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I have 4 children from 18 to 30 all still at home not flown the nest yet. The two boys have started to take an interest in working together as a family, in 2015 we intend to start doing flower shows, we used to do them up till 2008. The girls have started to help the wife grow and look after the future plant life we intend to sale and start creating beautiful gardens.



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As a Courier i go all over the country to deliver your parcels, i only do one at a time, pick it up from your address then straight to the delivery address, this i do with my other jobs. But i am willing to do two jobs at once

Gardening i have done since i was 12 years old, my mother gave me a patch of ground 40 feet by 20 feet to grow my own vegetable's. I also grow my own fruit and olive's. Me and my wife work together, she has done garden pests and diseases.

Use to do it for a furniture company

We have done Tatton park flower show in 2008 and some others, we intend to start 2015 by returning to some. Flower show's after a long illness.