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Brenda L. Cohen Fine Jewelry

Philadelphia, Jeweler's Row , Philadelphia

Brenda L. Cohen Fine Jewelry logo

Brenda L. Cohen Fine Jewelry

Philadelphia, Jeweler's Row , Philadelphia



My company offers unique designs and manufacturing of those designs at a very competitive rate. We work one on one with each customer and devote all our resources to creating that special piece, that is unlike anything in any other store's jewelry case.


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Leon Pierce

14 September 2019

Wow...Brenda Cohen is an AMAZING JEWELER. I would very highly recommend her to anyone looking for TOP QUALITY JEWELRY.


Marina K. James

13 August 2019

Brenda is an amazing artist and really cares about not only the work she's doing, but for the people she's doing it for. Her work is of the highest craftsmanship and lasts over time. With over 20 years of experience she is the best in the business. I absolutely love the ring she made for me!!! More...


Sherri Nicole

25 May 2018

Great customer experience. Brenda pays the highest price for gold in the area. I recommend to everyone for all jewellery needs.


Rose Luardo

25 May 2018

Brenda is WONDERFUL. She transformed my mother’s wedding band into my wedding jewelry and did a beautiful job. Brenda spent time getting to know me so she would understand my style and fit that into my price range. I never felt forced to make a decision - as I have with other jewelers who are pushy and aggressive. She’s perfect! More...


Beth York

24 May 2018

Brenda has made four rings for me and my husband, and they are beautiful. She is a pleasure to work with, and we were able to work together on the designs until we got exactly what we wanted.


Marcus Holley

29 January 2016

Professional, Caring, EFFICIENT and so personal. Thank You Mrs. Brenda, Thank You.


Sean Butler-Galliera

8 May 2015

When I was ready to pop the question, I had no idea what I wanted in an engagement ring, no idea what I wanted to spend and no idea where to start. With Brenda's guidance and expertise, I was able to give my now wife the most amazing custom engagement ring, that was not only gorgeous when we got engaged almost 20 years ago, but has proved to be a timeless beauty. More...


Tian H.

22 January 2014

My now-fiance designed a custom platinum engagement ring setting for his proposal to me back in October 2013!  So sorry I didn't get to write a review until now, but even 3 months later, people are still coming to me and telling me how absolutely gorgeous my ring and its setting is!  My fiance used a family diamond (round brilliant) and came to Brenda for her help in designing a beautiful custom setting with recessed halo diamonds and diamonds going 3/4 way down the platinum band.  I was completely blown away by how aesthetic this ring was when he proposed to me, and some of my classmates who hadn't previously even wanted a diamond ring for their own proposal now covet one! (Great marketing ploy indeed!)Brenda has done a fantastic job communicating with my fiance, who just like me is a busy 4th year dental school student.... he even showed me CAD/CAM designs that he traded back and forth with Brenda in designing the setting... amazing attention to detail!  Brenda is obviously a master at her craft and I am utterly impressed with the quality and the level of attention to minutiae that she has given this ring.  I'm pretty sure my fiance was under a strict budget and it appears that Brenda was extremely gracious in adhering to this.  I can proudly say that it was an absolute correct decision for my fiance to work with Brenda. If I ever had custom pieces I needed in the future, I would absolutely still use her as my jeweler! THANKS BRENDA!! More...


Allison Kelsey

26 November 2013

Brenda created my engagement ring and our wedding bands. It was a true partnership, and we love our rings so much! No one has a ring like mine, and I love that!


I love making people's visions come to life! When I get to transform someone's idea into a tangible piece that has so much meaning for them, and seeing their face light up, it makes it all worth it!

I started doing work for the trade in a wholesale setting for a long time. I wanted to be involved in more parts of the job and work with customers directly, as well as increase my income. From there, when it was clear I was at the ceiling of what I could earn working for another company, I sought freelance work doing wax models and then more of the rest of the job. In the course of a couple of years, I was making more than my full time job doing freelance work and a customer offered me space in his shop to go on my own. I took that opportunity and haven't looked back! I like the freedom that working for myself offers as well as the many challenges that get presented daily.

I offer more personalized service than anyone else out there. From my years in being on both sides of the jewelry business, both wholesale and retail, I have a deep well of resources for whatever the customer is interested in, more than the average big box store jeweler, and because my setting is more intimate than a commercial jewelry store, the pricing I offer is usually considerably less than that of my competitors.

People should consider me before other stores when they want something highly personalized, don't want to feel the pressure that some other places put on them. I am a great fit for those who want the experience of having an artisan create their piece who really cares about the design and how it will come out, and who is able to visually articulate their vision of what they want made as well as someone who needs help in deciding what to make or purchase.