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Athletic Performance Academy

Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

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Athletic Performance Academy

Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire


We get you Fit for Sport.

Do you want to improve your sports performance? Are you serious about getting fit for your sport?

We aim to maximise your athletic potential meaning we make you fitter, faster and stronger so you can excel at sport.



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What can you expect?

Train like the pros with an in depth physical screen and fitness test and state of the art exercise prescription. APA programmes integrate functional training, core strengthening and athletic conditioning so you can reach your peak in 12 weeks. A typical programme will consist of:

Weeks 1-4: Hypertrophy
Weeks 5-8: Strength
Weeks 9-12: Power

Where athletes have limited training experience or need to achieve weight loss goals first they will need to complete our Foundation Programme (Base camp) programme first.

Peak Performance Coaching

All our coaches understand that coaching is about more than our fitness knowledge. Yes all our coaches are highly qualified, know about correct exercise technique, nutrition and writing programmes etc. but we also believe in coaching the person as well as the athlete - we go the extra mile to really get to know our clients beyond the hour-long training session. We develop your mindset, body and your lifestyle habits so you can achieve your peak potential. The secret to achieving your goals is to develop a healthy attitude to your training- because once you have the right mindset the discipline to eat well and train properly becomes lot easier!!

We love to help people become better people and better athletes. Athletes have the greatest physiques and it is a real privilege to unlock everyone's athletic potential- especially those who never thought of themselves as an athlete. The truth is we are all athletic- we just need to put the work in and reveal the body that is waiting for us. We believe that training like an athlete is the best way to train.

Reaching out to more people and sharing our philosophy of how to Maximise Athletic Potential.

Our Personal Training is known throughout the UK, and for good reason.

We work with professional athletes. They trust us to help them get results. If you’ve got this far chances are you’re serious about getting results too! If you would like to be trained by a team who work with professional athletes which will assist you improve faster and win more then you have come to the right place!