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Benjamin Suyematsu

The number one thing I look for in a gym in cleanliness. This gym absolutely exceeds expectations in that aspect. I have never been in a gym that was cleaner than this one.

Staff is polite and recognize many of their members by name. Equipment is new and in very good working condition. Having a powerlifting station in this club is a plus, and machines are easy to navigate and figure out, even if you're a novice lifter.

Personally, I don't use virtual training or training videos, but I did take a look at their classroom designed for video training and there are SO many different options for classes. As a former personal trainer, I know the cost of hiring a trainer can be high, but this room and technology allow you to train with one at zero cost! You have access to the room and videos just for being a member!


Jayne Leath Cole

I am soooo thankful for "Anytime Fitness"! I'm working hard to lose weight and inches and become stronger and healthier than I've been in years. I love the owners, Beth and Dave, manager Bill, and my sweet trainer, Jessica. Considering she's 47 years younger than me, I'm amazed she doesn't get the giggles trying to train me! She always treats me with love, respect and kindness. So if you're feeling old and afraid to show your face at a fitness place, come join us. You won't regret feeling better than you've felt in a very long time. I don't lie! More...


Mindy Sharp

When I’m in the area, this is my favorite place to workout! Clean facility and great staff!


Chelsea Jeanne

I have belonged to a couple of Anytime Fitnesses in different cities and states, and this is by far my favorite. First of all, all of the workers are so incredibly friendly that it brightens my day. They know my name (and those of pretty much everyone who walks through the door), and are always welcoming and encouraging. Additionally, it is SO. INCREDIBLY. CLEAN. The equipment, bathrooms, floors are all sparkling, and I couldn't be happier to work out in a consistently clean environment. I appreciate everything the staff does to make this Anytime Fitness somewhere I look forward to going each week. More...


Ariane Opp

This is the first time that I've purchased a membership to Anytime Fitness. My husband and I got access for our birthdays last October. I love the convenience of truly having 24 hour access because my workouts start between 4-4:30 am. When I need to utilize the staff, they're available via text or I can come in between 10 am - 7 PM, which works great with my schedule. It's always clean and the extras (blender bottles, supplements, protein bars, etc) are right up front when you walk in. Everyone is super friendly and this place has the best atmosphere of any gym I've been to. More...