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A Digital Marketing firm dedicated to increasing Sales and Brand Awareness for clients with modern marketing strategies, tools, and technologies. We specialize in Advertising and Social Media management. We also offer consulting services.

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Trent Dunn

3 September 2018

My main concern was communication and Back to Marketing laid my concerns to rest. Great final product and good communication all along the way. Marcus and his team took time to really understanding what I was looking to accomplish and delivered exactly what I asked for. Thanks guys! More...


Steve Tinter

29 July 2018

Listen to Marcus Cha ching$.


Angela Dixon Bender

27 July 2018

Marcus has done wonders for my social media presence. He took great care to listen to my needs, wants and desires to help me reach my target market. Marcus is very responsive and works hard to accommodate specific timeframes. I highly recommend Marcus for all your Marketing needs. More...


Tim Lennon

24 July 2018

Marcus has a complete understanding of the reach of social media. It's an enormous talent and he puts it to use. I look forward to working with him for quite a while.


De Howard

22 July 2018

My company hired Back To Market in LLC to help with my FB marketing campaign about a year ago. I am very pleased with the results. His marketing strategy has generated close to 500 leads so far. Marcus is very knowledgeable about internet marketing. He will make it work whatever the budget. He is responsive to your needs and thourough in his approach. More...


Jennifer Gairy

22 July 2018

I've been using Back to Marketing LLC for my real estate Ad campaign time for a while and I have been very happy with my results. Marcus is a very knowledgeable professional. He explained the system to me (because I wanted to know how it worked). I feel confident that I can leave all in his hands and get the results that I need. More...


Melanie Cates

22 July 2018

Marcus and his team are Awesome at advertising and marketing! They have done a great job for me and I would recommend them to anyone looking for an expert.

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I love that I help people make money and grow their business. I love having the opportunity to connect with people working hard to achieve their dreams.

I've wanted to be a business owner as far back as I can remember. Both sets of my Grandparents were business owners most of my childhood years. My father's mother owned a hair salon and my mother's parents owned a liquor store. I spent a lot of time with both of them and they played a huge role in my overall upbringing.

Clients should choose me for 3 main reasons:

1. I am an expert with over 10 years of digital marketing experience.
2. My customer service goes above and beyond.
3. My prices are always great because I actually want to help people succeed.