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Tim Downs

24 February 2019

A skillful, compassionate, and intuitive therapist!


Ryane Shields

27 October 2018

Seeking therapy is NOT a sign of weakness but, a sign of BRAVERY. I will never forget these words as I sat with Dr. Barbra for the first time . I knew I needed to be there, at that moment I felt a huge shift in my journey to grow into my best self. In just a few sessions Dr. Barbra gave me a great sense of grounding & Courage to continue in my journey as a Wife & Mother . We all go through life at our own speed and knowing there is someone like Dr. Barbra out there who is compassionate & ready to listen with an open heart helps to see things a little more clearly when your willing to do the good work ! More...


Bryan Mistretta

28 August 2018

I've learned so much about myself and building relationships in a short period of time. We all need to invest some time into Self care and Barbara will guide you the whole way. Thank you for being my personal coach :) More...


Steven Hunley

28 August 2018

Barbara Cunningham is a wise, seasoned, and empathic therapist. She focuses brilliantly on ways to find the opportunity hidden in any life challenge. This therapist's wealth of life experience, rich clinical experience, and stellar professional training make her the "go-to" therapist in San Diego. She inspires. When you want lasting results, you go to the best. Thank you, Dr. Cunningham! More...


Helena Dow

28 August 2018

Dr. Cunningham and I began out graduate training at Alliant International University together. I was immediately impressed with her intelligence, warmth, determination, and insight. As we began working with clients in practicum, it became increasingly obvious that she was developing into a gifted clinician. Today she is one of the busiest practitioners in town, because she offers her clients life experience, superior training, and a sense of humor within her model of practice about what it really means to be human. Kudos to Dr. Cunningham's respectful and consistent approach to helping people in their hours of need. More...


Alan Christopher

26 May 2014

As an associate of Dr. Cunningham I simply can't recommend her strongly enough for couples or individuals who are having a difficult time in their relationship. She takes an incredibly professional and proactive approach to dealing with relationship troubles and individual issues that complicate relationships. I am very appreciative to her for her assistance in my life. More...


Jr Jose

26 May 2013

I was at the point in my life where I hit rock bottom. Facing many trials and tribulations.... to the point where I lost it all. I took the initiative to seek help. I needed someone to talk to, someone who did not know me and can make sense of it all. Barbara has made me go deep into my thoughts, my inner raw self and face my fears. Going thru a life changing experience, Barbara has helped me regain the confidence I had lost instilling in me the drive to do right. I will never minimize what I have done but I have accepted my mistakes and can truthfully say its a lesson well learned. Thank you! More...


Chris Powell

26 May 2013

After having two babies in eleven months my wife and I were going through some difficult times. When things finally got to a breaking point we came to the conclusion that we should see a marriage and family counselor. I feel very fortunate both for this decision and that we were lucky enough to choose Dr. Cunningham. We knew going in that we both loved each other and we wanted things to work out, but were having difficulties understanding what the other was going through. Dr. Cunningham helped us understand how to be more understanding of one another while also learning to focus on our own happiness which rubs off on each other and our entire family. Today we are very happy and we know even moreso that we really love each other. We are very thankful to Dr. Cunningham for her part in where we are today. More...


S Rosas

26 May 2013

The last two years have been the most challenging and difficult of my life. I can say in all honesty that I was a shell of a person. With the help and guidance of Barbara I've found my way back. Not only to who I am, but a stronger and more confident self than I could have imagined. Barbara not only guided me along the way, but also challenged me to really figure out what I want and who I want to be. More...