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Our company connects brands to customers. Our services include guaranteed lead generation, thought leadership programs, influencer programs and creating content like blogs, eBooks, white papers and more. All of these programs are powered by our proprietary database of 22 million contact records—whatever you need to drive brand awareness and business, we can deliver.



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Two things I love most about my job:
1. Helping executives and companies position themselves as leading experts in their industry.
2. Helping to create guaranteed lead generation programs that can deliver leads to marketing and sales folks to help grow their business.

I enjoy helping companies experience rapid growth, it's very gratifying when you can look back after a few months and see that your client has seen an increase in web traffic, has been highlighted in the news, and starting to received dozens/hundred of new leads and growing their business. Very exciting to be part of that.

We guarantee we will deliver a certain amount of leads and we can guarantee we can get two or more articles published in online business publications.



We can create a very targeted lead generation program for you in where we guarantee the amount of leads and you only pay for what we deliver. The cost ranges from around $35-$75 per lead, the price depends on how targeted you want to get. We normally ask you to give us insight on the following parameters (what countries to focus on, what company size, specific titles to target and what industries would you like us to focus on). Our differentiator is we can be super custom and hyper target the programs. We can also do ABM (account based marketing) and just target a specific group of companies (e.g. Fortune 1,000 or a specific 1,000 companies in a certain vertical etc.).