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Whatever your business needs, give us a call. All our packages are low priced affordable options.
Why are our prices so low?
Simple. We keep our costs down in order to get you started. We believe in customer retention. As well as all the packages we advertise on our website, we do offer bespoke services and by keeping your start-up costs low, we can be confident that as you grow and need more extensive marketing solutions, BrandTec will be the first company you think of.



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A great website is simple yet elegant. Ease of use is important. In this day and age, at best, you have 10 seconds to convert a visitor into a client that's why at BrandTec, we focus on quick-loading mobile-optimised websites. We anticipate what kind of questions a potential client would ask and make the answers easily available with nothing more than a swipe of their finger.
We understand that the way in which we interact with the world is changing. Impatience in acquiring new information is at an all-time low. We are now a society that demands knowledge without willing to work for it. We develop our bespoke marketing campaigns to reflect that.
We are quick, affordable and reliable.

The obvious question is, what type of business are you? On the surface that sounds simple but we are not looking for the traditional industry-specific answer, no, what we want to know is, is your business the kind that can go local or global? Do you see your business as a brand or a wage?

Personally, I love learning about all the different industries. Every new client represents a brand new learning opportunity. It is my job to research your industry and develop create strategies on how best to market you. From something simple as getting local exposure for a driving instructor to marketing a revolutionary eCommerce app internationally, working with new clients is exhilarating.

I kind of fell into it. I started a blog 10 years ago that became very popular. So popular that it was bought by an American investment firm. At the time of the sale, my blog, which was focused on pop culture, was often cited by major corporate news outlets and had 5 million readers per month. To me, it was just a blog and I didn't realise what it was I had until after I sold it.
I realised, post-sale, that my "hobby" which I spent up to 8 hours a day writing articles for, was an amazing achievement. To consistently outrank major media outlets for breaking news stories, I had to develop a skillset that I later found out was actually something that other companies could benefit from.
So that's what I did. I quit my job as a video editor and have worked for myself ever since.

Because I create websites and marketing strategies specifically for their needs. I do not use the same strategy twice. When it comes to the internet, I do not take anything for granted. The internet is constantly evolving. What works today might not work tomorrow. I am aware that I am never ahead of the curve, any company that implies that they are, are at best delusional or at worst complacent. I am neither. I constantly research new methods of marketing and ALWAYS adapt accordingly.