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Welcome to Canine Angel,

My name is Nikki Brown, I am based in Brighton in the UK. I am better known as the UK’s Leading Natural Dog Whisperer and for the past 20 years I have been helping pet owners all over the world find real solutions to their companion animals greatest health and behavioural challenges.

I have appeared on the BBC breakfast show, been on several BBC national and local radio stations and have published my book “What Your Dog is Begging For!” through Kindle and written a self-study training manual on how to become a Natural Dog Whisperer which covers all my greatest secrets which I have collected over the past two decades.

BBC breakfast show interview with Nikki Brown:

I am a Udemy Instructor with online training courses in Natural Pet Diet and Nutrition and Natural Health For Animals.

I am also one of the UK’s leading Bioresonance Therapists for both humans and animals and we use the latest and up-to date technology in energetic balancing therapy which is creating amazing transformations in the animals we use it on.

I am qualified in both humans and dog psychology and have the special gift of communicating with all animals which means I can identify what is going on with the animal very precisely and quickly.

I offer my services through, private 1-2-1 mentoring or group mentoring, and can help you solve your animal challenges through a wide variety of training services through Skype, Telephone, Home visits, training workshops, Self-study Training manuals and online video training courses and much more.

So, no matter what the challenge you face or where you live in the world, you can book in for an Assessment Session over skype or telephone with me and we can get to work straight away at changing your life so your animal friends can live long, happy and healthy lives in your care.

I also run practitioners training courses for those students who are looking to further their knowledge in Natural and Holistic animal care or for those who wish to start their own business in the pet related industry.

I also run my sister website Natural Fulvic Vitality which offers the best fulvic acid supplements for domesticated and farm animals and humans so please check out both my websites below as they do contain lots of free but valuable content and information to get you started.

All of this keeps me very busy but I do promise and guarantee that once you book me, both you and your animal companions lives will change and improve for the better.
Please do check out the wonderful feedback and testimonials I receive from satisfied and happy clients
On my websites:

And you can follow me and my daily updates on social media platforms !

I very much looking forward to meeting and working with you and your wonderful canine companion.

Warmest wishes
Nikki Brown

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Canine Angel Reviews

Canine Angel Reviews

Review of Canine Angel by Jude Haywood
5 02/07/2018 Jude Haywood

I contacted Nikki as I was at a loss how to proceed with my seemingly uncontrollable puppy. I had consulted a couple of trainers and dog behaviourist previously and had got nowhere. I was ready to let my puppy be rehoused. Nikki immediately got to the bottom of what was happening with me and my naughty but nice puppy, and set about improving my dogs diet and nutrition followed by behaviour assessment and improving the emotional bond between my puppy and me. Since then Nikki has been on hand for support and advice whenever needed. She has introduced us both to bioresonance - which is simply amazing and extremely beneficial. Nikki is passionate about her work and dedicated to making life better for dogs everywhere. I have learned so much through her gentle guidance, so much so that I am now the very proud owner of a well balanced beautiful matured puppy. I can't recommend Nikki highly enough.

Review of Canine Angel by Sheila Gilson
5 02/07/2018 Sheila Gilson

I contacted Nikki because I was searching for someone who offered bioresonance balancing for my dog Jackson. The treatment in itself is incredible and Nikki spends ages helping you understand the results. She is both personal and professional. What I got in addition to the treatment was finding a lovely lady who carers passionately about dogs and is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of caring for them. Thank you Nikki.

Review of Canine Angel by Joanne Spurr
5 Joanne Spurr

I have found Nikki to be caring, professional and patient to deal with. She really does have a natural affinity with doggies and listens to everything. A superb, effective and convenient service. Thoroughly recommend. Thanks so.

Review of Canine Angel by Lesley Rich
5 Lesley Rich

The Raw Feeding Seminar was extremely interesting and an eye opener into the pet food industry. I was unaware as to how easy it would be to change my dogs over to a species appropriate diet until I attended this seminar. I found Nikki to be extremely knowledgable and helpful and look forward to having healthy happy dogs. To sum up the seminar was a real eye opener and I'm so glad I attended. Anyone considering making this change for their pets but are unsure please go along to the next seminar, you won't be disappointed.

Review of Canine Angel by Sheila Gilson
5 Sheila Gilson

I contacted Nikki because I was searching for someone who offered bioresonance balancing for my dog Jackson. The treatment in itself is incredible and Nikki spends ages helping you understand the results. She is both personal and professional. What I got in addition to the treatment was finding a lovely lady who cares passionately about dogs and is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of caring for them. Thank you Nikki.

Review of Canine Angel by Jude Haywood
5 Jude Haywood

I contacted Nikki as was at a loss how to proceed with my seemingly uncontrollable puppy. I had consulted a couple of trainers and a behaviourist previously and had got nowhere. I was ready to let my puppy be rehomed. Nikki immediately got to the bottom of what was happening with me and my naughty but nice pup. Initially we completely changed my dog's diet from kibble to raw meaty bones; the effect of this was quite outstanding. After addressing diet and nutrition, Nikki did a behaviour assessment and got to work improving the emotional bond between my pup and me. Since then Nikki has been on hand with help and advice whenever needed and has introduced us to bioresonance and also NaturalPet Vitality supplement. Nikki is passionate about her work and dedicated to making life better for all the dogs she sees. I have learned so much through her gentle guidance and holistic approach, so much so that I now have n amazing bond with my beautiful, matured and well balanced puppy . I can't recommend Nikki enough.

Canine Angel

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Canine Angel Q&A

Canine Angel Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

I am incredibly passionate about my work as I simply love to solve problems by providing easy to implement natural solutions. I love to see the whole life transformation which my clients and dogs go through during my time mentoring them.
I love to help save dogs lives, save them from ending up in rescue or having to be sent to an early grave because the right information was never presented to them.
I love to help put folk on the right track and guide them fully until they achieve their goals and dreams.
I also love to train and mentor students who wish to set up theyr own animal care business and have created a very unique training program to teach you how to do that.
I just love my work as it gives me the opportunity to be able to fully use the skills and talents I was born with and have acquired along the way.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was born to be an entrepreneur and first attempted self employment when I was just 18 and set up several self employed projects along the way which all gave me valuable business experience.
The thing that inspired me to start Canine Angel was the animals themselves. As a gifted animal communicator I had the advantage of knowing how to listen to the animals to learn about what it is they require from us humans in today’s somewhat damaged world. They shared all their secrets with me and asked that I would dedicate my life work to helping their messages to be heard and listened to and more importantly acted upon.
We have done a great disservice to animals with our consumer driven world and they are deeply disturbed about the damage we have done to our planet. They want to help us though and they want to do that by helping us rebalance and take lessons and medicine from our dear Mother Nature. For when we do listen to them and act upon theyr advice .. everything comes back into balance and harmony.
I was put here to work on this mission and have been totally guided and inspired along the way to follow my heart and do what gives me the most joy.
Canine’s are Angels, sent to help serve us, guide us and help us grow.. they are also sent to us to teach us the greatest lesson of all .. unconditional love :)

Why should our clients choose you?

Before contacting me many of my clients have stayed they felt that they have wasted a lot of money time and heartache receiving incorrect diagnosis or information which has led them down a dangerous and costly path.
I’d be safe to say that my clients have said to me that they wish they had found me sooner.
I would urge any potential client to really take some time to see what I offer as it’s pretty unique and goes much deeper than standard dog training.
Whilst dog training has its place as a fun activity, getting your dog to behave in a certain manner for a reward or treat is pretty much easy enough for anyone to do if they have the time and patience.
My training and mentoring programs will teach and inspire you with ideas you have never even contemplated. It will educate you deeply on what our canines want from us and how to provide theyr needs exactly so they feel happy and secure in your care.
My programs are life changing and self confidence boosting.. I will help you break unwanted patterns of distructive thoughts and behaviours and help you find the inner strong leader your dog requires from you.
The training you undergo will have a hugely positive impact on all your relationships in life and help you manage difficult emotions such as fear and frustration.
I’m not the cheapest option but cheap is not always best and can actually cost you far more down the line.
All my clients who have invested money with me have reported that the training they received has paid huge dividens in the long run as it has saved them vast amounts of money on their yearly pet care bills. Most of them say that they couldn’t put a price on the happiness they feel when they learn exactly what their animal requires from them.
I work with you until the problem is solved and then there after if you still need support.
I will always be the expert on hand that you can turn to for accurate help support and advice all the way right throughout your animals life and beyond as I help folk with pet bereavement as well.
At the end of the day though, working together is a two way relationship and it’s just as important I can resonate with you as much as you can with me. I’ll be working with you for a good few weeks or months so it’s important we get to know each other first before investing any Real time or money. I set up the assessment session for this purpose .. so you can try before you buy and I can see if I feel I’m the right person to help you. I will be totally honest and refer you on if I feel we are not a match.
The 60 min assessment session is £65 and is held over telephone and Skype.
I will spend the necessary time to delve deeply into the issues you need help with and provide answers to your most burning questions.
At the end of the session I will offer to devise and create a bespoke training program plan for your requirements and a written quotation for the work and services which will be required.
If you do accept the quotation I will minus your assessment fee and offer an extra early bird discount for quick response bookings so already I can offer you savings as you take steps towards your desire for a healthy happy balanced relationship where you feel super confident at knowing your stuff when it comes to dogs and what they really need!
If you would like to request a training program brochure so you can learn more about what’s involved in my training programs then please email me through my website
And I’ll email one out to you.
And if all you have is the 60 minute assessment session, I’ll promise you you will take away valuable new information which will open your mind to a different perpspective to solving the issues you face.
Contact me today, make the leap, you only have something to gain if you do :)

Services provided by Canine Angel

Canine Angel Services

The Canine Angel Assessment & Breakthrough Session

What does the Breakthrough Session & Assessment Session Entail? Assessment: In order to be able to correctly identify where your pet’s health and behavioural problems are stemming from, and what is causing them, I will ask you a series of questions about your animal’s full history. This is crucial to achieving the successful outcome and results you are looking for, because more often or not, problems which are misunderstood or misdiagnosed can lead you down the wrong path and waste you alot of time and money. Achieving The Breakthrough: Once I have obtained all the necessary information from you to make a full assessment of where your pet’s issues are stemming from, I will be able to explain in full depth to you and help you see your pet’s problems from a different perspective. This can be the “Breakthrough” or “Ahh ha” moment you have been seeking and can provide the vital key for us to be able to unlock the correct solutions of how to solve the issues at hand. Workable Solutions You Can Put Into Action Immediately: Once you have gained the breakthrough in understanding what your pet is going through, you may feel this is enough to go on and change things yourself, OR you may have further questions for me, which I can provide you with some workable solutions that you can get to work with immediately. Further Help After Your Break Through Session: If you require further help or training from me after your Breakthrough Session then a offer a range of services including: Distance Training through skype and telephone calls Training Resources, Manuals, Books, Online Videos Personal 1-2-1 Training through Home Visits We can discuss your needs and budget during the call and I can then email you a personally designed training program and full written quotation within 24 hours of your call. To make your booking please complete the online contact form on my website or send me a direct message through the BARK Site.

Private 1-2-1 Lessons Home Visit Training Programs

Being the UK’s Dog Whisperer means…I will travel ANYWHERE in the UK for private home visit lessons. The first step you need to take is to book in for The 60 minute Canine Angel Assessment & Breakthrough Session with me. Once our session has taken place and I have collated all the relevant information from you I will need, I will prepare you and your dog a personally designed training program, along with a full written quotation and email them across to you within 24 hours. I offer my expertise in the following areas: Human & Dog Psychology Animal Communicator Behaviour Modification and Training Natural Animal Health Practitioner Species Appropriate Pet Diet & Nutrition You will receive training in all the above areas on your training program so you can also become an expert in these areas as well. The benefit of my training is that it will not only help to solve your own pet’s issues or training needs, but will enable you to effectively offer help and advice to every other animal you come into contact with throughout your lifetime. For me this is important as there are many animals who can benefit from this education and I want to teach you so well that you do go onto help many more animals throughout your life. The full package programs include: Initial Assessment Session: 60 minutes Preliminary Training: 3 hours (This will set you and your dog up for a successful home visit training session) Private Home Visit Training: (Up to 8 hours depending on severity of problem) Full Written Training Manual including Video Training: (This means you wont have to worry about taking notes as you go along or try and remember everything in one go.. I have done all that hard work for you!) Lifetime Support Guarantee: (Follow up calls and support right throughout the life of your dog at no extra charge) Money Back Guarantee: (If after following the entire program precisely, you have not witnessed any changes or improvements in your pet, then you can have a full refund of your training fees) Please note: I will also offer a significant Early Bird Discount for those who act quickly and book the program within 24 hours of receiving their quotation. If you have any further questions about the home visit programs and what they entail please email me at and I can email you a PDF Program guide so you can see what it entails.

The Canine Angel Natural Pet Health & Behaviour Home Study Training Manual

Introducing The Canine Angel Home Study Course, designed for animal lovers who want to learn how to use completely natural solutions to solve or prevent their companion animal’s health & behavioural problems. This comprehensive and complete training manual is ideal to study at home and at your own pace and will set you up as an expert in human psychology, dog psychology, animal communication, pet diet & nutrition and natural holistic therapies for animals! It is the ultimate training tool for those who own or want to set up their own animal related business or just for those pet parents who want to learn valuable fresh up to date education on how to solve and prevent health and behaviour problems for good. 9 Units /345 pages / (80,000 plus words) Fully Illustrated with images, diagrams and charts Bonus Video Training Links for Visual Study Self Assessment Exam For Each Unit For Certification Written by Nikki Brown, this training manual is designed to be studied in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, taking you on a journey of discovery into the world of natural healing for animals. With over 20 years experience in the field of working with and solving some of the most challenging health and behavioural problems, Nikki shares her wealth of knowledge on how to ensure every animal you ever come into contact with, thrives in your care and receives the best natural help available. Many of Nikki’s students who have already undertaken this training, have been successful in treating their own animal’s health and behavioural problems and have gone onto secure jobs in the animal field or set up their own pet related business. This home study course comes with a self assessment exam modules which you can complete and send in for marking. Upon a pass rate you will be awarded the Canine Angel Level 1 Certification into Natural Pet Health & Behaviour which will enable you to begin to work on real life clients, if that is the path you wish to take. Please note: You will automatically receive this training manual if you book onto the Private 1-2-1 Home Visit Programs but it can be purchased on its own as well. To take an indepth look at the training manual and the units of training it covers please visit:

The Canine Angel Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Training Manual- What Your Dog Is Begging For!

Did You Know?….. OVER 80% OF PET OWNERS ARE STILL PURCHASING PROCESSED PET FOOD AND POURING IT INTO THEIR PETS BOWL ON A DAILY BASIS, WHILST HAVING NO REAL IDEA ABOUT WHAT ACTUALLY GOES INTO THE FOOD OR WHAT HAPPENS THROUGHOUT THE MANUFACTURING PROCESS. Trust me, when I say, we have all been there at some point throughout our pet owning lives, even me! We have been blindly trusting these leading brands of pet food to ensure that all our dog’s nutritional needs are met. Sadly though the truth of the matter is that most commercially prepared foods contain ingredients that are toxic to your pet and can in fact do them more harm than good! I wouldn’t be fulfilling my role as one of the UK’s leading experts on this subject, if I didn’t give you the information I know could mean the difference between a happy, healthy pet and a pet riddled with health and behavioural problems. Problems, which might otherwise remain hidden from unsuspecting pet owners everywhere. I have no doubt at all that you do everything you possibly can to look after your dog or cat, treat it well and give it what it needs to be happy and healthy. By making yourself aware of what you could be doing to unintentionally harm your dog or cat, and also to change a few things for your pet’s benefit in light of new information, you are one step closer to helping your beloved friend to live the happiest and healthiest it can… Just the way nature intended. I wrote “What Your Dog Is Begging For” to educate as many pet owners as I can about the TRUTH and provide you with enough education that you will become an EXPERT in pet diet and nutrition and raw feeding! This training manual will provide you with the right education to be able to CONFIDENTLY talk about raw diets with your veterinarian or pet trainer. Your friends and family will soon start seeing you as the “Raw Feeding Expert “ and want to ask YOU for your advice when they witness the remarkable & positive changes in your own pet’s health and behaviour with their own eyes! This Proven Method Will Help You To Learn: Which ingredients in processed pet foods are harmful to your pet Which vital ingredients processed pet food leaves out which cause nutritional deficiencies Why dogs & cats are carnivores and why they thrive on their species appropriate diet TheTwo Vital Steps to take BEFORE switching your pet onto raw foods Easy to follow step by step guidance on how to make the transition onto raw food safely Which foods to feed and which ones to avoid How to administer Natural Pet Vitality and what the benefits are How to source your raw foods, store and handle them safely How to monitor & support your pet through its dietary changes To Improve all areas of your pet’s health & well-being & extend its lifespan using natural methods This Diet Training Improves Behaviour Related Issues Such As: Fear, Anxiety & Nervousness Aggression & Dominance Hyperactivity & Lack of Focus Sadness, Depression & Lethargy Obsession & Confusion Switching Your Dog or Cat To Raw & Natural Diet Can Help With The Following Conditions: Ear & Eye Infections Gum Disease & Tooth Decay Digestion Issues Urinary Tract & Anal Gland Problems Skin Allergies & Coat Issues Auto Immune & Nervous System Problems Canine/Feline Cancer, Epilepsy & Organ Disease &ThyroidIssues Arthritis, Joints & Muscles For more details please visit this link:

Work history from Canine Angel

Work History

The UK's Natural Dog Whisperer

Canine Angel

From August 2008 to present.

Nikki Brown is The UK' Leading Natural Dog Whisperer. She has earned her reputation as The Canine Angel through helping pet owners all over the world solve and prevent both health and behavioural problems using a totally natural and holistic approach. Born in 1972, Nikki has spent her entire lifetime communicating with animals and gathering valuable experience in working to find solutions for them so they can lead happy healthy lives in the care of humans. Nikki is qualified in both Human Psychology and Dog Psychology and is an Associate Member of the Canine Behaviour Centre. She has also extended her expertise into the field of Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition and Holistic Health Care For Animals, so she can offer a full range of services to her clients who are searching for more natural ways to solve their pet problems. During Nikki's study to become a Natural Dog Whisperer, she spent 5 years travelling around the globe and volunteering in animal rescue shelters in the UK, USA, and New Zealand. It was here that she worked with some of the most traumatised animals she has ever met and learnt valuable lessons from each and every one of them. By working in the rescue system Nikki got to experience first-hand the extent of the problems they face. Their biggest problem being overcrowding and with so little resources to go around means many of the animals that end up in the shelters are sadly put to sleep. Nikki has made it her life's mission to help spread education to pet owners everywhere about what they could do to prevent their animals from ever ending up in one of these shelters or being put to sleep early just because the right solutions were never found in time. 15 years on and Nikki now runs her own full time business helping clients through 1-2-1 personal mentoring programs, workshops and seminars. Her major achievements include becoming an international online published author of "What Your Dog is Begging For!" and writes monthly articles and advice columns for international magazines related to the natural health industry. She has appeared on the television, in local and national press and local and national radio. In the summer of 2014, Nikki achieved a life- long dream and wrote her very first Natural Dog Whispering Training Course so she could open up the opportunity to teach her trade to others. It is her aim to build a strong dedicated team to help with the vast problems our animal companions are facing with following certain protocols in today's pet industry. Nikki's future aims and ambitions are to be able to build the UK's first Natural Animal Rehabilitation Centre where humans and animals can come together to receive the natural help they are looking for and she strives hard every day to make this dream a reality.


Setting up the Natural Fulvic Vitality Business so we can continue to offer all animals in the UK, this wonderful, organic mineral rich substance and help them back to full health and vitality.

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