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Eileen F.

25 September 2017

I joined Wyckoff Body & Brain in May 2014. Over three Healthy years now! The combination of deep stretching, meditation and breathing has been so good for my stress levels and has made me much stronger. I highly recommend this yoga center. More...


Ann W.

12 February 2015

This center wakes up your Brain and puts health happiness and peace back into your hands! There is no center like this out there that offers holistic self -healing methods and education for your body and brain! Holistic Fitness with Spirit! Check it out!!! More...


Joel R.

30 January 2014

Initially, I came to BR Holistic Healing to help with my anxiety and depression. And I found that, not only was the practice ideal for managing my symptoms, it also offered a philosophy for living peacefully. There is much to learn here, and it's given me direction and clarity. I feel that I'm on the right path to recovering my health and happiness. More...



18 July 2013

There is so much vibrant energy at BR Holistic Healing. The classes are great and I keep getting stronger and more centered. I still feel the same excitement taking a class as I did as a newbie in 2009. Much thanks to the center! More...



23 August 2010

I have been practicing yoga, tai chi and qi gong at BR Holistic Healing since 2004. Since then my health has been transformed. The instructors do a great job and they give alot of attention to the people in class. A must visit for anyone who would like to experience the benefits of yoga, tai chi and qi gong. More...


John T.

19 August 2010

My experience at BR Holistic Healing has been wonderful. I love the yoga and tai chi classes. The practice has really changed my life. I am very grounded and happy.