Bluegrass Martial Arts

Bluegrass Martial Arts

Bluegrass Martial Arts location2506 Plantside Dr Louisville Ky, Jefferson Ky

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When conflict leads to confrontation, then escalates to combat, will
you be ready to defend yourself or your loved ones?

Fighting is frightening! At Bluegrass Martial Arts (BMA), self-defense is our priority. You will learn how to bring order to the chaos of combat and turn the tables on your opponent.

BMA is a Christian-owned academy offering you an alternative to secular martial arts schools. You'll enjoy all the benefits of a good workout and effective self-defense, but without any Eastern religious influences.

Membership at BMA is all inclusive, like a gym membership, come to any evening and Saturday morning classes for one price. Kenpo Karate, Kickboxing, Fitness, Weapons, & Jiu-Jitsu, all for one price. Single students are just $80 a month, for $120 the WHOLE family can participate together! One low price for the whole family! Even if family members attend different classes. Mom can do Kenpo fit, the older kids can be in the adult Kenpo Karate class, while the younger kids are in the Kenpo Karate for Kids, and Dad can do Jiu-Jutsu and Kickboxing, all for one price! NO CONTRACTS, membership at BMA is easy and month to month.

Come to any class for a FREE TRIAL any time! If you like it, please come back! No Hard Sales, just simple and easy to start, just come by and Join us at 2506 Plantside Dr. in Louisville, Ky.

Bluegrass Martial Arts Reviews

Bluegrass Martial Arts Reviews

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Jen Richards
5 30/03/2017 Jen Richards

Amazing place. Sensei is amazing and knows how to work well with the kids! Would recommend to anyone

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Cody Hawkins
5 22/07/2015 Cody Hawkins

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Mary Himbaugh Conver
5 Mary Himbaugh Conver


Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Nick Owens
5 Nick Owens

Great atmosphere and no pressure teaching. You should check it out!

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Michael Hawkins
5 Michael Hawkins

If u want to learn some real martial arts then this is the place to go. The real deal here.....

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Nathan Hamilton
5 Nathan Hamilton

Great time learning and watching my kids get excited about self-defense

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Jen Richards
5 Jen Richards

Amazing sensei. Really knows what he is doing and how to work with all age groups

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Nancy Roberts
5 Nancy Roberts

The best in Louisville! Sam is a great instructor and mentor. Perfect for all ages.

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Jessica Turner
5 Jessica Turner

Sam is an excellent teacher and my kids love going to Karate. The facility it very nice and there is a very large variety of dummies and bags to practice on.

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Chris Owens
5 Chris Owens

Been here for 3 years, and I don't even have to TRY to keep coming. I just love learning and growing here.

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by AmiraEldar Dzalic
5 AmiraEldar Dzalic

Simple great đź‘Ť my son loves it!!!

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Rebecca Dennison
5 Rebecca Dennison

I've trained with Sam off and on for years. I love the community here, I love the diversity of what we get to learn, and I love the workout.

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Tiffany Shalise Vaughan
5 Tiffany Shalise Vaughan

So glad we found this place. The instructor is fantastic. The price is unbelievably low. It is exactly the environment we were looking for.

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Jack Troutman
5 Jack Troutman

Sam is a really great guy and one heck of an instructor. Fantastic with both kids and adults and has a way of making you feel good and being inspiring as well. Thanks Sam!

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Bonnie Lea Brumm
5 Bonnie Lea Brumm

As a former student of this style of training, I am thoroughly impressed. I brought my 7 year old daughter for her first lesson this evening. We will be back. Sam seems so:patient and the kids really enjoy it! Can't wait to see future progress from my child and get to know this martial arts family!

Review of Bluegrass Martial Arts by Eric J Rogers
5 Eric J Rogers

I trained with Sam many years ago in the early 2000's. He was and still is an awesome person, instructor and Christian. He is a family man, patient, stoic and full of knowledge and wisdom. His wife Mary is super nice and sweet. All in all, if you are looking for a place to train for your children or yourself, look no further than Sam and Mary of Bluegrass MA.

Bluegrass Martial Arts

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Kenpo Karate Classes for Kids and Adults

"I come to you with only Karate, empty hands, I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong; then here are my weapons, Karate, my empty hands." -Ed Parker Kenpo Karate is a self-defense system characterized by fast explosions of multiple strikes delivered to multiple targets. Kenpo Karate does not so much teach a set of standard responses to a set of limited scenarios, but rather teaches a set of principles that can be applied in any situation. A simple translation of Kenpo Karate would be "Law of the Fist and Empty Hand". Kenpo Karate is a comprehensive system of modern self-defense. Relying on fast combination of strikes and occasionally some Jujutsu restraints to control an attacker, Kenpo Karate is a deliberate and scientific take on modern self-defense, offering a wide variety of effective answers to differing self-defense scenarios. Kenpo Karate at Bluegrass Martial Arts is an adjusted version of American and Traditional Kenpo systems, as well as forms from the Jun Bao Gung Fu system and Traditional Okinawan Karate. Both Kenpo Schools share a significant amount of identical information, and still retain parts unique to just the one school or the other. They really are two parts of a larger whole so we observe the full curriculum of both schools, Parker and Tracy, without the redundancy. The Kenpo forms common today were created as recently as the 1960's. Before Kenpo had its own forms students were taught the traditional forms of Okinawan Karate. Then with the Introduction of Sifu James Wing Woo, Kenpo adopted Chinese forms. The Chinese influence of James Wing Woo on Kenpo Forms as they were developing are still present today in several of the Long Forms. Sifu Woo also contributed several Kung Fu forms to the catalog of Kenpo material while the current Long Forms were in development. Today most Kenpo schools only teach the forms unique to Kenpo karate, but at Bluegrass Martial Arts we still include the forms once part of Kenpo Karate, both the forms provided by Sifu Woo, as well as the Funakoshi traditional Okinawan Karate forms. Kenpo as a system is said to not "change", but it is imperative that it be refined. It is thus changed, but only in as much as it can be always improved upon. Kenpo as we train it at Bluegrass Martial Arts strives only toward such improvements and only as necessary. In most instances any alteration from the Traditional or American schools is for instructional coherency and progression of movements and principles as they build on each other. Kenpo Karate at Bluegrass Martial Arts is a system of self defense from both Kenpo traditions. It is arranged by a Christian who is sympathetic to priorities a Christian looks for when choosing a teacher in any field. This system is suited especially for protecting the Sanctity of Life where even the offender is concerned. There is a greater emphasis placed on learning to restrain an opponent, and some of the targets are adjusted to be appropriate for a family friendly setting. More to the point, Kenpo as practiced at Bluegrass Martial Arts, does not come with many of the commonly practiced Buddhist influenced traditions such as meditation, bowing to everything and everyone, or exercises promoting the use of "chi"/"ki" as opposed to the general laws of physics.


The Joe Lewis Fighting System In the Mainstream, Bruce Lee is recognized as the ultimate martial arts icon, but within the world of full contact kickboxing, the premier star has been the man twice voted as the Greatest Fighter in Karate History, Joe Lewis. Lewis is unmatched in his accomplishments as a fighter, and instructor. In a career spanning four decades, Lewis has won more titles and set more records than anyone in the history of sport Karate. As friend, training partner, and fellow innovator of Bruce Lee, Lewis has taken much of the theoretical Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee was in process of developing and put it to real time use in the ring. At Bluegrass Martial Arts we offer a class time in the full Kickboxing curriculum outlined by Joe Lewis himself, as well as integrate the Kickboxing material into one of the weekly Karate classes. All the skill sets and Strategy necessary for Professional Kickboxing, and other methods made popular with the rise of Mixed Martial Arts. Learn the skill sets under close supervision, with interactive drills designed by the late great Joe Lewis, to teach principles of breaking the gap - probing, set point, broken rhythm, the different fighting styles based on personality types, and how to be a true master of the ring!


Learn all the locks, pins, positions, and tricks you see in MMA, without injury! If you really want to learn all about Ju Jitsu and catch wrestling, you have seen how effective these grappling systems are in mixed martial arts, but you don't want the risk of injury, then this is the class for you. If you can afford to be hurt, and are looking for a place to test your "skills", go somewhere else! Please! Grappling Science is a class for those who appreciate and respect the risk of injury, and want to learn, but have no desire to "fight" professionally. This is a family friendly place to learn, safety is first, second and third priority! Jiu-Jitsu translates to mean the gentile way. In these drills more than any other students must stay relaxed and soft. No hard, tense, or fast motions are necessary or to be preferred for two reasons. One reason is practical, there is a danger of injury. These drills involve joint locks and take downs. Partners must be gentile and careful as to not cause injury to each other. Stay gentile and be safe. The other reason to remain gentile with these drills is that in order to understand how controlling another person’s balance really works, strength must not be a part of the equation. These exercises are about timing and leverage. The objective is to find the most efficient and most effortless way to bring an opponent down and control them. They are designed to enable a weaker opponent to topple a stronger one. If strength is all one relies on with these exercises they can never really learn the actual skill of capturing another person’s balance. There is a difference between Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling, one is about a gentile skill of leverage, and the other is a skill involving a test of strength as much as leverage. I mean no disrespect toward wrestling, but that is not the purpose of these exercises. Don’t muscle your way through these holds and takedowns. More emphasis will be on standing takedowns and escape then submission. The goal will be to attempt to capture the balance of the other. Eventually free movement should progress toward culminating all the basics and previous exercises to an environment of controlled fighting. Again there is no point system; it is not a competition between students. It is a competition with oneself. Controlled free movement is where both partners’ take a pace appropriate for the level of skill they have. Not attempting to create a full speed, real time fight, but to slow things down enough to be safe, and allow time to think through the motions. The attacker can make the engagement shorter or longer by countering the defender’s defenses, but in the end the defender has to win. Once victory has been reached the roles switch and the exercise continues. This is the highest level of training and it must be attempted without ego, without competition, it can only be about personal betterment in martial art skill.

Traditional Weapons

Sticks, long and short, Sword, Tonfa, Nunchaku, and Sai, No weapon forged by man will be beyond your reach and understanding! Covering a massive study of real time use with the tools of martial arts from the wooden to the bladed Class times in conjunction with the Jedi academy will utilize the light saber, then show the source material as well Stick fighting from the Philippines, Samurai Sword, exotic tools such as the Nunchaku, Tonfa, and Sai Knife use and disarming and even how to Throw.... Even pistol disarms and law enforcement tactics Be Honest...Are you not a little bit curious??

Jedi Academy

the opportunity to learn the ways of the Jedi. The most comprehensive, coherent, and classical instruction this side of the outer rim! classes full of fun, character building, and of course Lightsabers!

Kenpo Fit

Cardio Blastin, Calorie Shreddin, fun way to exercise for people who don't like Treadmills or Ellipticals! The Kenpo Fit will get you in shape and keep you there!!! ATTN- LOUISVILLE, KY- HUGE OPPORTUNITY! We're looking for people to undergo a total body transformation! Our program is designed to change your life, but this is not a "magic pill". Expect to work hard. We don't care where you're starting from, only that you try your hardest, and just don't quit! Kenpo Fit is a exercise program of high energy, rapid pace assortment of drills designed to kick your heart rate up and keep it there. The Classes will cover the exercise portion of your challenge. This is not some half baked obstacle course, this is Kenpo boot camp! You want the figure of a MMA fighter without the busted nose or cauliflower ear? You wish you could look like Ronda Rousey? Kenpo Fit has what you need! Just imagine a year of our Kenpo exercises and drills arranged into a month rotation!! All the static basics, timed target heavy bag and boxing mitt drills, and burnout exercises, we use in our karate classes, and set to a bumpin soundtrack, to kick things up a notch! This is 60 minutes of Xtreme Kenpo Karate that will blow away those old Tae Bo tapes!! The cost of the course is the same as the cost of a regular membership to Bluegrass Martial Arts, and this includes access to the other classes offered at Bluegrass Martial Arts. Kenpo Fit is included with membership to Bluegrass Martial Arts and is thus also available to anyone who is already a member. Slim down and tone up, Don't wait on your health goals! Kenpo Fit is a jump start to the Best Version of YOU!!!!!

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