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Baby Otter Swim School

Sunrise Heights, Florida


Baby Otter Swim School

Sunrise Heights, Florida


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Corinne Wanser Kline

20 September 2019

My daughter is 4 years old and only swam with a life jacket. She was scared to go under the water and never has until this week. We gave her lessons at a school for 1 year, with no progression. We live on a lake with a pool and know how important it is for her to know how to swim. We found Baby Otter Swim School online because we were looking to do lessons from our home. Mrs. Jessica was our instructor. From Day 1 our daughter took to her but was still pretty scared in the water. Every day got better and better. Today is day 5, and she knows how to swim and loves being under!!! We truly are in shock that this program worked for her, but it did! We will probably continue with more lessons. I highly recommend this school and Mrs. Jessica was amazing!! More...


Chantel Dube

22 August 2019

Every child learn about swimming, my grandma never knew how.


Melissa Scrima

19 August 2019

Amazing school and process! My two year old became a fish in 5 days! I can’t thank Baby Otter enough!!!


Magen Besancon

9 April 2019

I just finished the 5 day program with my 14 month old and am amazed at what was accomplished in the short time! After searching for a local option and not finding anything for this age, a friend found Baby Otter online and coordinated a group of us to bring them here to south Texas. The instructors traveled to us to teach the Turn Kick Reach program and were professional, informative, and so caring and sweet to our Texas babies! I recommend this program to anyone with babies who live near water or with a pool. Thank you Baby Otter Swim School! More...


Jennifer Stevens Ballard

8 April 2019

My 2 year old just finished this amazing 5 day program last week!! I am blown away by how effective the program is and how quickly these kids learn.


Maria Marina Rojas

2 March 2019

Im beyond thankful for this program! I cannot believe my 18mo old learned to #turnkickreach in just 5 days. The peace of mind i have as a parent is priceless and im forever grateful! You guys are making the world a better place one child/person at a time and that says a lot about who you are and what you believe in! More...


Kara Dorso Huck

3 November 2018

We were blown away by the Baby Otter Swim School. In one week, our one year old was swimming underwater to the wall and hanging on. We couldn't have asked for a better team to teach our little one the fundamentals. They were patient, loving, and encouraging. As parents, we have peace of mind that our daughter has gained such a valuable life skill. We would highly recommend the program. More...


Maria Alejandra Zamora Kugler

8 July 2018

We just finished the 5 day program with our 17 month old and 2.5 year old with Kaitlyn. I cannot express what a great experience we had! Our older son HATED any water on his head/face, which made bath time a nightmare. And our little guy didn't have much exposure to the pool. Kaitlyn was patient and quickly established a good rapport with the boys and they can now jump in the pool, turn around, and swim to the wall and stairs. I cannot recommend this program enough. It is well worth the investment!! More...


Keith Wasserstrom

21 June 2018

Nobody cares more about these kids, except their own parents. There is no other program in the world that can get anyone swimming in just 5 days.


Sharlene Weber

18 June 2018

My kiddos just finished a week with Christian and I could not be more impressed! He was so professional and kind with both my children back-to-back, and managing all of the emotions that come with swim lessons! thank you so much, Baby Otter, for a wonderful experience! More...


Puja Thadhani-Motiani

18 June 2018

We had great ease with booking our lessons and communication with Baby Otter and instructors. If we need to book swim lessons again I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again!!


Tova Verlangieri

11 June 2018

Andrew and Amber were amazing teachers!! We love them


Britini Wilkens

9 June 2018

This is such an amazing school! My son just graduated from the turn, kick and reach program. We are just amazed with what he learned to do in five days! Everyone should be doing this for their kids! It truly is just amazing! Looking forward to having our daughter go through the program next. And also continuing forward with this amazing school and all that they have to offer. Thank you again!!! More...


Kerri Stolpman

29 April 2018

Words cannot express how thankful I am for the TKR program. My three year old is very nervous around water but the instructor, Christian, gained his trust immediately. By day two he could swim unassisted and by day 5 he could swim to the wall after falling in. My nephew also graduated from this program a few years ago and had the same results. Living in south Florida around a lot of water I feel a little bit better knowing my boy knows what to do. Thanks to Baby Otter! More...


Brittni Smith Stallings

1 April 2018

My 2.5 year old son just finished his 5 day turn/kick/teach course and we had a fantastic experience! He was uncertain at first and our instructor, Christian was so sweet and patient with him! By day 5 my son was swimming to the edge on his own and loving it!! As a mom in South Florida, I feel assured knowing my son now knows what to do in case he would fall into a body of water! Thank you Baby Otter Swim and we look forward to more swimming!! More...


Nicole Beckford-Woods

15 March 2018

The instructors are very patient with the child AND parent. My daughter was able to learn quickly and we plan to continue!


Kristen M. Conley

3 August 2017

Amazing swim school, amazing instructor, they come to you, and you see results in a few short days.. My 2yr old is in swim class school as we speak and Ma. Kaitlyn is her swim instructor, she is absolutely phenomenal. So patient, sweet and reassuring always with my sweet girl.. So very happy I chose Baby Otter Swim School for my 2yr old.. The best decision I ever made for my littlest love! More...


Anna Romano Gopinath

20 July 2017

Both my kids have taken their TKR classes before they turned 2 and the results are amazing! My daughter did it a month ago and after a little practice she now swims like a fish! I highly recommend it.


Diana Armas

3 July 2017

Thank you Baby Otter Swim School and Miss Jackie! Vivian is only 14 months old and learned so much in one week. I am so grateful for how kind and patient Miss Jackie was with Vivi and with me. We now have peace of mind and will definitely keep working with her to strengthen the skills she's gained. More...


Jeannie Starman

19 June 2017

I will never be able to say enough great things about his program! Miss Staci worked with both my daughters (ages 2y3m and 3y10m) and was fantastic with them! It is truly incredible what can be achieved in 5 days! More...


Stephen T. Shopmaker

17 June 2017

They save lives! That is a fact! All kids between 8mos and 80 yrs need to learn to swim!


Cate Crehan

3 June 2017

I am the mother of two amazing children with Autism! When my kids were young I reached out to numerous local swim schools, desperate to help my children learn to save themselves if they were to fall into the water. I was told by multiple schools that my children couldn't be taught to swim due to their Autism, without ever meeting them. And then we found Baby Otter! Not only did both of my children pass the Turn Kick Reach test in five days, my daughter is about to start her third year with the Special Olympics Aquatics Team and this season will be my son's first year swimming with the Special Olympics! They are both graceful, confident and powerful swimmers! I am so proud of them and so thankful for The Baby Otter Swim School for helping to enrich their lives and teaching them how to stay safe in the water! More...


Kirsten Bracco

19 May 2017

My son Noah who is 4 graduated this morning! Kaitlyn his teacher was amazing!! She is so sweet and patient! I finally have peace of mind when my son is near water!