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Clean as a Bristl.

Cleaning products work but the chemicals released can harm you and those around you. Your home may smell nice after a clean but the airborne scents contain harmful toxins which damage the lungs and respiratory system.



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We are a new business, so less than a year but have already garnered good client relationships including a boxing gym in Brixton.

We bring all our own supplies. We may only require a vacuum cleaner at the premises but can provide our own as well.

Innovation and customer service. We love trying new methods to constantly improve, making the experience for our customers better each time.

The poor level of customer service across the cleaning industry, the lack of not only eco friendly but 0 carbon emission cleaning solutions and the dated look of the industry as a whole. It's time for a fresh, modern take on the traditional cleaner. That's us.

Clear, fair fees, strong communication, constant improvement and guilt free cleaning knowing that the products used are safe, but you are not producing carbon emissions in the process and damaging the environment.