right angle and at the right time. He also directed us to have natural poses and playful ones. In addition, he made the session very fun and not just a chore.We would highly recommend the friendly and creative Michael for anyone photography and videography need. More...


Eric D.

26 February 2012

Michael Soo is one of the most talented and technically skilled photographers I've met. If you're looking for the perfect photograph or a wealth of original creative expressions Soo photography is the place to go.  If you're lucky enough to attend a class with him be ready to try and absorb an inexhaustible knowledge of photography. More...


Patti G.

10 February 2012

"Michael Soo has an intuitive gift of seeing and photographing people to look their best. He recommended I have Tiffany Chiang do my makeup in preparation for our photo session since the camera will "wash away" about 30% of your makeup, leaving you looking washed out. His advice was right on the money! Michael's confidence and comfortable personality puts you right at ease. His knowledge of lighting and angles leaves a lasting impression that makes you look your very best. I couldn't be happier with the result of my head-shot! Thank you Michael Soo!!!" More...


M K.

5 February 2012

I had the pleasure if taking one of Michael's workshops yesterday, I loved it! I learned so much. I was a little worried that I would be bored sitting in a class room for 6 hours, but I was pleasantly surprised.  He is an amazing photographer and teacher.  I am truly inspired and am looking forward to when I can afford to attend another class. As an added bonus he gave us a notepad, pen, and camera strap. And a few lucky ones who answered his questions right won a fantastic prize!! More...


Anthony C.

5 February 2012

Spent yesterday with Michael for the photography workshop. All I can say is amazing! I really did learn a lot. His insight into what makes a photo great is amazing and will surely make even the most advanced photographer better. Cant wait for him to photograph my wedding. More...


nicole A.

5 February 2012

Michael is AMAZING!!! Aside from his magical work, he is a great person with such personality!  The class was so fun and interactive.  I hope I can be as good as him one day! More...


Lori L.

3 February 2012

I have to admit I was a little hesitant spending 6 hours on a Sunday taking a class, but have to say it was an enjoyable day with Michael Soo.  Michael takes beautiful pictures and really knows his stuff.Things that interested me in his Photography Made Simple course?Composition (eliminating unnecessary elements), The 3 components of color (how certain colors will dominate visually), Line angles (front, side, & back), How important it is to be creative vs. having the technical foundation...ok, there are just too many things to list.I highly recommend signing up for a course with him.  Not only does he have so much info to share, he's also very fun to listen to being such a witty & likable guy. Oh ya, another plus?  He gave us all an awesome padded camera strap, yay! More...


Jonathan N.

1 February 2012

I attended Michael's Photography Made Simple class and it's probably one of the best investments I ever made. His explanations were clear and Michael seemed right at home in front of a small crowd talking about how to do the things he loves. The workshop had a strong focus on understanding the creative aspects of a great picture and simple ways to implement them in your own photographs.  There also was a good section on exposure and how to manipulate it with the settings of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Don't expect to be walked through how to change settings on your own camera though - you need to do something yourself!The presentation wasn't 100% polished, but Michael had such a wonderful personality that everything else seemed minor. This was a wonderful opportunity to peer into the mind of a professional photographer and a great way to spend the day! More...


Michael K.

30 January 2012

I had the rare opportunity to attend one of Michael's photography workshops and I'm glad I did. Michael has wide ranging experience and provides a great opportunity to learn the the basics of photography from one of the best. His workshop covers everything you need to know for going from shooting in full auto to shooing in aperture priority or manual mode. Michael is also great at answering question unlike many photographers who prefer to hide behind the camera. He is willing to step out from behind the viewfinder and share his knowledge and experience. I have already signed up for his next workshop which is for lighting and am really looking forward to it! More...


Suda S.

29 January 2012

It was wonderful to attend my first photography class from Michael Soo today.I was really impressed with his way of teaching and presentation. The Information shared was quite easy and crisp to follow. Session was very interactive and quite helpful to upgrade my photographic skills to next level.  His focus on overall aspects and Creative angles /approaches of a photographic mind was really cool. The slide shots he shared with us were out of the world, superb!!. he is a genius photographer. Btw He is quite funny too (that is a bonus :) great going Michael !!! More...


Kathy B.

23 January 2012

I agreed wholeheartedly with the reviews done by fellow yelpers. He is certainly a rare gem of a professional photographer who could capture your great memorable moments in high quality photos and still be likable and down to earth to his clients.    Michael did a photoshoot for my daughter in preparation for her audition. He works with her to come up with the most breath taking poses. When we found out that she needed to redo one of them for a specific audition requirement, he was extremely accommodating and redid the post without any additional costs. I will certainly highly recommend him for my friends and family and to my fellow yelpers since he certainly earns it. More...


Nam D.

4 January 2012

Kay, come Christmas, we were able to take the DVD that Michael gave us with ALL of our pictures and make photobooks, cards, etc. and give away as gifts! It was very worth it! So 5 stars now, despite how expensive he was initially. But now I am happy with this amazing perk with Michael Soo Photography! More...


Anonymous r.

7 December 2011

Ever since I was a toddler I was camera shy and always hid behind my mother's legs--that hasn't changed (the camera shy part).  This was my first time modeling in front of a camera and we had 5 hours to come up with a few good looks to create a comp card and start a portfolio.  My ability to change my facial expression (let's face it, it sucked) ranged from a small smile to a big smile, and I had about the creativity of a stick when it came to posing. Plus, I was nervous which made me even more stiff and awkward. Despite ALL this, Michael worked patiently with me to get those great shots. He gave directions on how to place my limbs, what kind of scenarios to imagine, and where to look. When we were in the studio, he played music to set the mood. As the day progressed I could feel my insecurities melting away and I was starting to have fun. Like anyone having fun, I was sad when the day ended but even after driving back to my house after the photo session, I was still smiling--that's how awesome and memorable the day was.Michael could capture a moment that lasted only split seconds as I was moving in-between poses. He was always giving me positive feedback, telling me when something looked good and it gave me confidence. His attention to detail and high standards allowed us to retake multiple shots of the same pose until we got a good photo. There is no doubt that Michael genuinely cares about his clients and wants them to succeed. He gave me tips on how to approach agencies and even offered to create my comp card for me! A big surprise was an email that I received the day after the shoot with a link to all the best pictures that we took so that I can pick the magical 5 that will be on the comp card. There was no anxious waiting period at all--talk about instant results.I can't say enough good things, but let's just end it with the fact that would love the chance to work with him again. More...


Sean H.

23 November 2011

Aside from high-quality work, the most important attribute I look for in a photographer is "comfortability" - both with the photographer and the studio environment.Michael's approachable personality and residential-located home studio made the lawyers in our office feel comfortable with the photo session from start to finish.I would highly recommend Michael and Soo Photography to anyone looking for quality photography from a photographer with a personable approach and comfortable studio environment. More...


Karen W.

13 November 2011

In a nutshell, Michael is a top notch photographer.  Very helpful and friendly, knows his stuff, and still professional.I found out about him from a business acquaintance and contacted him through email at first.  He has a very fast response time and overall turnaround time.  He has a great eye for lighting, poses, and the best clothes to wear to bring out the desired look.He also has a make up artist colleague, TIfanny who is also top notch. I definitely recommend both and will use them again. More...


kenny h.

7 November 2011

Michael is a great photographer and we had unforgettable day to take the engagement photo with him.  He taught us how to make a pose to look great in the pictures, and he also caught the right timing for pictures of sunset.  We are appreciated for his great work and looking forward for the engagement photos.  Thank you Michael for the pictures, food and driving us around for the great scenery.  Great recommended photographer in the bay area! More...


Shani L.

5 November 2011

My husband and I did a 1 hour photo shoot with Michael to celebrate our first pregnancy. We initially didn't know what to expect and thought if we got 10 great photos out of several in 1 hour, we'd be happy. Michael delivered way more than we expected. We came away with 200 photos that were jaw droppingly beautiful. I didn't even have this many nice photos from my 6 hour wedding (for which I had used a different photographer 5 years ago).If I had to rate Michael, it would be:A++ for knowing how to pose a couple and put them at ease.A++ for being warm, honest, and down to earth.A++ for sheer talent at picking the right angles and shots. This guy is a genius. More...


Kalu C.

4 November 2011

I had Michael as the photographer on my wedding day - that's the best decision my husband and I have ever made. Michael somehow has his magic to capture the best moment and best angle of you. I personally don't really like being taken pictures, that's why I always avoid camera. However, with Michael, he made that as a very fun experience. He's very friendly and fun to work with. You would definitely feel very relaxed when working with Michael. He would constructively direct you to play certain games or movements, while you are having fun doing those activities, he was somewhere, somehow has his ways to take all those incredible pictures that capture the entire environment surrounding you. I like pretty much every single picture that Michael took, you can see stories behind the pictures, not only just a piece of pretty picture. Michael is very professional and flexible as well. My husband and I requested certain items for our deliverables, he incorporated our requests and the outcome looks incredible. Michael had also designed the wedding album for us. It looks AMAZING. Everyone who has seen our wedding album was truly impressed. Not only my husband and I LOVE it, they LOVE it too. One of my colleagues actually said she wants Michael to be the photographer for her son's wedding (maybe in 5-10 years) after seeing the wedding album...lol... I would definitely recommend everyone to have Michael as the photographer for any type of venue or function. I guarantee you would not regret it! You may be able to find photographer elsewhere, but with the skillset that Michael has, this is THE place. More...


Jordan V.

27 September 2011

Finally, Yelp lets me write a follow-up!  To sum things up, Michael was 100% professional during the entire shoot.  He was calm, cracked jokes to make us laugh, and always knew when to stop for food.  This too is an art and not many people can perfect it.  I must say, he does it very well.  While shooting, Michael offered ideas on how to pose but also let my fiancé and I do our own thing.  Many times during the shoot, we would just be ourselves and Michael and Paul were there to capture those precious moments.  We realized this after we saw the pictures (which he uploaded the day after the shoot).  If only we could afford to have a professional photographer with us all the time.  Ah, but I digress...  Another client mentioned that when they reviewed the photos on Michael's camera, it looked like every single one of them was touched up or Photoshopped to make it look better.  I have to vouch for that person because when I saw them firsthand, they looked really, really damn good.  It just goes to show you how much control and talent Michael has with his equipment.  Speaking of equipment, Michael doesn't just use those starter Canon/Nikon kits you and the other person on your membership card can get from Costco.  No, he uses the top of the line, big boy equipment.  How do I know?  Googled it.  Also, when we were in Santana Row, he busted out a rolling tripod with a light attached, powered by what seemed like a car battery.  He also carried a bag with all sorts of lenses and camera accessories.  The bag was also good for carrying my cell phone and my wallet.  The last thing I want in my engagement pictures is a picture of me with a big rectangle protruding from my front and back pockets.  Paul had a slider and a tripod himself and it looked like they were going out to catch some dinosaurs.  Awesome. I don't know what more positive things I can say about my experience with Michael and his crew.  I'm not some sort of promoter or he didn't hand me a thousands bucks under the table to write this review for him.  I'm just an average dude, getting married and looking for the best of the best for my fiancé.  Believe me, this guy is one, if not the very best.  Don't be surprised by the 5-star review or if he's booked months in advance.  We were lucky that he was free for our wedding next April (we booked almost a year in advance).  Matter of fact, if Michael can't photograph your wedding because he's already booked, it's your fault.  You should have known about him before you even decided to get married...shame on you! More...


Mersiha S.

22 September 2011

Iam very picky when it comes to give a 5 star to somebody but Michael at Soo photography totally deserves this. Michael is a very talented photographer who knows how to make any photo shoot FUN. All my pictures came excellent. I am so thankful that I have chosen soo photography  because  the level of the engagement  and the detail of his work is amazing. He takes his time to listen to you and really wants the pictures to com out so real. Don't think about any other photographer - this is the place to go !!!! I Love Soo Photography - i will go back soon :) More...


Alison S.

10 September 2011

It is with the greatest pleasure that I recommend Michael Soo.  He photographed my professional headshot a few days ago, and I am so pleased with the result.  I am absolutely not photogenic, have always hated pictures of myself, and was dreading having this picture taken, but had to do it for professional reasons.  Michael took the time to listen to my concerns about having my picture taken, and about the image I was hoping to portray.  He made me feel very much at ease, and the result is a gorgeous, professional headshot that captures exactly the qualities I was looking for.  I never knew I could look so good! He is truly a superstar of a photographer!  Thank you Michael! More...


Dawn A.

8 September 2011

I feel very fortunate to have found Michael!  I had him photograph my new product launch and all lifestyle shoots for my website.  His incredible talent and professionalism was invaluable.  It isn't every photographer that could photograph nursing mothers and make them feel comfortable and confident!  Even with small children... sometimes screaming!  His creativity was invaluable for my product branding needs! More...


Ken W.

3 September 2011

Michael Soo and his team went above and beyond what we expected.  We are very pleased with his work and would not hesitate to recommend him. Never having hired a professional photographer before, I started here at Yelp.  Soo Photography made the short list because of the quantity of five star reviews.  We ended up meeting with two other photographers before meeting Michael Soo.  Those meetings went okay and I believe they would have done a decent job.  However, these photographers didn't click with us or their albums were not really what we were looking for.  When we met with Michael, he made us feel very comfortable.  His photo albums and video convinced us he had the expertise to produce the stylish albums and video we wanted for our wedding.   We hired Michael for two events.  Our first event was an intimate wedding ceremony and lunch reception with 18 people in Santa Cruz.  Our second event was a wedding celebration brunch in Berkeley two weeks later with 160 guests.   We hired Michael to do photography and cinematography for the wedding ceremony and just photography for the brunch.   For the wedding ceremony, Michael and his team (2nd shooter, 2 videographers) arrived early and were very professional.  Michael and his team documented everything and took pictures of us as newlyweds around the golf course.  He gave us some direction to produce some artistic shots and video.  Our families commented that Michael was a lot of fun and they enjoyed his presence. We returned from our Cancun honeymoon a week later and contacted Michael to touch base before our second wedding event.  Michael generously provided us with 200+ images we could show on a slideshow at our wedding brunch.  I was blown away by how incredible the images appeared.  They looked like they belonged in a magazine.  Michael surprised us by indicating they were working hard on our video and we would be able to show a video of our wedding ceremony to our brunch guests.  We were certainly not expecting to show this video to our guests as it usually takes 2 months before the video is edited and ready. On the morning of our wedding brunch, I was stressed out as I was trying to set up our slide show.  Michael saw I was stressing out and jumped right in to help out.  He replaced the restaurant's less than ideal projector with his own high definition projector.  He transferred my powerpoint slide show to his laptop when my laptop wasn't playing nice with the projector.  Michael also helped set up the projector to show the video to our guests.  The cinema was incredible!  It was way better than I could have imagined.  Our guests raved about the cinema!  Showing the cinema definitely increased our family and friends' enjoyment of our party.   We haven't received our photo albums yet, but I am confident that when we do, we will also be as impressed as we have been with the photos and cinema we have seen.   If I were to need the services of a professional photographer in the future, I would hire Michael Soo.  I definitely recommend him. More...


Chas A.

1 September 2011

Michael Soo is truly a gifted artist and an expert in the craft of photography.  My fiance and I were very happy to have met Michael and to see his work in person.  We focused mostly on wedding photography.  Looking through his work, you can tell that he captures the slightest details of his subjects that often get unnoticed but are the most meaningful.  He also knows how to transform what seems to be just a photograph to one that evokes emotion and drama.  Every angle of stance, pose, smile, look, etc. you could tell was done with the thought of creating feeling in the photograph.  You can see the careful thought and detail in his work.  I think it all starts with the first meeting.  He just makes you feel so comfortable.  It's like you can talk to him about anything...at least that's how I felt.  He's very welcoming to your ideas and really wanting to get to know who you are as a couple.  We conversed about not only how my fiance and I met, but also what restaurants we go to, food/drinks we like, etc.  Hence, he's really easy going and down to earth.  You feel like you can really trust him from day one.  Although we did not book Michael Soo for our wedding, I feel honored to have met a great photographer whose work I admire.   I can see that he is really one of the best photographers out there. More...


Mike C.

7 August 2011

Michael Soo did our engagement session about two weeks ago, and my fiancée and I are thrilled with the results. What impressed me the most about Michael was his ability to make almost any scene look absolutely amazing! If you asked me beforehand, I would have said that some of the locations he suggested to shoot at would have been rather boring: an open storefront, a random hydrangea bush on the side of the road, a tiny wooded area, etc. I was skeptical when he first chose them, but the results speak for themselves -- just beautiful! We also were a bit unlucky with the weather that day, it was a pretty gray and cloudy; both my fiancée and I were really concerned about how the pictures might turn out. However, he was totally confident the whole time and our trust in him paid off... you don't notice the crummy weather at all in his photos!We originally chose Michael after looking at a few other photographers in the area. What stood out to us about Michael was the quality of his photos, even straight off-camera. So many other photographers were relying on Photoshop and/or post-processing effects to make their photos stand out. Michael's photos just looked great from the get-go, which made us feel like his artistic sense and technical ability was way above the rest. We're really happy with the results and confident our upcoming wedding session will turn out great. More...


Yuanyuan T.

7 August 2011

My fiance and I made the right choice of Michael Soo as our engagement photographer. He is very good at using light and made the gloomy day look sunny in the pictures. He showed us the pictures taken as he finished each scene. They were pretty much the same as the final product. I love that fact he is not relying on post edits. He is also very good at capturing the moments. The pictures doesn't look posed at all. His amazing skills makes me very confident about the pictures of our coming wedding.Besides his skills, Michael Soo is very on top of things. He is extremely responsive at emails (almost instant response) and phone calls. I will update the review after our wedding. More...


Will F.

6 August 2011

Wow!! Unbelievable!! Michael Soo is the best ever. He made my wife and I feel like Movie Stars in Santana Row. He suggested poses that made for a stunning photo. Don't mess around with amateur photographers, call Michael the first time.You will be happy you did!! More...


Lisa F.

6 August 2011

All I can say is absolutely amazing. My husband decided to plan a surprise at the start of our date night....a photo shoot by Michael Soo Photography in Santana Row. From the start he just made me feel so comfortable and made me smile and laugh the entire time. He captured the moment perfectly. I couldn't stop raving about him during our dinner. I wish I knew him when we got married 5 yrs ago. We decided to go the cheap route..something I never recommend especially when it comes to your wedding. Those are memories you can never re-do. We now have a 2 1/2 yr old boy and I can't wait to call him to schedule a time he can capture our family together. I know I'll be passing his name to anyone I know getting married or even anyone looking to get quality pictures taken. More...


Fion Z.

25 July 2011

If you are looking for a professional photographer to capture the memorable moments, Michael is the one.  We asked Michael to take some family pictures for our son's 1st Birthday.  Amazing photos with no touch-ups! We were totally impressed!  It's the BEST present that we can ever give to our son's 1st birthday!  Won't trade it for anything else.  Michael is so down-to-earth, he made us feel very comfortable around him during the session.  We didn't even notice when he was taking the best shot.  Our whole family had such a great time during the few hours we spent with Michael.  Especially my older son, he had a blast!  It's been almost three weeks since the pictures were taken, my older son(4 years odl) still remembers Michael and ask me if we can have Michael to come back to take pictures for him again!  We want to thank the yelpers to help us find Michael.  He is truly amazing! More...


Sunrise D.

7 July 2011

Cream of the crop wedding photographerEven though I did not book Michael Soo for our wedding, I feel compelled to write a review because he is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to talented photography and videography.  From the first email he sent me to our first meeting, it was evident that he is down-to-earth, genuine, and really all about making dreams a reality for the bride and groom.His photo packages range from $2600 to $18,600 and he will take your vision and capture it on film. He also offers some of the most creative cinematography I've seen in the business.  Cinematography packages range from $4600 to $8600.  Capture the Love doesn't just offer photography and cinematography!  They also have a professional team of makeup and hair artists available to make you look your best for your big day!If you want one of the best for your wedding, call Michael Soo at Capture the Love. More...


Donna K.

11 June 2011

I was in search of the perfect Indoor Photographer for my company and scrolled through all of the Yelp photographers listed for San Jose, CA.  Michael's yelp caught my eye because not only did he have consistently 5 stars, but he was the only photographer that actually shot food really well so that gave me the impression he knew indoor lighting and photography.  Most of the photographers you will see only took outdoor wedding shots, which Michael also can do, however his site showed me that he was versatile enough to shoot commercial / catalog type of photo's, which I was looking for since my company needed shots for a website.  Not only was Michael professional, prompt, and courteous, he completely knew what he was doing from a lighting, positioning, and compositional sense.  I would say he is the JJ Abrahms of Photography.  He has the rare quality of immediately evoking what you want from the shot in the most genuine and natural setting.  I was happy that this yelp find led me to finding the perfect business photographer and I will definitely pass his info to my corporate marketing friends! More...


Agata S.

9 June 2011

Michael photographed our engagement session and words can't express the quality and art that he brings to every photograph. My fiance and I had a fantastic time spending the entire day (11-7 pm) with him in San Francisco. He effortlessly captured precious and beautiful moments of us in a variety of stunning locations. Michael made us feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera--the entire day we felt like supermodels. He has a wonderful sense of humor and kept us smiling and laughing throughout the shoot. I am absolutely enamored with the photos I've seen so far from our engagement session... I can't stop looking at them! You can just tell how passionate Michael is about photography, and that is why his photos are so breath-taking and really stand out. We are so blessed to have Michael Soo be our photographer for our wedding next year. We can't wait to see the wonderful moments he'll capture next! More...


Mia S.

30 May 2011

Really did the great job! , and very detail and considerate ! actually , it is just the types what I expected !


Zheng C.

20 May 2011

Procrastination: what a college student develops most during his years in school.This is exactly what I perfected going to college. Seeing all the mediocre pictures that were taken of my friends at school, I decided to wait it out a little while longer. Soon enough, it was time for graduation and I didn't have any pictures to give to my family so I looked on yelp and found Soo Photography.I gave it a shot and went to check it out. Michael (photographer) was a very friendly and professional guy and the reviews don't lie. The previews that I saw looked great and were high quality. I would definitely recommend anyone needing pictures to check them out. You won't regret it! More...


Alain V.

19 May 2011

I'm not one who is easily woo'ed..nor am I a very willing participant on any bandwagons...but...damn, this guy is good! Here is an artist - really - artist who is a direct extension of his camera..his third eye. My realtor, and top 1% producer at Intero, Thy Nguyen, went to see Michael today in search of (yet another) headshot to use in her marketing campaigns and the result was nothing short of amazing. I have used Michael before in food photography where what he shot literally jumped off the page; yogurt was cold and fresh, fruits were fresh and ripe - sweet! But with Thy's headshot today, he brought out in Thy the top qualities that has made her the top level agent she is today. See Thy at soldbythy.com.Well done, Michael. You will see me soon, very soon.Alain More...


Melanie L.

17 May 2011

I am a college student who's graduating this Spring. About a while ago, the school was offering free sitting for graduate photos . I lined up with everyone and waited for an hour, the result came out really really really really really bad.  At that moment, I decided to search for a photo studio to get my graduate photo done. I typed in "graduate photo" on yelp and it led me to Michael's business page. After reading the wonderful reviews, I decided to email Michael!  Michael was super fast at replying emails , which is a huge plus for me because I hate to wait. (I could spend hours doing research but end up booking with the business that first replied me !) He was also willing to communicate, he answered my many questions and accommodated my schedule. I had to reschedule once and he had no problem with that. I did give a 24 hr notice though. On the day of the photo shoot , I arrived on time and had my make-up done by Tiffany, who has a studio set up at the same site. Tiffany was so amazing, she did a beautiful job contouring and the make-up was also appropriate for graduate photo .Right after Tiffany did my make-up, we started the photo shoot. I love how everything ran so smoothly and in a timely manner.  Michael was really professional. He offered me a few ideas and poses , and as we went on , we did some moderation to see what was the best for me.  He also took just the right amount of pictures for every poses which made it easy for me to choose what to keep and what to eliminate . I am a very indecisive person but I was able to pick out right away what I liked . Now the photos...the photos...were amazing!!!!!!!! Obviously , they weren't as amazing before the retouching, but after I received the retouched photos Michael sent me , I was in ecstasy !!!  The photos were so unbelievably pretty but at the same time, I still look like me!!!! Finally, I am a worrisome person and I wonder why I didn't even worried about the result. Maybe it's because of how everything went so smoothly. Everything was on schedule and both Michael and TIffany were so professional. They were so nice and warm . The end result overly justify the price I paid. I also received my retouched photos just two hours after I was done. My pictures also gotten so many compliments on Facebook LOL .  If you are like me, looking to get graduation portraits done,  I would highly recommend Michael's service!  I'm sure I will use Michael's service again! I will try to think of an occasion for it!!   btw, Michael also gave me some feedback to some of my amateur photography works!! I was super happy and looking to have the chance to get into one of his photography classes!! More...


Catherine C.

8 May 2011

I have been using Yelp for my needs for years by now.  That's how I found Michael Soo for my headshots and lifestyle pictures. However I had not written any review on Yelp till now. Michael's outstanding service made me sign up for Yelp today, and I am writing my first review on Yelp. I contacted Michael for photo session last year. Due to my ever changing schedule, I had to reschedule it a few times.  Michael was extremely nice, patient, and pleasant to talk to over the phone. Michael also booked the makeup and hair artist Tiffany for my photo session. When the photo session came, he and Tiffany helped me a great deal from advising in selecting the best outfit and accessories which I brought over, taking the shots by guiding me through different poses, and selecting the best shots with my input. The actual headshots came out very good; I am totally satisfied and impressed with Michael and Tiffany's skills, and professionalism. Michael put up my life style shots for me to review and select from on the same day. His service is absolutely awesome, and his work/portfolio (checkout his website) really speaks for himself on the talent and techniques he got for photographing. He also got the state of art equipment and ambience at this studio. Michael and Tiffany are such a joy to work with. More...


Clare H.

7 May 2011

As the 5-star rating suggests... working with Michael and his team is "as good as it gets"!  Accommodating, quick response time and flexible!  Amazing photos!  Could not have chosen a better photographer for our wedding and family photos! More...


Jenny C.

3 May 2011

#1  Michael will probably do a headstand to capture the perfect photo for you.Our wedding was this Saturday, and good ol' Michael was scrambling over furniture and climbing on things he probably shouldn't be climbing.  My mom commented that he reminded her of the crazy paparazzi in Taiwan who hid in trees to get exclusive shots of celebrities.  I'm not saying Michael is like the paparazzi because he is by far, way better than one, but his acrobatics helped capture all the special moments that brought back wonderful memories of our recent event.#2  Michael doesn't seem to sleep.It's been 2 days, and he has already posted 25 teaser photos for our viewing pleasure as we eagerly wait for the remaining photos.  This guy is very caring and hardworking, and it really shows in everything he does.#3  Michael can think on the fly.The best man and groomsmen were quite the characters during the shoot, and Michael worked with them to really bring out everyone's personality in the photos.  He fed off of everyone's energy and thought of cool actions/poses based on what the groomsmen were doing at the time.  It was fun, and spontaneous at times.  He really added that little something to our photos to make them sparkle.Overall, it didn't feel like "just another photoshoot."  We didn't have to try too hard to look good, because Michael had that covered.  During part of the shoot, a random bystander holding a kid kept lingering in the background, trying to get in the photos.  We were so afraid he'd be in all our photos, but Michael just kept shooting away despite our protests.  Lo and behold, Michael managed to angle the shots in ways to block out the weird guy.If his photos make simple actions such as putting on shoes look like an event, imagine what he could do for your special occasion, whatever it may be. More...


Keith W.

15 April 2011

Michael is a top rate photographer - we went in for our business head shots and he worked very well and helping us find the right colors, facial expressions and "angles". Our session was fun and painless! We had our shots done and emailed to us by the end of the day - highly recommended. More...


B T.

29 March 2011

Absolutely the best photographer I've ever met.  His work is featured in Photography magazines (national distribution) on a regular basis.  He has excellent skills with drawing out emotion from engaged or newly wed couples and is as effective shooting cupcakes or jewelry.  He shot my two boys (email me at tbeppu@interorealestate.… if you'd like to see sample children images).  He was extremely patient and was able to get them to smile (authentically), which is something I struggle to do.  I was so impressed with him that I asked if he'd spend a day teaching me basics.  A few friends joined me and we had a nice class.  I felt special knowing he normally teaches seminars wtih 100 people in the room.  Visit Michael.  Look at his portfolio.  It speaks for itself.  If your event is special, don't settle for anyone less! More...


Jillian S.

28 March 2011

I've first come to encounter Michael through Yelp (which happens to become my best friend during my wedding planning). I was told that if I was going to hire a photographer, I should choose a good one, as this is what we will be reflecting back on as years pass. My hubby and I went through our engagement session through another photographer before I met Michael. The other guy was also a pleasure to work with. When we received our photos I wasn't really impressed with it and I didn't feel that the price we paid for them was worth it either. Not only that, it took months to get my photos and I also ordered a guestbook through him as well. That was really annoying.At this point I wasn't sure what to look for in a photographer anymore. I couldn't tell which was good and what to look for. I went and visited Michael's website when I stumbled upon his reviews on yelp and fell inlove instantly with his work. I like the whole modern, chic style approach he has going on. I made an appointment instantly with him and he was quick to respond and very professional. Within minutes after submitting my request. He even had a little survey he did prior to our meeting to get to know me a little bit more.Although me and my hubby (fiance at the time) budgeted a certain amount of money for photos, Michael's package range can meet anyone's budget. He can even customize a package for you that would be most suitable to your needs. One thing I did regret was to get an additional photographer for the event as my wedding was pretty big (200+ guests). Although Michael was on his own he managed to capture a ton of coverage on our wedding day. To top it off, he was super quick in getting me my web images. Got them in less than a weeks time, edited!! My family, friends, and colleagues had seen his work on my facebook page and I've received nothing but compliments and praise on his work. Some images from the reception looked like it was taken from a concert. My favorite of Michael's talent is definitely capturing the moment of each photograph. I have one photo of the groomsmen surprise performance when my cousin was singing. The face expression and action was priceless and he captured it all in one photograph. It was amazing!! Awesome job Michael. You are truly one talented and artistic individual and I enjoyed doing business with you. Thank you so much for capturing all the memorable moments of the day that had become the best day of my life, as it was truly my fairytale come true! More...


C P.

28 February 2011

I really love the executive headshots that Michael took of me last week. I was dreading having photos of myself taken, but his kind, calm manner and obvious expertise made the experience very pleasant. Not to mention the fact that he very quickly captured several photos that I was very happy with.  He was responsive to all communications, from scheduling the appointment to promptly providing the images after the shoot. (I received the photos by email the very next day.)  I will definitely use him again when the opportunity arises. More...


Lisianne m.

9 February 2011

As a graphic designer and web developer, I worked with Michael on head shot photos for my client in San Francisco. It was an excellent experience: I explained by phone to Michael what I was looking for and he took beautiful, top-quality photos which fit perfectly with the style of  my client's website.  Michael delivered the pictures the day of the photo shoot and I know his services were greatly appreciated by my client. I would warmly recommend Michael Soo to anyone who needs a headshot photographer in the area of San Francisco or San Jose. More...


Marilyn R.

8 February 2011

I am thrilled with my executive head shot photo!  The entire experience went smoothly, from scheduling the appointment to delivery of the digital photo. Michael's new location in San Jose was easy to find  with a spacious area for make up and hair styling.  After listening carefully to my requests Tiffany Chiang (beautyexperttiffany.com) did her make up and hair styling magic on me.I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted to wear so at Michael's suggestion I brought several changes of clothes. After discussing the statement I envisioned for my executive head shot Michael helped me choose the best option. Michael shot several sets of photos, each time guiding me with clear and helpful directions for posing.   After each set was shot we immediately reviewed all photos on a large screen eliminating some and tagging our favorites.  We kept narrowing down the selection of the best ones ending up with my top pick.  Later that day I received my photo via email and downloaded it.   Getting my executive head shot done by Michael Soo couldn't have been easier.   It was a fun experience and the results exceeded my expectations. More...


Tily C.

1 February 2011

I found out about Soo Photography on Yelp.  Checked out his website, and thought I'd give it a try for my professional profile photo.  Apparently, Mr. Michael Soo works with a makeup artist and four photographers.  The studio is located in a residential area, and it was easy to find.  Mr. Soo instructed exactly how to pose, and took several pictures of me and had me select my favorite ones right on the spot with a large LCD TV screen.  The pictures came out great, and I used one on Facebook as well, so my friends complimented on it, too.  What I like about Mr. Soo is that he is able to help people feel relaxed while taking photos.  He'd say something like, "Now, I'd like you to show some teeth...you just won the lotto," or "a handsome guy is looking at you from a distance..."  He is also able to manipulate the images using Photoshop; I think my teeth turned out looking whiter than how they really are, so I think it's worth it having a professional do important photos... More...


Sharon H.

10 November 2010

I LOVE Michale and his Capture The Love team. We had Michael and his team to take our engagement session and wedding pictures. The pictures are so amazing. They reminded us how much fun we had on the day we took engagement sessions and on our wedding day. In addition, Michael provided excellent customer service. His response time to our emails and phone calls are always within few hours. He is so creative and reliable. I can't imagine our special day without Michael and his lovely team. THANK YOU SO MUCH. More...


Stanley G.

31 October 2010

Michael, Rach and I can't begin to tell you how absolutely beautiful the pictures of our wedding came out.  As we look at the pictures we feel like we're experiencing the day over and over again.  To be honest, I never expected to find someone like you.  I remember the first time we met, Rach had told me we were going to interview a makeup artist.  So, as you can tell, I was reluctant to find a photographer waiting for us when we arrived.  I prepared myself for a sales pitch and was completely surprised by what I found.  You were so patient and willing to walk us through the process.  No one else we had interviewed had let us feel like we were a part of the experience.  One of our guests asked me why we choose you.  We told the person that above all the others, you were the most professional.  You were always available and responsive over the phone or email.  You never shot down any of our ideas and you took the time to listen.  On the wedding day, we had a loose idea of what we wanted and you took our ideas and built on them.  After the wedding, we didn't think you could wow us anymore, but you did.  The photos were ready two days after the wedding.  You really made our wedding extra special.  We had a lot of out of town guest visiting from all over the globe and it meant a lot to us that we were able to share our photos with them while they were here.We really appreciate that you helped us create moments we could call our own.  You are an amazing photographer and we know we made the right choice in choosing you.  Ten years from now, I can already tell that we will still be talking about the photos you took.Thank you again for capturing on film one of the most important days of our lives... Stanley and Rachel - 10/10/10 More...


Josh C.

18 September 2010

I can simply say I am shocked (in a good way of course). You see pictures everywhere, from personal to printed media, whether it be out with your friends, next to your loved ones, on billboards, in pretty much every place you could imagine.  As these pictures typically contained nothing more than people off or looking too serious, when we started our wedding planning, I really thought nothing of it.  I said to my fiancée, "Hey can we just use the same photographer your sister used?  He seemed like a nice guy." This all changed when I picked up my first wedding album while we were looking at wedding sites. Every picture I saw in this album showed me something new and exciting that I didn't think was possible.  He literally took a special place and made it extraordinary.  I quickly told my fiancée to jot down the name printed on the back of the album; we had to at least see what this guy was about. After meeting Michael in person, we left thinking that we really have to have this guy.  I knew we had to have him, and so did my fiancée.  It was difficult as we knew we would have to adjust other things around ($) in order to accommodate him, but we did.  We met with a few other photographers and no photos came close to the perfection of Michael's. It's been about a week since we last saw him for our engagement photo shoot, and we have already been caught repeatedly admiring our photos.  Not only am I shocked, I am simply amazed at what he can do with two ordinary people.  My fiancée and I are both pretty awkward in front of the camera but he made it so easy for us.  He simply gave us ideas instead of poses so that we looked amazingly natural.  Every day, I go back to review these pictures thinking that I couldn't have asked for more. Whether you are one to appreciate photography (my fiancée) or not (me before I met Michael), no matter what type of preferences you have, you MUST see his photos. More...


Sarah G.

26 August 2010

I searched for several months, looked at perhaps 50 different photographer websites, looked at reviews, photographs, etc. I found Michael Soo and I liked that he was not just doing wedding photography but also doing lifestyle, corporate and had a depth of experience in different areas. I can honestly say he lived up to my very high expectations. Easy to work with, super nice guy and he listened to my ideas. I was MOST impressed  that he was able to turn around my digital photographs in a matter of hours for a press release I needed. The end result was fantastic. Michael Soo is a G-E-MI would recommend him to anyone and I look forward to working with him again!! More...


silly s.

14 August 2010

I chose the 2 hour package and Michael did a fantastic job. I ended up with 275 pictures, they *all* look so good I had to ask friends to help me choose and even then it's been difficult.I had 4 different outfits and Michael tailored the background to get the best possible match for each.  I especially appreciated his flexibility in taking my ideas and needs into consideration. He is very easy going and we connected very well.He also has great equipment and a giant screen that let's you see the photos as he shoots then. That was great! I felt like a model for an afternoon :-). I am 40 and Michael made me look like I was twenty! More...


Channy C.

24 July 2010

We loved working with Michael Soo! He captured our wedding ceremony at Nestldown in June. My husband and I were very excited to work with Michael and he definitely delivered. He was professional, personable and funny all at the same time, which put us at ease in front of the camera. Michael gave us just the right amount of direction and wasn't overbearing in any way as a photographer. He let us be in our natural state and captured those moments beautifully. I'm not sure how he got some of the shots he did. In the afternoon we took some photos in Santa Cruz and it was so windy, I had to keep pushing my hair out of my face. Amazing enough, he got shots where I wasn't messing with my hair. We would highly recommend Michael Soo and would jump at the chance to work with him again! More...


Bee S.

9 July 2010

Michael by far...exceeded my very high expectations! Just when I thought the pictures couldn't look any better..it gets better and better. I had my engagement session with Michael a couple of weeks ago and everything went so perfectly - the day, the experience, the pictures, the moments. He is extremely talented..photography is second nature to him. He is able to capture the best pictures out of every moment and at any location. He is a great photographer with eyes for creativity and perfection. More...


A H.

19 June 2010

Michael truly captured our love during our engagement session in spring of 2010. He was very organized and the timing was perfect. We were very impressed by the natural lighting and the way the sun shone in our hair as we played in the flowers and trees! We would recommend him to anyone because he does such a great job making you feel comfortable and is truly passionate about his work. When our friends and family saw the engagement photos they were blown away by the quality. We are very excited for our wedding day and have complete confidence in Michael. More...


Jim C.

13 June 2010

Believe the hype!  We had our engagement session a few days ago and Michael exceed our expectations.  He is great at capturing the best of every moment and has a unique ability to find the right shots in any environment.  I would recommend his services without reservation. More...


I M.

4 June 2010

My fiancé and I recently had engagement photos taken by Michael Soo and words cannot describe what an amazing photographer he is.  His attention detail allows him to take photographs of anything and anywhere resulting in impressive works of art.  He is extremely personable and professional - I highly recommend him.  I am definitely excited to have him as our wedding photographer! More...


Phuoc N.

2 June 2010

We have worked with Michael recently on our engagement shoot, and all I can say is "wow."I was doubtful at first, and spent many long weeks researching about Michael. I was contemplating whether this guy is a phony because anyone can claim they are "the best" in the industry. And he wasn't kidding. There's no BS here. This reminds me of our last phone conversation before the engagement shoot. He said "don't worry, just put me in any condition, place, time and he will make it look good." He did just that, in cloudy condition with unexpected fog and constant mist that can ruin a picnic. But man, this guy pulled it off and I was utterly speechless.Simply it was a pleasure working with Michael. He's personality is great. I would have multiple beers with this guy any day at the bar. And DON'T be fooled by the other photographers. There are many ways to describe a person. And by saying he is the best is an understatement. The creativity of his work is beyond any other photographer's level.  You will not be disappointed. PS. Michael, I am a true believer now. More...


Jina O.

30 May 2010

I first came to know of Michael's work not through his wedding photography, but one of the other areas that he captures - food. His images are absolutely stunning. I have received many compliments over the years about how hungry his images make people. So when I found myself beginning to think about a wedding photographer, I immediately thought of him.At the time, I didn't realize the scope of his work, but I was incredible excited to learn that he also photographed weddings. I spoke with Michael briefly over the phone and he offered to meet me and bring a wedding album for me to take a look at. Just one look and I was hooked! Fireworks were going off in my head and I couldn't wait to tell my fiancé the first thing we could check off our planning list was our photographer!Michael graciously invited us to his home so that the 3 of us could get to know each other and my fiancé could view his wedding albums. My fiancé and I agree - he has a natural talent to capture beautiful, tender moments in the simplest settings.Michael is very easy to get in touch with and is prompt to respond. He is very professional, personable, easy going, is a good listener and has a great sense of humor. It is very easy to just be yourself with him, whether the camera is out or not.We just recently enjoyed an outing with Michael for our engagement photos. He emailed our proofs within a few -HOURS!- He captured our silly, serious and sweet sides and we are both so pleased with the results. Even the next day I looked back on those pictures very fondly. I can only image how I will feel years from now.I am so glad we decided to take engagement photos and so very, very glad we chose Michael. Don't be afraid to go with you're your gut feeling, don't second-guess yourself and don't over-think it. This may be one of your easiest wedding decisions; Embrace it! More...


Carl M.

11 May 2010

This is actually the first review I have ever written on here and had to actually sign up to do so. Michael Soo just finished shooting my engagement session and will be shooting my wedding on August 28th. All I can say... absolutely Amazing... I will admit, I knew ahead of time it would be fantastic. I am a professional model/actor that has worked with hundreds of photographers..including a commercial shoot with Michael. It was the first time that I met him. His images are, by far, the best and my favorite of any of the other professionals that I have ever worked with. After I became engaged and we were choosing vendors for the wedding, there was no deliberation at all about the photographer. I knew that I wanted Michael. We booked Michael before we booked anything else that had to do with the wedding so we would have him on the date we wanted. I knew that he books up fast so I didn't want to lose out. When we were looking at locations for the wedding, I was looking through a wedding photo book there and I could tell it was Michael's work before the woman told me who the photographer was. That is how much his photos stand out from others. He is also a great guy to work with and makes the shoots fun. The time flew by. Most of the time I can't wait for my shoots to end, but on this one I was sad when the sun set and we were done. I can't stress enough how much I endorse and recommend Michael. More...


S L.

28 April 2010

I HAVE to update my review on Michael Soo since my wedding day has come and gone and I've seen the wedding pictures!This guy is SO amazing, that I feel like if anyone ever needed a picture of anything, they need to rush to the phone and call up Michael Soo.He takes his jobs so seriously that he makes sure to capture moments that you'll always want to go back and look at the pictures he took of you, your new spouse, family/friends and make you just smile and relive that moment. His pictures capture moments in time that you can just look back on and never lose those memories. Michael came to our hotel room and took pictures of my bride's maids and I getting ready and even went to the other hotel room that the guy's were getting ready in and took pictures of them too - AND he didn't have to! Michael has a great personality also- he lives in the moment of your wedding day and shares the emotions with you and your family and you're able to tell just through his photos of you and your loves ones. I'm not even sure how he captured some of those amazing shots, but he did! Everyone at our wedding was calling him a "ninja" since he was SO good at taking pictures of the best shots without being intrusive which we appreciated. He was really good at blending in with the crowd and capturing all those special moments of ours. He even makes you just feel comfortable and relaxed and those are the times where you can get the best pictures that are sincere. His turn around time to getting you your wedding pictures is super freaking fabulous! He got it back to us after ONE day. How crazy is that?! The MTV slide show that he creates for you too was beautiful. It made me cry since it was like reliving one of the best days of my life through his camera and every picture he included in the slide show was perfect. He is definitely great at capturing your good side! lol.Everyone at the wedding and those who have seen our wedding photos so far have been so impressed with his work that they even claimed that they would hire him if they ever needed a photographer!Hire this photographer! You'll get so many amazing photos that you will be able to cherish forever. More...


Yi C.

17 April 2010

Soo photography is not only the best in wedding photography but also in all other photographic categories. I have been working with Michael for my wedding photos and also some commercial photos. Michael captures photos professionally and artistically. Watching his photographic work is a breathtaking enjoyment. He always has so much great ideas and unique perspective view point. Plus his wonderful personality, professionalism and ability to capture special moments are absolutely amazing. Hiring Michael you are not only getting what you are asking for but much more with his personal touch on the photos. More...


Kary C.

9 March 2010

Michael Soo, a true professional and artist!  I can go on forever but everyone has already said it.  Michael took photos of my son for his college graduation and they were spectacular.  He has a true connection with people, bringing out their best.  I recommended him to the event coordinator at the Saratoga Country Club. If you use anyone else for your photography needs, you're missing out! More...


Laura D.

2 March 2010

Anyone can give you background, lighting and creative poses - but when Michael adds his creative expression, dynamic use of color, and imaginative presentation ideas - it's pure magic!  He is wonderfully accommodating and amazingly easy to work with! More...


John H.

12 February 2010

Michael of Soo Photography is fantastic!  I have had him do my press business photographs and I have also taken one of his photography workshops. First, I want to give a huge recommendation for Michael's photography workshops.  I took Michael's portrait and lighting workshop a few weeks ago and it was great!  Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced photographer, there is much to be learned from him.I thought I was going to really be lost being a nature/landscape photographer - but everyone was really helpful and worked with me.  (I figured out on my own to remove the tripod, circular polarizer and 10mm lens).  The Pocket Wizards and light meter were another story, but I learned exactly what I needed to use them during the workshop.Michael's workshops are NOT your average workshop.   Great hands on, direction and interaction.  Michael is a lighting and story master.  Professional models who know what they are doing.  The food and setting are really nice as well!Check out his website if you haven't seen his work   soophotography.com/index…(He is currently being showcased on Engadget and Gizmodo with some of his shots.) Before selecting Michael to do my business images, I searched through his portfolio.  I really connected with his style and how he captures images.  Too many people just click and take a picture.  Michael just does BEAUTIFUL work.  From his Yosemite engagement portraits, his product photography and glamor images, I knew he would do mine nicely!   He exceed my expectations and really took some nice images of me.  I have since referred him out to a number of friends for portrait and business images and they have also been very happy.For anyone looking to either learn more about photography or to have their wedding, portrait or product photography done, I highly recommend Michael. More...


Paul M.

12 February 2010

I took "Photography Made Simple" from Michael last month (Jan '10) -- I figured it would be another photo class that would give me a few tidbits that might help me in various situations.  It turned out to be a huge amount of fun and learning -- he's personable, funny, great audience interaction, and lots of showing various shots to the class live.  Not just live and looking at the picture, but live and talking through the whole thing from start to finish from what's going through his head -- this was *very* helpful.  Rarely do you find a photographer that has a great eye for composition, lighting, and technical capabilities that can explain those thought processes to anyone from beginners to pros.  It was great to watch and participate, the table interactions with the other students at breaks and activities was very helpful, and he's made himself very accessible for followup questions after the class as well.  How nice in this day of Photoshop'ing the heck out of everything, to learn from a photographer that, while using Photoshop here and there, helps you how to get the photo (and makeup and lighting and composition, etc.) right to begin with in the camera, so you don't HAVE to do lots of editing -- and when you have to edit, how to recognize when to stop! (much like makeup -- which was also discussed by the great Tiffany Chiang who discussed this with the class).  I have taught classes over the years on various topics and it was nice to see and appreciate how much love he has for his profession and how much he wants to share and have others understand how to enjoy it too!  Looking forward to taking the next 2 classes in March! More...


Bryan C.

11 February 2010

Well I normally don't write reviews for a service, but Michael Soo is such a photography genius that I feel I HAVE to tell people about him.Michael is super creative and his collection of photography awards can be a proof of that. He is also very thoughtful and so easy to work with, once you hire him you'll be hooked so better watch out! More...


Ying F.

9 February 2010

I LOVE MICHAEL SOO!I've heard of his work for the past 4 years and never had the pleasure of working with him until last week. Everything I've heard about him,his professional photography skills, his reputation and his personality are all true!  He is truly gifted at what he does.  His images are wonderful and they are not super photo shop.  He know how to capture candid images and capture the best in everyone he photographs. He can shoot high fashion to wedding and other publish work easily.  He is organized at every shoot.  He's extremely friendly and very generous person.  This photographer is truly amazing.  No wonder he is the talk of the town and has many published work. I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to work with him and to gain an amazing new friend:)Thank you Michael!  Keep the doing what you do best:) More...


Karen M.

1 February 2010

We hired Michael to be our photographer for our wedding in June of 2009. This review is 7 months late and I'm not one to go through the hassle of writing a review unless it's something really spectacular or awful! But working with Michael, it was the best decision we made for our wedding. To us, the most important aspect of the wedding was going to be our photos, I mean, after all that's said and done, the photos will linger and we'll have to relive our special day through them. With this in mind, we knew we have to hire the best and that's exactly what we got! Michael, thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and memories. You are truly an artist and has captured moments from the most important day of our lives. To this day, I still go through our wedding album and just smile. I just can't help it...the photos came out better than I can imagined and for that, we can't thank you enough. More...


Benjamin T.

28 January 2010

Simply astonishing.  My fiancee and I are both long-time photographers, and yet we're both blown away with the images Michael has taken for our engagement. They are each hands down the best portraits either of us has ever gotten, and Michael captured literally dozens of them in a single day in Yosemite.  His work on printing, album design and production was also beyond reproach.  We can't wait to work with him again for our wedding! More...


Melissa B.

27 January 2010

I took a workshop from Michael, and it was awesome. He was funny, insightful, and helped me see how I can improve my photography.


Mary Lou L.

27 January 2010

Great workshop.  Lots of information for both the professional (which I am not) and hobby photographer (which I am).  The 7 hour workshop flew by with lots of informative slides and great tips from Michael.  Thank you.  I look forward to attending more workshops. More...


Molly K.

26 January 2010

We hired Michael Soo to photograph our products.  We're in the desserts business so good photographs are very crucial for us.  We were extremely happy with Michael throughout the process.  We had multiple products to be photographs, Michael worked diligently on them throughout the day.  He's very talented, professional, and easy to work with.  We had a fun day working with him.  All the photos came out exceptional.  The final photos were sent back to us so quickly that we didn't have to wait too long.  We not only will use him again and again for our business and personal, but also refer him to everyone we know.  He's the best in the business! More...


A Google User

26 January 2010

I first heard of Michael Soo through the SmugMug email list for members. He was to be a guest speaker at their monthly meeting, but as I couldn't make that day, I checked out his website. From there, I fell in love with his pictures, particularly his fashion and wedding/engagement photos. As an amateur photographer, I could really appreciate his creativity. His photos aren't generic at all; he brings an extra creative element to each one that I hardly ever see in wedding photos.

I ended up enrolling in his Photography Made Simple class, and I loved it! He spent much of the time talking about composition, which I considered the most important, and did not emphasize the need for top-notch equipment.His presentation and lectures were very organized, and his question/answer sessions were informative and gave me the chance to ask him about concepts I struggled with. I especially liked Mitchael's philosophy that to make pictures stand out, they have to be taken from the heart, and it shows in his work. He was personable and had a great sense of humor. I'd highly recommend his class, and when I get married, I'll ask him to be our photographer!


Lena C.

10 January 2010

Before coming to Soo Photography, I had a little mini disaster on my hands: five months until graduation (and graduation announcements) and no photographs for my parents to send to their friends. Well, save for the horrendous photographs the school photographer took. Those might have been ok in high school, but a college graduation called for something a little more ... professional.With this in mind, I began looking through Yelp for a photographer to help with my woes. Some had styles that didn't jive with me, others were ridiculously overpriced, but Michael Soo was just right. Really. From my first phone calls and email exchanges with him to the photo shoot and the (incredibly speedy) results, Michael was very professional and communicative. He even asked me to email him photos of myself prior to our meeting so he could have an idea of who he would be working with.And the pictures, oh the pictures. They are awesome and my parents and I couldn't be happier. While he may have joked about America's Next Top Model throughout our shoot, he definitely made me feel like I could be on the show and the photographs prove that. I'll upload some onto Yelp if I can, but I recommend him wholeheartedly! Good thing I'm planning on going to graduate school so I can use these pictures again for more announcements! More...


Busy B.

24 November 2009

WOW!  Michael is definitely top notch in every way.  I made an appointment with Michael to take family pictures.He was very accommodating during the appointment making process - super easy to make an ideal appointment time, despite the busy holiday season.  We went to a nearby park to take outdoor pictures, and at first, I wasn't sure if I'd get the same "professional" family pic quality if we took pictures outside, but just went with it.  Michael suggested the perfect sunset time to get the best outdoor lighting, and brought all his fancy equipment with him.  He was very professional, but fun at the same time.  I was amazed at his meticulous attention to detail and the artistic eye he had for knowing exactly where to take the pictures and doing what pose.  We got to do everything form the nice sit-down family poses to the more romantic couple poses, some solo shots, and even some great candid photos that look very artsy!He sent us the digital proof the same day, and I was blown away by the photos.  Some of them look so beautiful with the background and lighting that it looks surreal and staged!  Just looking at the park that we were in, I would've never imagined such background would come out of it, but Michael definitely has a gift for picking up every color, light and contrast to create a beautiful photograph.  I'd recommend him to anyone.  He's not just another photographer.  I give him 5 stars for the whole experience and service, and 5 stars for the finished photos!  I don't think my family and I can ever go back to taking family pictures at the regular photo studios.  I'm just sad that I didn't have him 5 years ago for my wedding!! More...


John G.

18 November 2009

I worked with Soo for a professional portrait. I wanted to picture myself in a credible and inviting way. I was not sure how to pose. Not only did Soo set up a really great stage for taking the picture, he also provided me with a lot of tips based on my business goals. I could easily feel he is very experienced. He is also very friendly. His price is average, and you'll get excellent value for money in return. I would definitely recommend it for any reputable company that wants to take outstanding pictures! More...


Beth G.

16 September 2009

Michael Soo photographed our products and jewelries and I really couldn't be happier with my experience working with him.  I am thrilled about getting the word out about this truly amazing work. Not only was the end product absolutely stunning, but the process of getting there was truly enjoyable. Michael is extremely easy to work with, and he's fun to be around! He is very hands-on but easy going at the same time. He not only managed our project professionally and quickly, but he involved me in the process in a fun and interesting way.The final images that Michael produces exhibit his keen attention to detail. It's obvious that Michael not only has a deep passion for his work, as well as an incredible gift. There is no doubt that Michael has achieved the perfect blend of professional work ethic and artistic talent. Throughout the shoot, Michael seems to use high-end lighting equipment. Watching him work with the lighting, I understood that he was quite the expert. I felt like each shot he took was calculated for perfection. After seeing the final shots, I can see that he certainly knows what he is doing. Because the shots were done so well, they didn't need very much photoshopping to look great, but Michael added some finishing photoshop details that really made the shots come alive.Oh, and those amazing final shots were sent to me so quickly I couldn't believe it! His turn around time was unbelievably speedy. Quick, fun, easy. Recommending Michael Soo is a no-brainer. More...


T B.

13 June 2009

Michael photographed our wedding; he is both professional and friendly.  He arrives earlier and stays later than agreed to.  His pricing structure is fairly straight forward but certainly not cheap; however, I think you get what you pay for.  He certainly has an eye for photography so you are assured to get some really great photos.  One really memorable thing about Michael that sticks out in my mind is how quickly he delivers.  We had a two-day event and he even had a computer slide show from the first night ready to show at the second night's party; that means he turned-it-around in about 15 hours (does he even sleep?)!  In summary, if you want a photographer that will produce great photos, is flexible, and who can work with any type of event you can throw at him, Micheal's your guy. More...


A C.

10 February 2009

definitely high-end photographer. if you're the type who loves loves loves weddings and photography, he's your man.  his wedding packages range from $2,400-20,000(?). i forgot the specifics. i think the package that would fit most people is around $4,000.professional, courteous and obviously successful. More...


Quayshawn S.

16 October 2008

My wife and I used Soo Photography for our wedding & engagement photos.  We heard good things about Michael Soo's photography, but we were initially hesitant because of his cost.  However, Mr. Soo bargained with us until we found a photography package that we could afford.  Afterward, we found out that his services were well worth the cost!  Our engagement photos were spectacular and our wedding photos were creative, beautiful, and thorough.  I would describe Mr. Soo's photography as nothing less than art.  He had a vision of how he was going to make our photography beautiful and memorable, and we surely received beautiful and memorable photos.  Mr. Soo was also very professional, kind, patient, and punctual; which are all valuable character traits in a wedding photographer.  I would highly recommend Soo Photography as a wedding vendor. More...


Lacee J.

6 October 2008

After viewing the wedding slideshow that Michael created for our multi-cultural wedding, my husband and I had to wipe the tears from our eyes.  He captured every important detail, and gave us a story that will live on forever.I would highly recommend Michael and his team for any event.  He has great attention to detail and outstanding business ethics.  My wedding memories will always be cherished because of Michael's phenomenal work. More...


aimee l.

8 April 2008

Michael is a multi-talented artist/photographer. His level of creativity & professionalism is superb.  He's not only a talented photographer, but also an excellent project manager/ art director. He communicates effectively with his clients & the people of his team to deliver the highest results. Doesn't matter if it's a small project or a huge one, he always put a lot of effort into his work. You'll have to see it to believe it, check out  capturethevogue.com & be ready to feel inspired!!! More...

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