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Private investigation agency offering high-quality detective services at affordable rates. Our private investigators are industry experts and specialize in a comprehensive array of investigative services such as:
-general investigations


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Keith N.

31 October 2016

Bravo Security offered excellent support after we bought an intruder alarm from their online shop. Me and my wife decided to get an alarm as we planning to go in holiday in Croatia for a month. We bough the alarm for £549 including installation and we couldn't be more happier with it. We already had it for about 3 months and no false alarms, and more importantly no BURGLARS!! Definitely recommend Bravo Security, very knowledgeable and friendly staff. More...

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To help people find out the truth and help them solve their problems

The desire to use our knowledge and skills to aid people who lack the know-how

We are one of the best private investigation company in London and have nearly 100% success rate. We provide a fast, efficient and highly professional investigation service because our attention to detail is second to none. We are fully licensed under data protection and insured. Our principal is a full member of the Association of British Investigators and the World Association of Professional Investigators.



Process server - Personal service of legal documents (Court Orders, Notices etc)

Covert surveillance - in field surveillance (observation) to gather photographic and video evidence of wrongdoing. Useful to prove if a partner is cheating, in fraud investigations, employee investigations etc.

Tracing - People finder especially debtors, lost relatives, friends, business partners etc. Providing the client with an updated address of the subject as well as contact details and asset information.

Background checks & Due diligence - Checking person information's to ascertain they are genuine or providing such information's on request.

Credit Referencing

Assisting landlords with a variety of legal services.

Assisting landowners with travelers evictions