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We specialise in old school style training in our purpose designed 1050sqft private training facility with GUARANTEED RESULTS.
We use many methods to achieve our results and each workout is tailored specifically to each individuals goal.


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Jo Williams

Over a year ago I found APT. It was at a time when I had given up on the gym, it didn’t interest me anymore and the classes had become a little stale. I was looking for something different and that would push me to see real results.

APT was exactly that. No longer am I forcing myself to pound a treadmill for 30 minutes or doing a spin class where I know the track list off by heart. I am now deadlifting, squatting, box jumping, pushing the heavy sledge and so much more. This along with the diet plan provided by Mark has lead me to decrease my body fat percentage by 8.2% in just over 3 months. More impressively my metabolic age dropped from 33 to 17! Under Mark’s guidance my body is changing for the better, and following years of working out and playing sport with minimal change, this is incredible. Finally I am doing this with a group of the most supportive group of people who are all smashing targets and goals together. APT life is so motivational, it is way more than just a gym.


Julie Berry

After a friend told me about a.p.t Mark lammas i decided to have a look at his site . Then i seen an advertisement for the biggest loser competition. so i thought yes gonna give it ago .I was nervous about going because of not knowing anyone ,and the fact i was not very big to start with. but i didnt need to worry everyone was brill and Mark is great makes you feel at ease and asks what your goals are and listens .I did the competition and won i lost plenty of inches weight and most importantly body fat , i was over the moon everyone supported each other and mark was there all the time, if i was having a bad week he would get me back on track .
Im now carrying on training with Mark at A.P.T with my next challenge defined abs and i know with marks help ill succeed .
So if anybody out there is nervous about joining a gym . Then i would say join this one because your get a great reception a great workout , and a trainer who is passionate about fitness and getting people results and nobody looking and judging you , so give it ago you will LOVE IT .

thanks Mark.


Sharon Simpson

I have been attending APT for almost three years which really speaks for itself!
My twice weekly sessions are always varied and balanced to work on all parts of the body
Unlike normal gyms (which I find boring) all the training equipment is simple yet really effective
Mark Lammas is a great coach always reliable and supportive and never fails to motivate me when I really need that push! Last year I was the very proud recipient of the Transformation of the Year trophy and looking back at my before and after photographs I can really see why! I still love the compliments and comments made about my body changes which is a great reason to keep going and testament that training the APT way with Mark Lammas really works!
Highly recommend APT!


Pollyanna Scriven

Such a great friendly group to be apart of ! Great trainers with a lot of time to help people get the best results, would highly recommend to anyone :)


Danielle Jordan-Taft

Constantly pushed both mentally and physically but with support and great encouragement. For a trainer that didn't know much about my sport when we met, everything that's set for me is explained how it will benefit my sport. I feel this is all about me, no frills just hard work. I have never got results this quickly before. I'm looking forward to this seasons game play to see the real results!!! More...


Caroline J Hope

APT has not only improved my strength but also my confidence. Mark's patience and support is fantastic. The whole gang make you feel welcome and everyone will help you with technique - APT is in no way intimidating like some establishments and I would wholeheartedly recommend this form of training over any gym membership.


Matthew Leake

Having put up with a "bad back" for many years and plenty of failed attempts, I've finally taken up the challenge of a lifestyle change to try and sort it out. Having listened to the advice from Mark I'm into my first month of PT Sessions and can honestly say the change is amazing. The welcome, patience and support is really appreciated and can truly say that I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Bring it on! More...


Ryan Harrison

Mark at APT is a delightful and knowable guy. His honest approach allows myself to see the true picture. I came to
Mark to get in shape for my wedding and due to braking my ankle. Mark has helped me get my fitness back and is helping me get to the next level. If you have tried fad diets, gyms and it's not worked then speak to Mark at APT. you won't be dissaponted you just have to be willing to push on to succeed. More...


Alison Skidmore

I have been with Mark at APT since the start of January and LOVE it! He has a very positive and maintainable approach to fitness. The sessions are fantastic and at times that fit around a working day. The early morning session's with Adam are just great and such a perfect way to start a day! Everyone's really nice and friendly and make you feel welcome.
Thanks again!


Ian Chaston

Awesome weekly sessions with a great group of people. Mark always has new ideas and exercises to put you through your paces! Get way to keep fit and really helpful for my Rugby fitness, highly recommend APT to anyone from the beginner to the professional athlete. More...


Dave White

Having attended APT for 3 years or so, I can definitely say it's different to anything I've done before. The atmosphere’s always welcoming and although the workouts are tough, they’re always fun. You can't ask for the wrong thing, workouts are always different & great advice is always on hand, the equipment is basic & functional which is just what you need. Great gym, great fun. More...


Carly Jane Jenkinson

I've always had an active job and never felt I needed to exercise, that's until I hit my thirties and changed my job to an office job. My body soon stated to change I soon started to put on weight, I needed to do something about it so started working out 2/3 times a week.
This soon increased to 4/5 times a week and although I felt fitter i never really achieved the results you would expect doing so much exercise. During this time a friend posted a blog and I watched a video from APT on their FB page, it looked challenging and I thought I would give it a go. Within 5 weeks of training with Mark at APT I have made huge progress scaling back how much I train weekly. I really enjoy the variety of classes at APT no two are the same, don't get me wrong these are intense workout sessions and Mark pushes me to my limits making me ultimately stronger and fitter. Within 5 weeks of training I can see definition on my body and feel fitter day by day. Here are a few of my results and although I still weigh the same I have lost 1inch off my hips, 1/2 inch off my legs and 1/4 inch off my arms and my body fat has gone from 23.4% to 21.5%.
I think with results like this and a trainer who knows my goals, makes it enjoyable to work out, I will be where I want to be in no time... I'm hooked


Lauren Nicole Kenneth

After having my first baby this year and getting married in September I was on the look out for a PT, I found Mark through a friend who has previously been to many work out classes.

I enjoy each week as I'm always trying new exercises which really push me.

Mark also offers a wide range of classes in his gym.

Would definitely recommend Mark for anyone looking to get in shape or wanting to gain muscle


Michelle Claire Woodhall

Well what can I say about Mark and his team at A.P.T. other than I am only my 3rd week in and i am hooked! I have never experienced such a personal and friendly atmosphere that makes me want to return time and time again. The classes have not once been the same and i have certainly used muscles i didn't know I had, they are extremely challenging but most rewarding too. I have been given the encouragement, confidence and determination to achieve a healthier, happier me. I know I have found a real gem in Mark and A.P.T. and would recommend them to everyone, i know for sure I won't be looking back. More...


Phil Dowson

I found the APT facility purely by chance and it offered the perfect solution to the question of where to train in the off season.

Mark has a great area and facilites that can accommodate almost any kind of training.

Even better is Mark has a tonne of experience in getting the most out of the people he trains. Great to try new exercises in a new environment and make sure that I am in good shape to head back to training.

Mark offers classes and individual instruction and I thoroughly enjoyed both. Whatever your level and whatever your goals I am sure Mark can get you leaner, faster, stronger.

Cheers, Phil


John Lunt

This is not your run of the mill gym , from the moment i walked though the door over weight un fit and struggling and the only bloke in the class i was encourage , pushed and motivated by all in the class , mark is a great coach and trainer and always makes time for you , the classes are designed for all levels and once you start its addictive , iv been a member for 1 year now and im fitter ,stronger, and slimmer than i have ever been , thank you to all at apt


Ry Phillips

Everyone knows fitness and healthy eating is not an easy journey, and if you don't put the work in then no matter where you join or what new diet plan you have, you won't see results.

However, if you have an iron will and are determined to succeed then this is definitely the best place for you. After spending years of my life in and out of gyms through periods of stopping and starting, I've found a place where for the last year I'm returning week in week out without fail.

Mark may seem an approachable fellow but when the workout begins, there is no special treatment. He will push you beyond your comfort zone. You won't like it, but that's why you're there. Without that push you won't see the results you've been seeking. This is why I keep coming back because I'm finally getting somewhere.

The facility and equipment cater to every need and classes boast plenty of variety to eliminate boredom. The current members of APT will soon become family. I like to think I've made some good friends there, they have been welcoming and encouraging since my first day and still continue to be.

If you want to make some changes and meet your fitness goals once and for all, sign up. Just make sure you're ready for it.


Claire Mullan

Having recently moved to the area and trying to continue my "get back in shape" regime, I was keen to find a gym that offered both individual support and classes that I actually enjoyed.

APT gym has been fantastic, offering short hiit classes after school run or evening classes that are a bit more specialised. The classes are as hard as you want to make it and so suit all abilities which was great for me having just had two children.

Mark has offered a lot of individual technical support helping me to develop my technique and form over the last few months. This has not always been the case with previous gyms.

Knowing that you have the knowledge, passion and expertise of mark allows you, to be reassured you will get a lot out of each session, technically and physically.

A great gym and enjoying my new "addictive" attitude towards training, thanks to mark,

Claire x


Helen Bicknell

If you want to see fast results, and like me, you're impatient, then definitely check out APT… As someone that has never really got on with going to a gym, I was very apprehensive about how I was going to get back into shape, particularly with two small children and a busy lifestyle. At the start of this year, i’d really lost my confidence, and like many of us, found myself feeling fatigued, podgy and generally pretty unfit. After weeks of trying to think of excuses not to take action, and worrying that I was going to make a plonker of myself, I finally plucked up the courage to contact Mark at APT. Right from the start he made me feel at ease about getting back into exercise, and gave me a sense that I could actually make a difference to my weight and fitness level quite rapidly - something I found hard to believe at the time! I have now been going twice a week for almost three months, and can say without hesitation, that the difference has been significant. Not only have I toned up, lost weight and gained muscle - most importantly I feel like I have my self-confidence back. Now, i’m not saying it’s been easy, some sessions are a challenge, and yes, Mark will make you push yourself at times -but the feeling of achievement makes it all worth while. There’s no faffing about with electronic equipment, or mindless running on a treadmill - it’s all tailored exercises, matched to your ability, and unbelievably for me - it’s enjoyable! There’s lots of variation each week, and as much support as you need to try and reach your goals. I can’t recommend APT and Mark as a trainer enough - thank you :))) More...


Monnie Victoria

After being out of the gym for 4 months & having a holiday coming up I needed a big PUSH to get back into it. I came across the 4 week transformation programme & thought why not give it a go?! It was exactly 4 weeks before my holiday & if I don’t like it then I don’t have to go back once the programme was complete. Funny that I even thought now after being a member since March now & I get super annoyed if I can’t make a session. The results I have gained have been amazing & it was just what I needed to spark my love for working out back - I lost 5% body fat & 10 years off my metabolic age and can’t wait to see how my results progress even more.

Mark is an excellent coach and keeps everyone motivated & pumped during the sessions. You won’t be able to walk after your first session but it’s SO worth it. The sessions are different each time so it keeps it fresh & fun (you’ll be slightly feared as you don’t know what’s coming) but I honestly enjoy it so much. And I’m so happy I joined APT. I also can’t tell you how welcoming, friendly everyone is and always there to encourage you to push through when you have a weak moment.

So if you’re thinking about joining then you absolutely should!!


Hannah Fairbairn

I plucked up the courage and joined APT in March 2018, my aim was to get fit, loose weight, tone and build core strength to help with my horse riding. It is one of the best things I have done, I don’t just enjoy it but hard work and commitment really pays off and I have had fantastic results. In total I have lost 12.5% body fat, gained 3kg of muscle and most of all feel amazing, I have gone from size 12/14’s into 6/8/10’s. I still have a way to go and will push myself to get there. In the process, I have gained confidence and friends. The team at APT are supportive, encouraging, non judgemental and this makes the work outs better and adds a feel good factor each time. To top it off Mark is always there to push you if you need it or ease the work load if you had any pre existing injuries, supportive, approachable and generally cares about your well being and wanting the team to reach their achievements/goals. If anyone is wanting to give it a go, do it, you won’t look back and there will always be friendly faces to welcome you to our team � More...


All of our clients reach and exceed their fitness goals by following a fully tailored plan especially for them.
No session is the same so they never get bored and the sessions are challenging but fun.

The secret is down to consistency in following the training and nutrition plan.

I love being in a position where I can genuinely help someone change their complete state of mind and body.

I knew I had more knowledge, drive and determination than any other local trainers to help as many people as possible.

We are the only training facility in the local Midlands area that trains both general public alongside elite athletes and we are also the only ones to Guarantee Results.