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Amanda Lucille

19 November 2018

A phenomenal experience - she was incredibly patient with our 2.5 year old twins and managed to coax great photos out of the whole family. We were hoping for someone who could capture the craziness of life with twins, but also the beauty. Aiste more than delivered! More...


Joe N.

22 September 2018

I am so happy that friends referred me and my wife to "Bee Me" for our pregnancy photo shoot.  I don't get entirely excited for taking photos, and Aiste put us at such ease and made the experience as enjoyable as possible.  We were impressed at how she'd scoped out our shooting location ahead of time, and she gave fantastic suggestions and directions during the shoot.  She has such an incredible eye... the photos turned out phenomenally.  We look forward to future shoots w/ Aiste and Bee Me. More...


Milda Snow

25 August 2016

I can’t be happier with the way Aiste’s pictures turned out after the “Trash the dress” session. I was really lacking creative, fun, romantic and emotional pictures from the wedding day and I’m so glad I reached out to Aiste, who did exactly what I longed for. The fact that she’s great and passionate at photography shows in her work and not much else needs to be said. The pictures are not just gorgeous and great quality, but also the way she captures love, emotion, true laughter, sweet moments and sparkles in people’s eyes is truly a gift. She asks the right questions and really listens to what one wants. I realized that it is incredibly important to hire a photographer who has a great attitude, sweet and positive personality, who makes you feel comfortable and helps you be yourself: It was very important to us, as my husband and I are no models and feel strange in front of the camera. She truly made us feel like she’s there for us… She was not counting hours and minutes (hence the fact that she showed up at the photo shoot at 5am for the sunrise after an hour of driving). All she cared about is to get amazing and creative pictures, never putting her camera down, giving great direction when needed, and asking for more and different shots… when this lady works, she puts her whole heart into it! Aiste was a very big discovery for us and we will be giving her a call for all of our future major family’s events for more heartwarming pictures. More...


Kerianne S.

1 January 2016

We booked two sessions with Bee Mee Photo - a maternity/family session and then 6 weeks later, a newborn/family session. We love all the photos from both sessions.  Aiste was really easy to work with, both in arranging the sessions and during the sessions themselves. She had amazing patience with my uninterested 2 yr old and managed to capture tons of great photos of him even though he was far from cooperative.  The turn around on the photos was quick and the quality is excellent. She was even kind enough to send me some early shots so I could get out a holiday card in time.  I highly recommend Aiste and Bee Me Photo. More...


Max T.

28 October 2015

Aiste is truly fantastic.  She has a relaxed demeanor and really lets a photo shoot unfold naturally as opposed to forcing things.  Our little guy loved working with her and we plan to go to Bee Me for years to come! More...


Laura Hawxhurst

21 May 2015

Bee Me Photo was absolutely fantastic to work with. Available on short notice, she went along with our unconventional elopement idea and was a pleasure to work with. Our photos came out beautifully (and quickly!) and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bee Me Photo to anyone to capture special moments. Thank you! More...


Dan Crary

3 February 2015

Aiste is strait up aces!!! Love it and had a blast!!!


Aušra Čekanskytė

2 February 2015

Wonderful photography. Bee Me Photo really understands how to capture precious moments

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