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Ani's Kitchen Middle Eastern Catering

Berkeley, Oakland

1 hire on Bark
Ani's Kitchen Middle Eastern Catering logo

Ani's Kitchen Middle Eastern Catering

Berkeley, Oakland

1 hire on Bark


Custom designed catering for intimate gatherings and special occasions like: birthdays, company team building, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, christening, memorial and much more.

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“Middle Eastern food is easy to find in the East Bay, but Ani is the real thing.


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Sabrina L.

20 October 2019

Delish! The dough is fresh like from your grandma's kitchen. She makes the dough right in front of you.


Eduardo B.

20 October 2019

Ani's kitchen is amazing. I highly recommend her food and service, its very tasty and I cant get enough of it.


Colin P.

20 October 2019

Best middle eastern pizza I've ever had! Unique, delicious, and Ani is the biggest sweetheart. Definitely try the baclava. :-)


Brandi A.

20 October 2019

The food is so amazing! It had great flavor. I loved the pizza. I tried the meat and vegan pizza. It's nice she offers both options. The Baklava was so yummy! It had a nice crisp outside and the filling was just right. Definitely a favorite. Ani is also so nice and sweet. More...


Heather R.

13 October 2019

Ani's Kitchen catered an event I attended today and I was very impressed with the delicious food. The pomegranate chicken was very tender and flavorful. The hummus and sauces tasted fresh and wonderful and the salad was great too. My favorite was the dolma! The spread was colorful and beautifully presented. I would happily hire Ani's Kitchen to cater in the future! More...


Nicole D.

5 September 2019

I had the immense pleasure of attending an event catered by Ani's Kitchen.  The food was amazing.  The chicken melted in my mouth, the hummus was so creamy and delicious.  The salads were innovative and delicious.  The saffron rice was cooked to perfection.  I don't eat sugar but the desserts looked amazing. If you like middle eastern food, like I do, you need to hire Ani for your next event! More...


Chris E.

22 May 2019

We recently went to Ani for a private party in our home - about 45 guests.  Ani did some prep offsite and also cooked on site - she provided starters, mains and desserts.  It was delicious and authentic, interesting and full of personality.  We'd wholeheartedly recommend Ani for your event. More...


Scott H.

20 May 2019

I recently tried Ani's food and really enjoyed it.  She makes an excellent tabouli salad with fresh organic tomatoes that were very flavorful.  The hummus was also delicious. If you are looking for a Mediterranean food caterer, I'd recommend calling Ani. More...


Cate F.

14 March 2019

Without a doubt Ani's is the most delicious food ever! My children couldn't believe the hummus--so fresh, so delicious. Definitely the most delicious I've ever had. And her felafel, dolmas, everything is out of this world. She uses only the freshest ingredients. Not to mention, she is a wonderful person! More...


Chris M.

2 December 2018

This is authentic middle eastern fare, prepared perfectly in my opinion. The best food I have eaten in the past year! The caterer is is very good at what she's doing.


Evelyn F.

8 June 2018

I have great things to say about Ani's food and the heartfelt service to her customers that shines through every bite. Ani catered a recent business lunch workshop that I hosted, and the food was not only absolutely wonderful, there were options for everyone, including true vegan fare. The dishes were delicious, and the ingredients were super fresh and organic. My guests loved the food, and Ani made them feel welcome with her warm smile. I will definitely be working with her in the future! Whether you are hosting a business event, an open house, or a dinner party at your home, you'll love the food from Ani's Kitchen. More...


Sue O.

23 May 2018

I have been enjoying Ani's delicious Middle Eastern food for years! When she had a booth at the Kensington Farmer's Market, I brought my friends and family to eat her food. It's not only delicious but very healthy, filling you up and leaving you with a good healthy feeling, not like some other meals that are too salty and sit like a lead weight in your stomach. I highly recommend her catering business. Ani is kind and a pleasure to be around. She will work with you to provide a meal that will amaze your guests. My daughter just can't get enough of Ani's delicious dolmas, eating her plate and reaching for mine too! She also makes these amazing hand made breads that she serves warm. So delicious with hummus! I'm grateful to Ani for providing healthy and delicious meals. More...


Steve L.

15 April 2018

Ani came to our house and did an amazing job! -- We talked a week earlier and decided on a menu and I did all the shopping to prepare and have everything ready when Ani came.  My wife and I were effectively students/assistants and in basically less than 3 hours, we had a feast of Fatoush salad, humus, kibbeh, lamb pies, spinach pies, and knafeh for desert...had a great time, learned a lot, and had a huge, great meal. Ani's particular about fresh, organic, and healthy ingredients and the meal was all the better for it.   Many thanks and kudos to Ani! More...


Andrew G.

8 January 2018

I have sampled Ani's food on several occasions and can attest to it's not only being delicious but also healthy.Ani uses the best ingredients, grass fed beef and works without adding sugar where she can.Highlights for me are the mana'eesh and the tabouli which does not have the usual over-abundance of cracked wheat. More...


Lisa C.

3 January 2018

I got to have Ani's delicious and healthy food just last week!  She prepared a Mediterranean sampler of mujadarra (lentil comfort food), fall veggies, tahini sauce and a side of homemade pickles.  It was all yummy!My grandmother was a caterer with a repertoire of middle eastern foods so it was great to have a lunch with familiar flavors, prepared so lovingly by Ani!  I highly recommend her for your party or personal chef needs. More...


Elijah W.

29 October 2017

I loved the food so much we had her falafel and pomegranate chicken it was amazing for sure would eat it again


Kevin V.

2 February 2017

Ani is wonderful! We hired Ani to make the food for a birthday party we were throwing for our friends' daughter's 1st birthday party. Since the party was being attended by mostly adults - vegan adults, gluten-free adults, meat loving adults - we opted for Mediterranean food and approached Ani. We were already fans of many of her dishes from having had them at the Kensington Farmers Market, so we knew we were in good hands. Ani helped us choose the menu and offered to loan us serving dishes if we needed them, we did. She made most of the food ahead of time and arrived a few hours before our party to finish cooking and preparation in our kitchen, and she helped me set the table. While she was in our home, she told us the stories behind the dishes -- their history and where they came from, their cultural significance, the soul of the dish - which was fascinating and deepened our appreciation for the food she was preparing. Ani is as much food historian as she is a talented cook. The food was fantastic, and our guests kept commenting on how good the food was long after the party. I was personally happy to have leftovers of Zaatar Bread and Vegan Spinach Pie to nosh on for several days afterward. Nom, nom, nom! I highly recommend hiring Ani for an event or party, and you can check out her cooking on Sundays at the Kensington Farmers Market. Say hello for us! kensingtonfarmersmarket.… More...


Anne R.

23 September 2014

Amazing wholesome food. I always recommend Ani's kitchen to all my friends. I feel so energized and healthy after I get lunch from here.  The dolmas and spinach pies are soooo tasty and perfect. More...


Rosalind F.

13 August 2014

I grew up down the street from a wonderful woman from Lebanon and learned at an early age about fabulous Middle Eastern food. Ani's creations are the closest I've ever had to that wonderful childhood experience. It's always a delight to see her at the Sunday Kensington market and especially to see what new things she's added to her repertoire. I highly recommend that you treat yourself! More...


anna m.

16 February 2013

I manage to enjoy Ani's food each Sunday in Sausalito at the farmer's market for the past month. Ani is enthusiastic about her food offerings and she generously has folks try them out as samples before purchasing. And she is very kind as well!

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Lahmajoun, a special Turkish pizza with lamb. Also, kibbeh and the Turkish stuffed eggplants.i

Meeting in person with my client always helps as we design the menu together.

Meeting interesting people from all over the world.

Bringing people together and creating a sense of community has always been my main mission and source of joy in my life.

I have lived in the countries whose cuisine I represent.