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Professional Photography, Commercial Photography, Video productions and recording, Google Trusted 360 Virtual Tours

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Amanda Erwin

26 December 2018

Bill is a great photographer and a lot of fun to work with. He has done photos for my whole family and some projects for my business. His work is very professional, he has a quick turnaround time and his pricing is competitive. I highly recommend him. More...


Paul Shietze

29 June 2018

I received exactly what I set out to get. Very personable and friendly. They took my ideas and made them more than I could have ever imagined. Great Job!


Ryan McKenzie

25 May 2018

Bill is a great professional and has done very good photography for our family. I would strongly recommend him for any photo or video project you may have.

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You must see the great photo in your mind first. If its portraits you must establish a quick relationship with the subject to help them to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

What is your budget? How much is great photography worth to you? How will you use the images?

Making my clients happy. Creating . Flexibility. The ability to start with an idea than produce a finished product that may be a life long memory for someone.

Time. With a traditional 9-5 you miss a lot of opportunities. I have 3 children and 1 life. It is more important to me to be available and spend time with my family than it is to make money.

I am fun, my pricing is fair, the quality of my work high, you will make a new friend.


Produce videos from concept to final product. Record events or whatever you need.