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Brian Krecik Photography offers the following services:
* Portrait photography
* Commercial and advertising photography
* Fine art photographic services
* Documentary photographic services
* Full service framing, matting, and large format printing services.



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Ansel Adams once was asked this question and he replied that it takes 10,000 photos to make one good one. In the digital age this is much more complex as Adams worked in film which requires one to slow down and consider their image through a large viewfinder prior to clicking the shutter. In this age of quick replicas and spray and pray it is more about vision than it is about taking a lot of images in the hopes of capturing that one good image. It is studying art and the great masters both from a classical and more modern approach. It is about taking the time to work out a vision of what one wants before squeezing the shutter. This is why I occasionally revert back to working in film and you will occasionally see me working with either my medium format camera or my 4x5 view camera. More importantly, I continually work on new concepts to incorporate into a portfolio and show my work in galleries.

What are you looking to capture and what are your expectations? Getting this out of the way helps us set these parameters up front so that we can start talking ideas.

Meeting and working with people and helping to evolve a concept whether it is a quick portrait shoot or a larger, more comprehensive project.

Art and culture has long been an interest of mine since I was a young teenager. It has only been in the past decade that and through the grace of my wife who sees the passion that I put into my work that I have been able to make this break from working in technology and embracing art. These days I occasionally work as an adjunct professor and, while I enjoy teaching, it is really about working with people, whether on a documentary/commercial art project or creating imagery for a client for their bar mitzva, senior pictures or a wedding, this is the reason I enjoy my work.

While I do have my Masters in Photography and I have taught at the Art Institute, education and teaching only creates a strong foundation off of which to build. For me it is about the celebration of life and culture as well as creating thought provoking or creative art. It is about working with my client one on one to refine a single image to create something both personal and emotional.


I offer a full range of personalize printing services on flat mounted metal & fine art papers. In addition, I also have a full range of framing services.