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Design and installation of home technology systems including;

Smart Homes
Smart lighting and heating controls
Media/Cinema rooms
Communications, networking and Wi-Fi
Multi-room audio and video
Discreet and hidden systems
Retrofit systems a speciality
Loxone automation system Silver Partner

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John 'Max' Maxwell

25 May 2018

I can highly recommend Bespoke Installations as a home automation and audio visual specialist. He installed our whole house SONOS system and Home Cinema - and is now introducing us to the LOXONE range of home automation products. Great innovation, tidy work and great ongoing support. More...

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Leaving a client with a system that far exceeds their expectations and thrilled to bits!

Bespoke Installations was formed in 2002 in Tiverton in Devon, but it actually started a little earlier…

The humble beginnings of Bespoke Installations was starting, in around 1980 – speakers all over the bedroom, installed into spaces under a captains bed for maximum effect (custom installed you see, started early) and lighting too – much to his parents disdain, it was mains after all. Eventually lights were installed in to a tree in the garden that he could operate from his bedroom, and a sensor formed from an old copper bracket attached to the back gate so that he could monitor entry and exit from here. The only trouble was the first time the milkman arrived at 5.30 am the whole house was alerted, so that needed work.

Next, a remote control for a Sanyo VCR. It didn’t have an infra-red remote control, but it did have a connection for a ‘pause’ feature, so he made a wired device that was actually quite useful amongst the family.

Eventually teachers at middle and comprehensive schools stood back and let him get on with turning limited school resources into a sound and light spectacular for school productions and local arts groups. Computer experience was coming on nicely too; he started writing his first programs for the BBC Computer.

Over time he gained experience in theatrical lighting and audio systems before becoming an electrical engineer. He took this invaluable practical experience of the building industry and used it to build on his already accomplished reputation as an electrical contractor and found his niche as a designer and installer of custom electronic systems for the home and business.

Bespoke Installations joined CEDIA in 2005 as a full member, further reinforcing their credentials as a professional custom installation specialist company. Michael plays an active role in CEDIA and was a member of the CEDIA education committee.

This year sees Bespoke Installations celebrate it’s 17th year of designing and installing top-quality technology solutions for the residential and commercial sector.

If you're looking for honest reliable advice from someone who has seen most systems come and go, from the guy that will most likely be the same guy installing it for you; look no further.



Everything from garage conversions to whole-home systems designed, installed and maintained. 4K HDR projection using Sony home cinema projectors.

Whole-building wireless networks using commercial-grade equipment that won't break the bank. Reliable and cost-effective.

Music and TV/video systems that work across your home with discreet speakers and quality televisions.

As Loxone Silver Partners we are able to design and install a full smart-home system for your lighting, heating and security needs taking care of more than 50,000 tasks a year, so you have time for the more important things in life.