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I work as a scenographer, and my training involved broad skills: video making, design drawings, lighting design and operating, space mapping programs like Isadora. Cad and Sketch Up, Final Cut, etc... I was train to create design for performances, theatre pieces, opera, video art direction. I love music, film and fashion. Most recently ( Feb 2014) I created scenography for Hannah Peel, Secret EP Album Launch Party - Fabrcstate. It involved creating the design/scenery- such as lighting, setting up props, dressing the space but also video compilation, and costume styling. I am interested in creating immersive environments. I love working with inspiring people, and would be happy to create an album launch setting, outdoor, devise piece but also design for the catwalks, or some other experimental project. I am intreated in interesting and inspiring projects. Please see my website, or e-mail me to ask. Thank you.