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BlanketTop Theater is an outdoor (or indoor) BIG SCREEN movie projection company specializing in poolside/backyard movie presentations, out of this world "live feed" events (AKA: Football, UFC, etc...), and extreme screen video gaming productions.



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FACT: I think I am an AWESOME DJ.... However, one TRULY NEEDS TO GO OUT THERE and get to know what your audience is REALLY wanting to hear! ASK and you shall find! DJing IS a "people business" and music moves the world! SO... Lets combine the 2 and your event will be AMAZING! Who knew!?!?! ;) :D

Very playfully professional! I just made that up and I think I nailed it! My intent is truly ensure YOUR EVENT is to YOUR LIKING. That is my job until further notice. Your the boss... but this is what I DO and I can take my experience and accommodate just about anyone's needs and will not quit until it is time to "go home". Put your seat belt on! I am serious about being "not that serious". ;) :D

There is WAY TO MUCH NEGATIVE IN THE WORLD... and I am planning to change that! One event at a time...

In 2009, I made the most HORRIBLE outdoor theater on that planet for my kids! :D :D :D It WORKED and it was a BLAST!!! But again... it was pretty ugly. ;) So, my ego got involved with this endeavor and I started building a bigger and better theater and THEN... I "took it on the road". SUCCESS! Now, BlanketTop Theater is 23 theaters strong and growing, Growing, GROWING! :D For good reason as well! We are a people first company as it should be and oh yeh... we will show one heck of a movie that is SUPER SIZED in YOUR BACKYARD! :D It is what we do and apparently, we are pretty good at it. Check reviews on Facebook or BlanketTopTheater.com. :D

Having a party is STRESSFUL!!! I want my client go into his/her party and STAY THERE... Having fun and stress free. I will take care of the any and all issue that may come up. I will consult with your when/if needed. I watch EVERYTHING to ensure that the overall discussed plan is going as smooth as possible.