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Ch H.

27 May 2019

I practiced at Burlington Yoga for three years while I attended graduate school. The owner, Piper, is a wonderful yoga teacher. She's supportive and welcoming for students who want to deepen their practice. She comes from a background based in Hatha vinyasa flow (iyengar) which gives students the essentials for flow, with alignment and props used to help them get into poses easier. She's really skilled with helping students adapt their practice. Her background is also based in tantric and restorative yoga. As a whole, her classes begin with flow vinyasa, followed by relaxing restorative poses and meditation. I'd recommend her classes to students at UVM or anyone coming through Burlington. Thanks for being supportive to me, Piper. My practice really evolved with your guidance. Your studio was like a second home to me. Thank you. More...


Sarah D.

6 February 2018

Love the studio and the classes , I'm only giving it four stars because the location is a bummer in the cold


Dana R.

24 September 2016

Went to the studio 5 times while visiting Burlington. Most students were more advanced than I am but Brian and Amelia, who were both friendly and exacting, offered many options. A good experience overall and I learned some valuable new things not taught at my home studio. More...


Hunter H.

24 June 2016

Burlington Yoga has such a soft place in my heart. Yoga and stress relief have always gone hand in hand but this studio is so calming and has made it easy to form routines. Their website is easy to navigate, and they have enough instructors that you can try multiple different styles, but not so many that you can't stick to one you love. The classes are affordable and conveniently timed. I like to frequent their Sunday night flow class just after work to decompress after a long day. The room is typically a little bit warmer than I'd like (not a Bikram fan, thank you very much), but the room is lovely with plenty of Windows and natural light. I usually set up in the front just in front of a window to help me enjoy the second floor studio. My only possible critique of Burlington Yoga is that the location is immediately across the street from the Burlington Fire Department. It's unavoidable that occasionally a fire truck comes blaring out of the station and the sirens interrupt your practice. Vermont is at pretty low fire risk though, so your zen is usually left unperturbed. More...


Piero B.

10 May 2014

I want to say at the start that I am new to yoga. Really new. So I am not qualified to comment on the comparative merits of this studio with other places around the world (or even Burlington). That said, I'm a professional voice teacher and have done numerous workshops on Alexander Technique, body work and so forth. I know a lot about pedagogy, customer service, and the concept of creating a safe working environment. With that preamble let me say that Burlington Yoga is a perfect and magical place.I had been afraid to start yoga. I put it off for years. Chandra (Piper) made me feel like I could be successful. Deb and Emily have been so generous with their time and instruction. I can't believe it's been so rewarding. I would go everyday if I could and I can't believe the difference the work I've done so far has made in my sense of physical and mental well being. If you are looking for a new studio I would encourage you to give it a try. It is a wonderful environment with wonderful people. I look forward to working with the whole team and want to say with out reservation that the private lessons and the group beginner sessions will be a perfect way for people who are new to yoga and want to discover its power. More...


martha f.

2 November 2012

Really enjoyed this studio during a recent trip to Burlington. Located right next to the Church St. market, it's a short-ish walk from the Hilton & Marriott hotels. They make it easy for out-of-towners: just show up, sign a simple release form, and pay the drop in rate (bring CASH though as they do not accept credit cards). They have mats available for you to use (a little ick, but free). I took classes with James and Michelle and enjoyed both a lot. Friendly to newcomers/ travelers AND a great workout to counteract all that restaurant food! More...


Hope C.

8 May 2012

I was in Burlington for business and participated in two yoga classes at Burlington Yoga.  As someone else commented, it is everything a yoga studio should be: beautiful, clean, warm and welcoming.  My instructor for both classes was Lakshmi and she was terrific!  She is kind, encouraging and provided adjustments throughout the class, ensuring you got the most out of your asanas without ever pushing too hard.  Classes started and ended on time (important for morning classes) and were a great start to the day.  If I lived in Burlington, this would be my studio!  Highly recommended. More...


Sara S.

9 July 2011

One of the best yoga studios I've been to.  The studio itself is beautiful with light woods, clean studio, expansive windows with views from the second floor so not distracting. I've only taken the vinyasa class, but the instructor is excellent and I would imagine the other instructors and classes are just as good.  I would recommend taking a beginner class if you're truly a beginner b/c there's no stopping to correct or instruct students to avoid disrupting the flow.  Classes are always pretty full after work, so arriving early or on time is must.  Bring your own mat if you can b/c some of the mats are not in good condition with bad odor and worn marks. More...


Jack R.

25 January 2011

I'm new to yoga, but Burlington Yoga is pretty much everything I had thought a yoga studio would be like and more. The space is just beautiful with wide, open floors, great old brick walls, and just enough light to keep the studio from feeling claustrophobic. The floors are spotlessly clean, the temperature is warm and inviting, and they have an ample supply of blocks and straps and other items that a novice like me really appreciates. Over the past few months, I've taken about 10 classes with 3 different teachers at the studio. They have all been wonderful and engaging. I look forward to trying some of the other classes and teachers before I settle into a routine. All three teachers have had unique personalities, and at the same time have all impressed me as being peaceful, welcoming people. Their slight "corrections" have been helpful, and clearly aimed for my level. I'vet felt encouraged, but never least bit pressured during a class.  The other students have all been friendly and welcoming. As a 30+ year old guy who had never practiced yoga before this year, I had no idea what to expect. Thus far, all of the other students have been wonderful, offering smiles and nods of encouragement when I look confused or uncertain. Overall, I can't think of a single negative comment, which is rare for me. Burlington Yoga has impressed me. I entered with doubts about yoga, but they have melted away. My only hope is that I find it within myself to make more time for yoga in this coming year. More...