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Best Behaviour K9, Yorkshires' prestigious Training Provider for every dog and their human. We offer classes, individual consultations and personalised programmes designed to address all kinds of behaviour and training needs in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

Best Behaviour K9, Yorkshires' prestigious Training Provider for every dog and their human. We offer classes, individual consultations and personalised programmes designed to address all kinds of behaviour and training needs in Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

Offering puppy class, Obedience classes, Agility Classes, Scent work Classes to One2one visits and behaviour visits in your home.

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Best Behaviour K9 Reviews

Best Behaviour K9 Reviews

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Kathleen
5 29/08/2018 Kathleen

Excellent classes with superb advice and my dog Ellie has greatly benefited from the experience. And will be returning. For further classes

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Janet Chamberlain
5 19/06/2018 Janet Chamberlain

Great service. Can't fault them. Prompt response to my enquiry. Obvious in depth knowledge. Gave their full attention during the visit, detailing why my dogs behave as they do, and giving ways to correct it - all without making me feel useless or at fault for any behaviours. Very patient and left me feeling confident I can make positive changes to my dog's lives. (In fact, saw positive results in my very first trip out after they left, following their advice).

Well worth the money. I highly recommend.

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Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Sue Adams
5 12/06/2018 Sue Adams

Staff answered my email efficiently. Dog training is booked. Looking forward to our first class.

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Review of Best Behaviour K9 by emma bevan
5 23/02/2018 emma bevan

My Puppy started in the 6 week puppy class at 13 weeks old. This wasn’t my nearest training venue but having visited various trainers prior to joining Best Behaviour k9, I found their reward based training was the type of training I wanted for my dog.
She loved it from the off, controlled socialisation and you will learn all the basic skills you need to know. Sam the trainer is great, really friendly and knowledgeable. A must for anyone that has just acquired a dog or needs help with particular issues. At nearly 8 months my dog has come on leaps and bounds. Highly recommend.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Andrew Harryman
5 07/02/2018 Andrew Harryman

After only a few hours. Our little boy Zeus appears to have taken something. He is very chilled and calm. I know early days, but a noticeable improvement .... Thank you Neil for your help today..... We shall continue to keep you updated.....

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Andrew Fenwick-Green
5 06/09/2016 Andrew Fenwick-Green

Neil is a great trainer and trains on the positive reward method and if you follow what he says in time you will have a great trained dog, the human handler sadly can be totally out of kilt of the dog lol

Atmosphere is brilliant with plenty of humour which really makes the training sessions fun and enjoyable. Our Dog Dfor used to love going to his sessions even if he was not the quickest in his recall with distraction but that was always a moment of humour! We loved our sessions and I am confident you will as well.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Elaine Bennett
5 04/09/2016 Elaine Bennett

Excellent trainers, very understanding, with excellent advice, they always have time for you and nothing is too much trouble. You always feel welcome. If you are considering taking you dog to training school this is the one! I would highly recommend coming here to anyone.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Julia MacLeod
5 02/09/2016 Julia MacLeod

Neil is an excellent, calm, experienced trainer who uses his considerable experience and a gentle sense of humour to get his message across. Training with kindness and understanding of both the dog and the owner.
I would recommend him to anyone whether to socialise and train a pup or overcome more difficult issues

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Rebecca Penn
5 01/09/2016 Rebecca Penn

I own 2 German Shepherds and have been attending Best Behaviour classes since they were puppies. My 2yo has recently been promoted to the advanced class.(..proud mum.. ) so if you listen and work hard you will see fantastic results . The classes are fun and very informative and all the dogs vie for Neil's attention as they love him. He really is a dog whisperer! I now have 2 dogs that are a pleasure to own and get excited when i tell them its time for "school" as they get to meet their doggie friends and use their brains at the same time.
The new premises at Wombwell are fantastic and i would recommend anyone wanting a dog trainer to give Best Behaviour a call.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Myka Steeples
5 Myka Steeples

Fantastic! Had a 1-2-1 with Neil yesterday on lead training with Bruce. Such good advice and help and you can tell Neil loves what he does :-) Neil also gave us tips on our clicker training. Took Bruce out this morning and he was great on his lead, we followed what Neil told us and it worked :-) thank you so much! Can’t wait for the puppy classes.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Amy Sarah Powney
5 Amy Sarah Powney

Would fully recommend
Many thanks to Neil who came for a 121 home visit yesterday, to help us with our new pups biting and unwanted behaviour on the settee. he gave us lots of great advice which we have found a great help. we are booked in for puppy classes which we cant wait to start. Thank you best behaviour k9.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Saskia Rachel Bulmer
5 Saskia Rachel Bulmer

I don’t even know where to start in saying how happy we are! From getting in touch with Claire who wasn’t even in the country but still got back to us, to meeting Neil at our home they have been fantastic! Our dog was a different boy by the time Neil left, so much calmer and happier in himself! We’ve got a long road ahead of us getting him out of his bad habits but we’re definitely on the right track now!!! Can’t recommend Best Behaviour K9 enough xxx 🐾 🐶♥️

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by John McPherson
5 John McPherson

Went to Best behaviour K9 yesterday(18th Feb) for my induction course.Very friendly and informative look forward to the first lesson with Oscar

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Ann Annie Ann Hardcastle
5 Ann Annie Ann Hardcastle

Fantastic first Course , Already for deputy dog xx

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Hannah Louise Foster
5 Hannah Louise Foster

Luna the labrador has just finished the first puppy training. We loved it and will definitely be booking on for the next set. Thank you very much �� xxx

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Sarah Mills
5 Sarah Mills

We're 2 weeks into puppy training Tuesday Evenings & it's great...really informative & a relaxed & friendly environment. Myself & Willow really enjoy it �

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Alix Hall
5 Alix Hall

Recently completed the puppy course and have now started the next stage course with my puppy thing we've done...all the training ideas I Googled failed miserably but these classes and their BRILLIANT training techniques worked IMMEDIATELY...strongly recommend these classes ���

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Debi Gibson Bailey
5 Debi Gibson Bailey

Brilliant !!!! Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Neil and his team are knowledgeable, friendy and approachable. A professional service that is fun for both dog and handler and really gets results .

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Joanne Horton
5 Joanne Horton

Can't thank Neil and Claire enough after a 1 to 1 session with peppa my dog who has fear aggression. Feel so much more confident already! Thanks so much Neil

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Kirsty Hurst
5 Kirsty Hurst

Absolutely loved my rookie class that's just finished so much so I've added onto the puppy class and hopefully after that be able to a deputy class. Fantastic trainers highly recommend ��

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Lucy Lou
5 Lucy Lou

I would recommend K9 to anyone experiencing difficulties with understanding their doggie companions. Neil's expertise and advice really does work! I just want to say a massive thank you!! I can't wait until our next walk.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Amanda Ogley
5 Amanda Ogley

Just finished the rookie training course with my 9 month old puppy we have learnt so much over the past 6 weeks we have been given fantastic advice from fantastic tutors it's been fun aswell thanks to all at best behaviour k9

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Paula Crouch
5 Paula Crouch

Excellent very friendly & after only a few minutes my dogs were calm for the 1st time walked lovely on the lead! Down to me to keep doing what I was shown! Highly recommended! Thank you Neil

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Helen Patterson
5 Helen Patterson

Both me and my dog loved the Rookie class. The improvement in all the dogs by the end of six weeks was massive. Would recommend to anyone.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Kim Maxwell
5 Kim Maxwell

On our second course of training now, can’t say enough how informative and professional the service is! Thankyou x

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Kate Appleyard
5 Kate Appleyard

Very knowledgable trainers! Very informative and their training methods used really make sense, well explained so therefore easy to understand and apply. Classes not too big in size either. Training arena lovely and clean, very well maintained. Would definitely recommend ��

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Hannah Sherridan
5 Hannah Sherridan

Wouldn't go anywhere else! The BBK9 team have helped us via home visits with our very troubled rescue; anxiety issues, couldn't be left, practically feral, Alice transformed into a confident well behaved pooch. We now have our puppy at classes and she loves them!

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Julie Westoby
5 Julie Westoby

Some of the best people to help train your pet the classes are great run but you learn so much not just about your pet but about your self so looking forward to more classes thank you so much x

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Kerry Hollins
5 Kerry Hollins

I've had Neil and Sam take classes with me and my dog and their knowledge is precious. My dog is a rescue and is learning so much, it's a pleasure to be out with her, not a nightmare! I would highly recommend

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Chris Barrow
5 Chris Barrow

Can’t thank Neil enough. Theo is a transformed dog. Happy days. ��

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Trent Willows
5 Trent Willows

What an amazing experience this morning with the 121 tutorial at home. Thank you so much for giving me confidence and understanding behind my dogs behaviour and more importantly, mine! I can't wait to start implementing my training plan and being a more confident dog owner. Amazing! Highly, highly recommend!

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Gregg Mallison
5 Gregg Mallison

Neil is giving us exceptional help with our rescue english bull terrier, a long road but we learn more to help our dog with every session...cannot recommend this place enough...brilliant.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Richard Jenkinson
5 Richard Jenkinson

Best behaviour K9 was recommended to us by a work colleague. Neil came to our house to teach us how to better control and understand our two wire haired fox terriers. Neil is so professional , polite and knowledgeable! He has a very good way of explaining how dogs tick. We noticed a difference the very same day, and by changing a very few things ourselves we have managed a massive change in our dogs! We have better quality time with them now and walking them is a pleasure! Thank you very much Neil! I can't recommend you enough!!!!!

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Scott Ward
5 Scott Ward

Luka has become a fantastic dog with the foundation training from Best Behaviour K9

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Emily Elizabeth Johnson
5 Emily Elizabeth Johnson

I could have cried at the end of our first session. Our badly behaved Jack Russell had his first session yesterday and I can't believe the transformation. Being taught how to cope with him around other dogs is amazing. Five years of anxieties and lack of correct knowledge had made walks almost impossible and traumatic. One session has boosted our confidence. Looking forward to the next one and continued improvement. I'm so proud that our little one can be helped and I almost welled up at his good behaviour. Would definitely recommend!!

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Samantha Frost
5 Samantha Frost

Had a great 1:1 session with my 7 month old Lhasa Apso puppy Frankie today. Sam the trainer was great she showed us lots of training methods to take hope which we are already putting into place.. Also received some helpful & useful advice from both Sam & Neil.
I would definitely recommend Best Behaviour K9 to any dog lover...
Many Thanks Sam & Frankie Frost ��

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Claire Butcher
5 Claire Butcher

Been on the rogue class with our very problematic dog, at last we now have guidance on the warning signs, and how to deal with it, as well as gaining confidence when we're in a situation. Thank you xxx

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Stacey Ryalls
5 Stacey Ryalls

Would recommend these for any formal dog training or behavioural problems you may have with your forever friends. Can personally vouch that the results of any service provided is excellent as we have and will continue to use them for any training/behavioural related issues or requirements. Excellent staff very professional and courteous whilst ensuring all training is fun and stimulating for the dogs and their humans alike!!!!

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Kate Firkin
5 Kate Firkin

Just finished 6 week puppy course and it's been great. All the staff were very knowledgable and clearly love dogs. It was very well organised all the dogs in my class worked great together. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend BBK9 to anyone looking for a good training school. We have a good grounding now to keep moving forward with our dog and may even sign up for the next level!! 🐶👍🏻

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Lauren Jones
5 Lauren Jones

Neil is brilliant. He was with us and our shihtzu for 3 hours and we could already tell a difference with the dog when he left. To say we were reluctant to get a behaviourist, it's the beat choice we ever made. Can't wait to see how much our dog improves over the next few weeks once we have the training pack. Best money we ever spent! Thank you Neil.

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Bernie Westhof
5 Bernie Westhof

Just finished my puppy course and from day one saw a great difference in my dog. Now at the end she is very well behaved and the training was really great. I can't wait to start the next course. A massive thanks to Neil, Sam and the rest of the team for great training and also the explanations behind doing training a certain way. It all makes sense and works like a charm.

I would definitely recommend BBK9 to anyone and everyone

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Anthea Quail
5 Anthea Quail

A1+ That's how I would score Neil after a one to one visit at our home!!!!
Have always had well behaved dogs but was out of my depth with these two litter sisters, Neil was patient and very understanding and when explaining things I was doing that was causing some of their issues it all made perfect sense, so now putting in to practice what Neil explained to us and slowly seeing results, had tried other trainers and their training methods seemed to make my dogs worse!
So Thankyou very much Neil
Anyone reading this give him a try you won't regret it

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Sarah Cutts
5 Sarah Cutts

I just want to say a massive thanks to Neil and Claire, they came to my home on Thursday 10th to do a home assessment on my dog Lexi, I'm not going to go into massive details but I just want to say thanks we're only really on the first days full training and I can already see a massive difference in her, less growling, she is now barking at the door, she walks better on the lead and barley reacts if she sees another dog, I am so happy with her progress and I can't wait to see what the next couple of weeks will bring. So thank u so much for your advice and time 100% worth it. ��

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Sam Watson
5 Sam Watson

We have been training with Neil for the past 2 years and he has been fantastic throughout! We started obedience classes with Best Behaviour K9 for our rescued German Shepherd in 2015 based on a recommendation from the German Shepherd Rescue Charity.

Initially we had a lot of behavioural issues with our dog and it is such a pleasure to see the incredible improvements since beginning our training with Neil. We also had Neil out for a home visit and he sat down and listened to all the issues we had and taught us how to address each issue step by step.

We started agility classes this year and our boy has absolutely loved it! He gets a great work out both mentally and physically and finally gives us some peace and quiet on a Sunday night!

Neil has a great personality and an excellent way of making you think around any problems you stumble across during your training. We have thoroughly enjoyed both obedience and agility classes and I'm confident our now (fairly) well mannered dog has too!!

I have already recommended Neil and Best Behaviour K9 to friends and family and will continue to do so in the future!

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Lisa Kelly
5 Lisa Kelly

Having Neil visit our home to help with my rescue jack Russell cross was worth every penny!! He explains dog communication really simply and after I have adapted the way I communicate with my dogs has had massive impact already! My jackrusell always chased cars, now he walks to the heel! I can't believe it! He got really stressed when visitors came to our home, leading to unwanted behaviours, now I know how to best deal with this to help him eventually relax!There is still work to do with him but hopefully following the training plan we will get there!

If you are in two minds to book Neil for unwanted behaviours, go for it, my only regret is I did not book him sooner!

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Cara McCall
5 Cara McCall

Did our first Deputy Dog class yesterday with our naughty puppy - Sam is an actual doggy magician!!!!

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Ricky Middleton
5 Ricky Middleton

Had the pleasure of meeting Neil today. He came to meet my Bullmastiff - Angus. The information he gave us was very clear and easy to understand for us. Everything totally made sense and was worth every penny! I recommend Best Behaviour K9 to anyone who needs help or training with their loved ones. Awesome work!

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Hannah Rose Hall
5 Hannah Rose Hall

We had Neil come round to help our rescue dog be less responsive and excitable around other dogs whilst on walks and become more relaxed at home, we have been using our training plan for a little over a week now and the change we have seen so far is brilliant

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Debbie Burke
5 Debbie Burke

Neil visited our home yesterday to help and teach us how to manage our dog Minnie’s behaviour towards other dogs walking by our property. Brilliant advice and techniques given to us. We started soon after Neil left and are getting positive results already �. Thank you so much Neil. We will carry on following your advise and instructions and we are sure we will succeed xx

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Angie North
5 Angie North

Had a 1-2-1 with Neil yesterday to sort out Luna’s responsive behaviour and barking. Very patient and showed me how to better cope and amend her behaviour. She will soon be more confident In herself and enjoy our outings more . Fantastic training for dog and owner! Thank you

Review of Best Behaviour K9 by Anne Hunter
5 Anne Hunter

Neil has worked with Blue and us with great patience and humour. Blue initially seemed fine but then all his anxieties came out, people visiting the house, noises, strange objects, everything you could think of scares Blue. Dogs are his big thing - he doesn’t want them too close! Blue trusts a few people now and walks with his dog friends Millie, Dew, Milo, Daisie and Bertie thanks to Neil. After working with Neil and finding strategies for Blue and us, and building our confidence Blue is doing great. He is still very anxious and frightened of the world, especially snowmen � yes snowmen and big blow up Santa’s but he trusts us much more to protect him and take a lead. We have a way to go with our own confidence but with Neil, Ian and Claire we will get there. A huge thank you Best Behaviour K9 you are brilliant thank you for being there. Thank you from Blue too. Xx

Best Behaviour K9

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19, AlDHAM Industrial Estate, Mitchell Rd, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8HA, UK

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Best Behaviour K9 Q&A

Best Behaviour K9 Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Since the birth of Best Behaviour K9, I have successfully rehabilitated thousands of dogs and provided their owners with the knowledge of how to effectively communicate with their pets. I thoroughly enjoy the new challenges that each and every client and their dog present. Occasionally I find myself being the last chance for some dogs due to their severe behavioural issues. I take great satisfaction helping owners and their dogs to realise their role in life and within the family

What inspired you to start your own business?

I am a Nationally Accredited Trainer responsible for training Police Dogs and their handlers in a variety of roles. I am an Approved Trainer and Committee Member with the National Association of Security Dog Users, training and assessing security dogs and their handlers and I hold a City and Guilds qualification in teaching. I am also a trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers.
I have had the pleasure of owning dogs of various breeds for most of my life and I have always enjoyed the usual aspects of pet dog training. However, I began studying canine behaviour in earnest shortly after being given my first Police Dog, Mac, a German Shepherd. Mac had been re-homed due to a number of behavioural issues including serious aggressive tendencies. After learning how to read and understand dog behaviour, I successfully integrated Mac into our family and worked with him until he passed away at seven years old.

Why should our clients choose you?

I am a Nationally Accredited Trainer responsible for training Police Dogs and their handlers in a variety of roles. I am an Approved Trainer and Committee Member with the National Association of Security Dog Users, training and assessing security dogs and their handlers and I hold a City and Guilds qualification in teaching. I am also a trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers.
My professional experience spans over 18 years, during which, I have raised, trained and worked Police Dogs in a number of disciplines; including obedience, agility, protection work, tracking and searching for property and people. As an ACPO (now NPCC) Accredited Police Dog Trainer, I trained Drugs, Currency, Firearms and Ammunitions Detections Dog

Services provided by Best Behaviour K9

Best Behaviour K9 Services

Puppy Classes

Our Puppy Foundation Course is a six week programme and is designed to provide you with the means of socialising your puppies and to lay down a foundation for education and training whilst proving you with a working understanding of dog training methodology. On successful completion of the course your puppies will respond to you.

Dog Agility Classes

Our Dynamic Dog Classes are aimed at offering fun Agility Training for owners and their dogs. This is NOT a sport agility or competition agility course. The aim of these classes are for owners and their dogs to learn new training skills while having fun with their dogs.

One2one Training

In addition to group training classes, Best Behaviour K9 offer one to one training. These sessions are usually held at our training school or at a place of your choice; your local park for example. These training sessions aim to provide you with exclusive one to one instruction and can be tailored to suit the individual training requirements of you and your pet. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can share the session with a family member or friend. Please ask for further details and prices.

Behavioural Visits

At Best Behaviour K9, we appreciate that when it comes to the behaviour of a dog and it’s interaction with the human family members, every situation is different. Your dogs are expected to fit into an ever changing world that they simply do not understand. Despite being the most adaptable animals on the planet, they sometimes have difficulty figuring out exactly what you want of them. This misunderstanding and the stress and anxiety this regularly causes, is more often than not one of the contributing factors to the unwanted behaviours. It is during this time, we can encourage the wrong behaviours if we are not careful.

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