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Dominick Malchiodi

16 June 2018

If you're tired of being a "mickey mouse" christian, then this is the place to hear truth. Not "facts", truth. Mike's knowledge of the Hebrew/Greek text is a breath of fresh air. Truth will set you free....


Chad Pace

9 March 2018

The people here are doing the very works of the Kingdom that Jesus performed and He is still doing them today through His disciples. The believers here have such a genuine, passionate heart and love for God and others. The Lord set me free from years of bondage and oppression and as soon as He did I received healing to my knees, alignment to my spine and hips that has caused me incredible discomfort and pain for the last 8 years from a horrible vehicle accident. ALL glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ!!! More...


Matthew Reeb

10 February 2018

Bro Mike and so many others that work with him are so sharing selfless and genuine. Nothing is left unsaid ...The tremendous help they all provide to virtually ANYBODY who walks through those doors....with no expectation other than helping you resolve your issues......is a TRUE Godsend!!

This is not a church in the traditiinal, boring religious sense that everybody grew up with and is used to...

This is a place where you learn mind opening truths about who the Christ, REALLY WAS....and who He is remains to this day...to ALL OF US .....not just people who walk in to beautiful buildings every Sunday....but every person who has ever been born on this planet...

Mike can be pretty tough on the establishment....and he and his crew provide the reasons and the answers to that toughness...as well as what makes each and every one of us special....every minute of every day.

If you live in the greater Phoenix area..or you live somewhere that Mike is teaching when on the road.....

You owe it to yourself to experience these teachings...

Look this up on YouTube ...key in this ministry and add something that has ALWAYS bugged you about religion, churches, etc.......

Shalom.... Peace


Kelley Beck

17 December 2017

A place for freedom from bondage, addictions, abuse, oppression. Come with burdens, leave with the peace of God and joy unspeakable.


Travis Turner

28 September 2017

Holy Ghost Fire!


Sarina Lobato

24 August 2017

For a new and healed life this is the place to be and stay. This is truly the work of Jesus' teachings.


Robert Willis

19 August 2017

This is a "Oasis in the desert" truly, I visited from California at their old location on Indian School Rd. Doing The LORD's work this place is one of the few sorry to say where God's power is truly working in the obedient humble leaders and great supportive staff who are there for the needs of a needy people in their community.


Susan Thomas

24 May 2017

Following Brother Mike's list and watching and learning from their YouTube videos I have been healed of a life long anxiety disorder and depression. No wonder I had never been healed before. The TRUE problem was never addressed until now. Thank you everyone at House of Healing/ AZ. Deliverance Center More...


corrina torres

8 February 2017

Come out and get healed and delivered

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