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Kevin Salz

28 August 2019

Having no guitar experience at all but wanting to learn I contacted Ben and started lessons a few months ago. His clear explanation, wide array of practice exercises and song knowledge make each lesson a pleasure. The flexibility in planning lessons is also great when you have to combine a full time job, holidays and guitar lessons. All in all a very good experience. More...


Angelai Fong

19 December 2018

Having started my guitar lessons in November 2018 as a complete beginner, I am so happy that I went to Ben. His knowledge combined with his patience always make me feel at ease and keep the lessons enjoyable yet challenging enough to progress. Strongly recommend Ben to anyone!


Fraser Mackie

20 September 2018

Ben should be recommended to all levels of musician. A great teacher with patience and experience.


Lisa Draper

20 September 2018

I started taking lessons with Ben about 18 months ago, having played at beginner level in my youth but not picked a guitar up since. 30 years on it was a case of ‘now or never’. I really enjoy the lessons with Ben and look forward to them every week. I can’t believe how much I’ve come on! One of the benefits of having a teacher is having that accountability...nothing like having to face someone once a week to make you practice! Ben offers a structured lesson with exercises and rock riffs and then free rein to learn whichever songs you fancy tailored to your ability. Ben is knowledgeable over a wide range of genres. He is happy to be flexible to teach you songs from scratch or help out with problem pieces that you are trying to learn independently. I would not have made the strides I have over the last 18 months without Ben’s help. I can’t recommend him highly enough. More...


Dubravka Pokrajac

20 September 2018

I started taking Ben’s guitar lessons as a total beginner at the age of 60, and I am very happy with the progress made so far. After just 5 months I am already learning how to play some songs of my choice, and my confidence continues to grow. Lessons are well organised, interesting and enjoyable. Ben is an excellent teacher - patient and supportive, highlighting student’s achievements and helping survive the inevitable periods of slower progress.I highly recommend Ben's guitar lessons to a beginner at any age. I will certainly continue taking them for quite a while. More...


Andy Schmit

18 May 2017

As a complete beginner with the guitar I can fully recommend Ben's guitar lessons to everybody also starting to learn the guitar!
I'm currently still doing lessons and I greatly enjoy them and feel like I'm doing great progress!


Stuart Douglas

18 May 2017

Highly Recommend. I started taking lessons with Ben having never played before. His approach is structured well in a way that keeps you improving in manageable steps. Lessons are relaxed and keep you encouraged.If you are looking to learn the guitar Bens lessons are the right place to start!! More...


Estera Żak

18 May 2017

Although there is plenty of iPad's, tablet's applications, if your style of learning is to have a real person, who can show you, guide you and explain you any of your problems with paying guitar, Ben is the person you should turn to. I am very pleased with the structure and the content of the classes, which gently introduce next steps of techniques and skills of playing guitar. I started from complete beginner and Ben took me from simple finger exercises, which I did not even know about, to chores and songs playing. Ben is very experienced, patient and understanding. Classes are also very flexible, so if you have busy life you should not be worry about that. Highly recommending the classes with Ben. More...


David Breakey

18 May 2017

I started lessons with Ben as a complete beginner with zero musical experience. The lesson structure is well thought out and he is extremely knowledgeable and patient. The beginner lessons feature different elements of finger exercises, chords and riffs. You will surprise yourself at how quickly these come together so you are comfortable with the instrument and learning to play songs.Ben focuses the lessons around music the student likes and wants to play; each lesson feels fresh and you really feel like you are making progress. I would highly recommend lessons with Ben if you are looking for a fun and non-pressure environment to learn and enjoy the guitar. More...


Katrina Darroch

18 May 2017

I started taking lessons with Ben as a complete beginner but Ben is a very patient teacher. Having a busy work life Ben has been able to accommodate lessons around this. I like the fact that he is able to provide tuition around each individuals music tastes and can cater for almost all musical genres. I would highly recommend Ben Rose Guitar Tuition to anyone interested in the guitar. More...


Dex Dexter

19 May 2015

Ben has been teaching me to play guitar for some time now. Lessons are structured around technique and learning songs which YOU like to learn, play and listen to. I often wonder at Bens' ear for music when he interprets a song he doesn't know into chords/riffs and then onto paper...but I guess that's down to his experience and expertise! More...

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