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Mobile personal trainer for individuals, couples and groups with experience in training clients of all fitness levels, with differing goals and abilities.
I offer bespoke workouts and believe that maintaining contact between sessions is key to helping you achieve your goals.


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Tom Screen

11 July 2016

Absolutely superb PT. Trains me as I would like to be trained - works me hard in a way that doesn't put me off. Excellent people skills!

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By finding not only the clients goal, but the reason behind- that hidden motive you may not even know is there. Yes you may want to loose weight, but why? To feel comfortable in day to day life. To fit into that summer outfit or Christmas party dress. This then gives a timescale of when you would like to achieve your goals by and enables me to design better training sessions for you!

Hard work and commitment. Nothing worth doing is ever easy! It's about finding that balance between enjoyment and giving it your all. If you don't enjoy it, you won't work as hard. And if you don't work as hard, you won't be committed. So it's my job to make sure you enjoy your workouts, and to push you hard!

The best part of being a Personal Trainer is seeing people reaching their goals and often surpassing them. Seeing someone achieving what they set out to do is the best bit, as well as shouting at people from time to time!

I've always loved what I do, be it in group sessions or as a gym instructor. I wanted to start my own business for the simple reason that I am my own boss and can work when I want - and this means I can work when my clients want me to and not be constrained to certain times. Sometimes I think my clients are my boss!

I have a vast amount of experience with different people of different abilities who have completely different goals. I know how to get the best out of people and this will enable you to reach your goals quicker. I specialise in weight loss, toning, and cardio / endurance training so if these are your goals, I am the trainer for you! I am flexible with when I can train and work around you as much as is possible. I look forward to working with you soon to help you achieve your goals!



Bespoke and motivational fitness sessions created just for you, to help you achieve your goals!