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The work of ANX begins with a fundamental optimism with regard to the continued value and impact that design and architecture have on our cities and their inhabitants. Our approach is positive, opportunistic, and intellectually flexible with every theoretical and commissioned project – both large and small.


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26 October 2018

I hired Aaron for a home I was building on a hillside in the Silver Lake area. I had admired his work in the area and needed an architect ASAP after interviewing countless architects. Not only was he able to take on my project but he is extremely talented. He is able to design classic modern homes that exude warmth and style and in record time. His team was able to restructure the kitchen to gain a significant increase in size that many others architects were unable to achieve.
In addition his response is prompt and his demeanor calming, which is helpful in construction!


Justin Williams

12 May 2018

Aaron Neubert’s team at A-N-X is exemplary in communication and service. From the concept stage to move in ready, Aaron has been the stoic captain keeping steady course.
The ANX modern concept infuses cozy sanctuary and open floor planning, making this their signature theme. We are now in the middle of construction of our second home with ANX and couldn’t be happier.


brian lezak

20 December 2017

Aaron and his firm are excellent! Highly recommend using him for any project you might have either residential or commercial.



15 August 2016

We hired ANX for a substantial remodel and a second story addition of a master suite to our existing home. Because the existing structure is on a hillside and is a bit of a puzzle in its current layout, Aaron had his work cut out for him. He has been a perfect combination of what we want out of an architect - he comes up with wonderful and creative solutions, but at the same always listens to your concerns and comments to make sure that the plans meet your needs. When we hired ANX, we also had to deal with an impending zoning change which required us to speed up the process more than we would have liked. Aaron and his crew have been prompt and responsive throughout. We are submitting the plans to permit this week in record time, and I highly recommend them. I will update this review as construction proceeds. More...


Adam Pergament

13 August 2016

Creative, responsive, knowledgeable and backed by a strong team. Aaron understands the creative process and can produce architectural plans and support services that fully captured our vision for the property.



18 May 2016

ANX / Aaron Newbert’s concept drawings we're perfect for Stengel Field Foundation's fundraising efforts and have helped to convey our vision to revive the stadium structure at Stengel Field. Aaron’s inspirational graphics have encouraged donors and sponsors to contribute to our cause. Aaron and his team delivered on time, with utmost professionalism, care and attention to all the many details of our project and we look forward to working with them again soon. More...


Patrick V

16 May 2016

We hired Aaron Neubert / ANX to design two residential, modern, hillside homes in Los Angeles. With minimal direction they were will able to take each project from conception to permit in half the time we had planned for. Near flawless work meant that almost no corrections were needed in plan check. This is practically unheard of in our city. Working with ANX means that you're contributing to a worthwhile legacy of exceptional design. Their work is timeless, considered and will prove itself as such in generations to come. More...


N Kurt

25 January 2016

I called Aaron to see if we can work on a remodeling project for our new home. We were looking into floor plan help for a much smaller project, which was better suit for design firms; however, Aaron was so kind, so helpful, even though we were not able to hire his firm. He gave us as brand new home owners great insight into how to deliver a successful project, what kind of people we will need to get permits in our city, what range of cost we are looking and what to watch for. He is a very nice person and trustworthy. I am looking forward to days we can afford a project that we can work with him. More...


Chrysta Olson

11 September 2015

Building something from scratch, or doing a major update to a home, is one of the most intimidating experiences of my adult life. When we realized we couldn't do it on our own, we brought in Aaron and his team of unbelievably talented designers and contractors, who not only coached us through the process, but took a measly idea of building a small, functional office, and turned it into something that has now been featured on dozens of major design and architectural websites online. And all, while miraculously staying within our budget. The office is gorgeous, and was completed sooner than we had anticipated. We are now using ANX for another project, and we are positive this will be a relationship that will continue as we pursue other projects. More...


Allison Cobar

2 September 2015

ANX is a wonderful company to work with. We have been working with their founder, Aaron Neubert and his team for almost two years now and we cannot even to begin to express what a pleasure it has been. From day one, Aaron listened very carefully to our concerns as well as our wishes for our project and most of all our budget. In the design phase his team came up with wonderful and though provoking concepts. He and his staff are knowledgeable and very thoughtful. We are almost done with our project and ANX has managed the project effectively. They communicate clearly with all parties involved (contractors, subs, client etc) with meeting notes as well as concise and straightforward emails. Thus, we've had very few hiccups or communication problems.

We can only say positive and wonderful comments about this company. We will miss working with Aaron and his staff once our project is complete so we might just have to start another one! You will not be disappointed and we encourage you to meet with them because you will not be disappointed.



21 August 2015

Aaron Neubert and his team have gone beyond their duties as architects to really do what it takes to get the restaurant buildout 1) designed beautifully and 2) help oversee construction. No negatives. Really great work and great follow through. More...


Geoffrey Finkel

22 June 2015

I enjoyed working with Aaron Neubert and his team of associates. We had a very challenging project and they approached the task with professionalism and a high level of communication. We were able to resolve the client's requirements and build a quality renovation of a very unique structure.

I look forward to working with Aaron on future projects.


Art Haedike

18 June 2015

Sound designers with understanding of the business needs. Team players that gave us their best creative ideas and worked with us to dial them into our budget. Will work with ANX again!


James Dutcher

17 June 2015

We wanted to change the entryway on our mid-century modern house on a hillside in Silver Lake. It's a tricky job as the building is situated at an odd angle on our lot. Although we ultimately didn't go ahead with the work, I was very impressed with Aaron's designs. He offered creative and innovative solutions to a complex architectural challenge.

ANX also designed and built a great piece of multifunctional furniture for our living/dining area. Entertainment center/bookcase/china storage... it fits beautifully and unobtrusively into the space.



17 June 2015

I first worked with Aaron as his real estate broker and then became familiar with his excellent skills as an architect. I without hesitation recommended Aaron to my clients and they were always impressed with his integrity, work ethic, and willingness to address their needs and desires. He was a pleasure to work with and would often assist clients of mine with regard to the feasibility relating to planned additions or other remodeling plans prior to my clients making a purchase. He always gave a thoughtful and honest answer on whether their thoughts and plans were feasible or not. As a real estate broker, it is paramount that my clients get what they need, regardless of a sale or not. I could count on Aaron without a doubt. More...


Coldwell Banker/Lake Payne

16 June 2015

Aaron is the favored Architect of the hills. His concepts and ideas are amazing and he is really passionate about what he does. He designed a house around a tree. Pretty impressive. His estimates are by far the most detailed. I would recommend Aaron to a client that will give him full creative control to create a concept thats Epic!! More...


Arpi Avanesian-Idolor

15 June 2015

I hired ANX/Aaron Neubert Architects to help me with capital improvement projects for the preschool I direct. Aaron was thorough and very knowledgeable. He helped me figure out what needed to be done, helped me stay within budget - yet provide me with options the went above and beyond what I wanted accomplished. In conjunction with ANX, the school was able to hire a professional construction company who delivered in a timely manner the construction improvements we were hired them to complete. We did both aesthetic renovations as well as necessary renovations. More...



7 June 2015

I approached Aaron with a concept for repurposing and existing building and turning it into a performing-arts-based community center, with focus on a mix-use space that would allow for classes, rehearsals, community meetings, and a welcoming lobby. The building was an abandoned three story Mid-Century Motel with a unique court yard that was just begging to be turned into a stage. During our initial meeting Aaron asked insightful questions, that helped me clarify my goals for the project (intended use, feel, and style), which insured that we were on the same page before any concepts were sketched out. This productive dialogued continued as additional clarifications were needed, insuring that the design process moved in a mutually acceptable direction. Functional necessities often lead to design ideas that were innovative – both from their practicality as well as their esthetics. The renderings Aaron then delivered by the agreed upon time took the frame of the existing building and brought it to life with the vision we had created in our discussions. He was able to marry his architectural style with the intended needs of the project without sacrificing either, but rather creating a kind of synergy that made the whole greater than its parts. More...



6 June 2015

I've had the pleasure of knowing Aaron for over 20 years, and have seen him grow from a prodigious young student architect into one of the finest minds in his craft. Having seen the building of his masterpieces and stayed in at least one for a considerable time, I can honestly say that his designs and construction have no peer. I particularly enjoy the textures which he embues his projects with, warm and modern, versus cold and industrial. They are truly works of art. He is thoroughly and completely deserving of my recommendation. More...



2 June 2015

Aaron Neubert and ANX turned a completely unusable space under my garage into a functional and innovative office space that exists independently from my home. What was basically a room with a diagonal hill running through it is now an exquisite combination of poured concrete and custom built cabinetry and architectural ply walls. It feels like a whole freestanding module of built-in case work with generous windows, a glass door and thoughtful space-opening design. My clients are always blown away whenever they come by. No square centimeter exists without a thoughtful reason for being. It is rational and gorgeous . More...


Shadowless Buildings

1 June 2015

We were in the market for an architecture firm to help us realize our plans for a new hospitality development. We have a complex zoning/entitlement process to work through and a small urban infill lot with many restrictive features. Working within a budget with strict design parameters was going to be critical for the firm we chose.

We met with ~9 different architecture firms ranging from national AIA award winners to one-man shops. We accidentally found ANX through their Facebook page and were intrigued by their unique work. After meeting Aaron and his team we knew they were on the short list of candidates. We eventually hired ANX because they have the right tools, creativity, skill set and experience/education to excel in our project. We also felt that the firm was sized just right for the scope of our development: not to big, not too small.

We have embarked on what will be a multi-year effort to see our project through to the finish line. We have been impressed with ANX’s ability to work with our design goals to create a stunning initial schematic design. Aaron is very easy to get along with and has a good sense of humor which makes design discussions productive and fun. Aaron also has a great team of individuals that are really talented and the backbone of the firm. Shout out to David/Jeremy/Xiran for their excellent work thus far! We believe we have selected the right firm for the job. We’ll update our review once the project is complete.


Adam Paper

29 May 2015

Aaron Neubert is the consummate professional with whom I've had the complete pleasure of working alongside for years. His demeanor is welcoming. His approach creative, insightful and open. Aaron brings a casual yet disciplined and focused attitude to his projects which I appreciate, and it's clear that his clients do too. Did I mention witty and fun? Mr. Neubert and his entire team are the total package--a complete pleasure. Aaron has garnered my highest of recommendations. More...



26 May 2015

We worked with Aaron Neubert Architects to design a 2nd story addition to our home and recently worked with them again to design and build our guest house.

Aaron patiently transformed our vague ideas into sensible, efficient and attractive designs and provided valuable assistance from start to finish. Everyone at ANX is talented, professional and friendly.



29 June 2014

Aaron Neubert is one of the most talented and professional architects I've ever met (and we interviewed a bunch). My wife and I hired his firm to design our 2 story modern in Venice Beach. His associates are also very professional and full of useful ideas and suggestions.

We're thrilled with their ability to both work with the existing structure and to help us realize a mid-century design. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an inspired result!



27 June 2014

Searching for an architect well versed in mid century LA homes was a challenge until we began working with Aaron Neubert Architects. This project needed an addition that would integrate well with the existing 1950's Valentine Powelson design while still allowing modern lifestyle needs to function.
Aaron's team met the challenge of working on a site that featured a sycamore tree passing directly through the main living space. Our goal was to maintain the beauty and drama of living with nature and sustaining the sycamores existence inside the second story addition.
This project was completed on time and on budget. Great consideration was given to all our requests in the design phase. Well executed 3D renderings allowed us to visualize the completed project and as a result there were very few changes to the original plan.
In my experience working with architects I have rarely had a project go according to plans and as smoothly as this renovation in the Hollywood Hills.



19 May 2013

Doing a major remodel is a harrowing experience. My wife and I cannot imagine going through this process without the creativity, counsel and common sense of Aaron and his team. Aaron has taken our wants and needs and designed a house that looks like a piece of art and that suits our lifestyle to a "T." more importantly, Aaron and his team have proved invaluable during the construction phase of the project. I can't overstate the value that Aaron has provided as a go-between, working with our contractor and helping us work our way though the inevitable hiccups in the project.
Excellent design, project management and people skills. What a combination!



8 May 2013

My husband and I purchased a home in the Hollywood Hills that had a ton of potential. We hired ANX to help us create a more open floor plan that would take advantage of the amazing views of Hollywood and Downtown LA (think contemporary). ANX worked diligently and quickly to come up with some renderings as we wanted to begin the renovation process quickly. ANX was able to take our ideas for the house and run with them. We are quite happy with the work that ANX has done for us and continues to do. We have not hesitated to recommend our architect to friends who are looking for assistance remodeling/building their homes. Aaron and his team are personable, reliable and really good at what they do. We can honestly say we have enjoyed the process of building our home in no small part due to the competent, talented people that we hired. You can check out our home on ANX's website under Canyon House. More...



7 May 2013

Aaron has been helping me build my dream house for the past 3-4 years. He has been a crucial part in getting the design right, the plans approved, all the way down to the final finishes and door knobs. His design sense honors a healthy balance of progressive ideas and functional living. More...


Our practice focuses on Modern and Contemporary architecture, landscape and interior design.