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Welcome to our new loft studio in the heart of Manhattan. We offer a 5000 sqft multivalent open space with a post-industrial feel and touch, perfect for photo and film shoots, organizing presentations, auditions and networking events. This is an operating photo studio with 11ft high ceilings, windows and a 25ft wide cyclorama.


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23 November 2019

Incredibly unique and beautiful space. We had an absolute blast hosting our event here!

22 September 2019

Great place, fantastic atmosphere,interesting events

8 September 2019

I was at Baza Studio last night doing hair for #nyfw Nice sized location for the show.

7 September 2019

nice studio for events....

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Camera type, lighting and the correct studio environment. Understanding of the process. Most importantly professional experience.

1) Budget?
2) Provide a Mood Board - Images and references?
3) What is the purpose of the photo?
4) TIme and Date?
5) Number of people?
6) Formats and Sizes of final prints or digital?
7) Name and contact - Details company or individual

The process and happy clients. As a New York City based photographer and studio we see the greatest view of technique and style of shooting on all media. BAZA Studio is a multverse of content creation. This is inspirational and translates into complete understanding and mastering of the medium.

Necessity born from opportunity. To say that one would wake up one day and open a 5000sqft Studio in Midtown Manhattan. Would be very unlikely. My business was founded and based on over 20 years of global photography experience. BAZA Studio was a natural and organic creation for the necessity of having the highest quality production. I have hosted over 500 commercial photo and video shoots in my studio.

Experienced, versatile and adaptive studio and photographer. With fresh ideas about client conceptions and collaboration with clients.