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Bare Naked Noodles

Birmingham, Alabama, Shelby

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Bare Naked Noodles

Birmingham, Alabama, Shelby


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Amy Brueck Edwards

16 May 2019

The chicken alfredo was some of the best I've ever had! will come back for more!


Vann James

14 February 2019

Perfect for Business Meetings


JoAnna McClellan

8 March 2018

Delicious!! Great service.


Gottfried Kibelka

14 December 2016

The place is inside an office building on the first floor and you will have to walk past some offices to get to a door, which has a huge blackboard right next to the entrance informing you about the daily specials.
Inside the office/cafe/restaurant is a counter where you order. I ordered cheese ravioli that came with a slice of Ciabatta bread and a green salad.
The salad was fresh and the vinaigrette nicely balanced neither too oily nor too acidic and a lovely addition to the fresh, quality greens and flavorful (!) tomatoes. I am a vegetarian and this salad is the reason for an overall 4-star rating.
The ravioli were high-domed noodles with lots of creamy, tasty filling. The filling was a bit fatty and the flavor a little subdued but overall some of the best cheese filling I ever had in Alabama. I am making pasta from scratch (admittedly rather rarely) and I always eat my noodles slightly undercooked (think 9.5 min when the box says 10-12 min) that said these noodles were great in taste but cold and leathery. The filling and the taste of the noodle dough elevated the Ravioli from a 1 in execution to a 2.5 star and the rich but unobtrusive tomato basil sauce pushed the bad pasta into a 3 star rating.
The ciabatta was of high quality but unfortunately had been roasted in an oven that needs cleaning. The bread had the taste of a smoky oven.
I will be back hoping for more and more successful adventures into barenaked noodles. 4 stars is a bit high but this could be an easy 5 star if the pasta would be executed correctly and the bread would be less smoky.

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