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Hampshire's Dog Behaviour & Training Experts

Welcome to Angel Dog Training, Hampshire's canine behaviour experts. We are the dog training service with a difference. Based in Southampton and headed by the experienced accredited dog behaviour and training professional, Phillip Gazzard, we work in partnership with our clients on a 121 basis using force free methods to permanently solve any behavioural issues with their dogs. We aim to create a positive relationship between you and your dog building an emotional bond based on trust and friendship

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Does my dog need training?

Everyone wants the best for their dog – so they can have a high quality of life and a good relationship with those around them. Yet there can be issues which can be a cause for concern for many pet owners, such as:

Your dog may bark disruptively, and you are finding it hard to control
Insecurity – your dog may fret when you leave him/her alone, and this is distressing for you both
Problem mess – your dog may foul in the house, and it can be difficult to know how to resolve this
Aggressive and over-excited – your dog may react in an undesirable manner when meeting other dogs, people or animals
Obeying instructions – you may be struggling to teach your dog important commands such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’
Lead control –w hen walking your dog, you may find that he/she pulls with two force or is difficult to handle
Obedience – whether you want the confidence of letting your dog off the lead or behaving well in the home, having a high level obedience is of key importance
For any of these issues – and for any other concerns you may have about your dog – effective training is essential! That is why at Angel Dog Training, we take pride in being the qualified experts extending our services to Southampton and many surrounding areas such has - Winchester, Alresford, Brockenhurst, Bursledon, Eastleigh, Hamble, Lymington, Lyndhurst, Romsey, Stockbridge, Totton, Hythe, Hedge End, Chandlers Ford, Otterbourne, Bishops Waltham, Fordingbridge, Andover, Salisbury, Shaftesbury, Tidworth., Basingstoke, Newbury, Reading, Alton.

A key part of our training philosophy is that we passionately care about dogs and believe that they deserve to have the best life possible. Therefore, when you consider our training programmes, you can be sure that you are making a positive choice for your pet. We address a number of areas of canine welfare and wellbeing – including behaviour correction, obeying commands and also improving relationships.

With our confident, qualified approach, you can assure both you and your pet will be in the safest hands. The structured teaching approach and overall positivity of our services ensure that it is an enjoyable, rewarding experience for both you and your dog. Due to the nature of private tuition we also offer, this ensures that you are receiving a fully comprehensive service, which can be streamlined directly to your animal’s needs. This kind of complete care is a factor we value highly at Angel Dog Training – enabling your dog to be the best it can be.

Angel Dog Training Reviews

Angel Dog Training Reviews

Review of Angel Dog Training by Brenda Harnett
1 10/06/2018 Brenda Harnett

Very unreliable all ways late one time never turned up at all no change in my puppy at all waste of 380 pounds

Review of Angel Dog Training by Monsterwraps Ltd
5 25/04/2016 Monsterwraps Ltd

These guys are brilliant, very professional and trustworthy. Highly recommended

Review of Angel Dog Training by Gemma Pinkerton
5 21/09/2015 Gemma Pinkerton

Phil is inspirational, knowledgable, caring and very genuine...... he has installed me with the confidence in knowing my practices are the best for Dolly. Phil has a great way of explaining the reasons, he backs up all his knowledge with demonstrating his theories which work perfectly every time. I would highly recommend Phil's expertise service.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Drew Ster
5 14/08/2015 Drew Ster

We saw an instant improvement in Willows behaviour after just the first session. Philip was happy to adapt to our specific needs with Willow as she had recently just recovered from an operation. He is extremely knowledgeable, and was able to help us understand the best way to communicate with her. We had to contact Philip between sessions and his response was very reassuring, allowing us to continue the training happily until our next session with him. We would highly recommend anyone needing help with training their dog to seek out a session with Philip.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Chico Fininho
5 12/08/2015 Chico Fininho

Phil has an amazing intuition and sense of connection with dogs and people, which seems to be the key to him getting such consistently great results.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Debbie Simmons
5 Debbie Simmons

We called Phil when we started having behavioural problems between our 9 year old chocolate lab (Bear), 5 year old black lab (Nero) and 1 year old jack Russel (Betty).

After just one visit from Phil, the changes were remarkable and he has managed to change a hectic, stressful household in to a very happy one.

Having 3 dogs to work with at once is a lot of hard work and takes dedication, but it is a journey that we are all enjoying as a family. Phil is fantastic, he is always there and happy to answer any questions and offer more advice when needed between practical sessions.

We would recommend Phil without hesitation as his love for dogs and people combined with his knowledge and ability is second to none.

We can't wait until our next session �

Review of Angel Dog Training by Hannah Hinton
5 Hannah Hinton

We have just completed our training programme with Phillip and it was the best thing we ever did! We now have two happy, well behaved dogs.
Before having the training Kira and Harley's behaviour was out of control. They pulled on the lead, were aggressive to other dogs and people and walking them would fill us with dread. Having been recommended Phillip by a friend we made the decision to do it and we are so happy that we have. We can now take them for walks and not worry about aggression or not having control as they now walk to heal and listen to us. Walkies are now a fun and we enjoy doing it.
Thank you Phillip for everything you have done you're amazing and we will be forever grateful for everything you have done. You're a dog god and we will recommend you to anyone we know or meet.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Minnie Peck
5 Minnie Peck

We have just completed our training with Phill after only 3 months! Not because it was hell and we've given up (we'd been very close to it!!) but because we've finally got to the stage where we can really enjoy our family dog and not be on tender hooks all the time. He's the most loving dog and we couldn't have imagined life without him but his behaviours was so so awful and we honestly had to think about the future with a little one on the way and what was the best thing to do as a family. He had resource guarding issues and it escalated very quickly. We've been through so many training methods but we finally came across Phill and his amazing Angel Dog Training!! We wouldn't be where we're at without him and cannot recommended him enough!! We literally have a different dog who we can trust and really enjoy being with and we can finally look forward to the future! Thank you for all your help Phill, we cannot thank you enough! Anyone who's sceptical about going for it just be reassured that no matter what your issues are they WILL be resolved and you will get to enjoy your dog again!! It's been the hardest few months of training but it has really paid off. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! �����

Review of Angel Dog Training by Simon Burnett
5 Simon Burnett

Phillip really help us with our GSD Ghost. When we got Ghost he was 7 months old and In the beginning Ghost was very aggressive and was would bark and go for everyone. After just one session with Phillip Ghost started to understand his place and was much improved. Now after 3 months he is such a great pet. If you need help with your dog, please do contact Phillip and he will be able to help you. It's worth every penny. Thank you Phillip.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Nicola Scanlon
5 Nicola Scanlon

I can't thank Phil enough, he helped me teach my loveable Newfie some goods manners. Madra use to bark at the TV if a dog was on there, run to the front door when someone knocked and pulling on the lead. Trying to control a 11 stone dog pulling on the lead was no joy. Phill's techniques and training tips have worked miracles. We are now working on recall training and passing other dogs calmly. I'm sure with constant and consistent training Madra will achieve this as he has done everything else. Thank you so much Phil xx

Review of Angel Dog Training by Amelia Dowler
5 Amelia Dowler

The excellent, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Phillip helped educate my son and myself to train our Jug Theodore.
We were so impressed by the change in Theodore just after the first visit and yes I was sceptical after reading reviews of clients that stated this BUT Philips 1st visit really did make such a difference to all our lives. Now after three visits and continued training daily, I'm so pleased to say now we have a relaxed Jug and happy owners x

Review of Angel Dog Training by Char Dewey
5 Char Dewey

We can honestly not thank or recommend phillip highly enough for the fantastic work he does. He truely transformed our crazy, hyper and very stubborn beagle, Nala. With having two young children and the madness of everyday life we quickly realised that training (and just owning) Nala was alot harder than we anticipated. She is a very head strong puppy and had NO respect for us as her leaders. Walking her was a nightmare and resulted in US being walked by her. She would jump up at all our visitors and get so excited an take ages to calm down. She would constantly go through the bin, try and steal food, would never recall in or out the house. She wouldnt follow basic commands like being sent to her bed or staying when told. She would terrorise the house if she was left. It quickly became very overwhelming and sadly not enjoyable having her as our dog. At this point we got in contact with phillip and after just the first session the change in Nala was incredible. I was very apprehensive about the training and wasn't convinced that anyone would be able to calm our crazy pup, but i was quickly proved wrong, and with the right training (for both ourselves and Nala) the change was honestly almost instant by following phillips training methods. After following the very clear instructions and putting in the time and effort required, Nala very quickly improved and become the loving, attentive and well behaved dog that we have today. We will continue to do the work that phillip has taught us and could not be more greatful for the help and guidance hes given us. Our beautiful dog is now a well behaved, calm and loving member of our family, opposed to the headstrong, disobedient pup who terorrised me daily before Phillip came to our rescue.

Thank you so much again Phillip for all your help, we are so greatful and enjoyed doing Nala's training with you. You really are AMAZING at what you do!!!

Charlene and Glyn

Review of Angel Dog Training by Claire Louisa Beech
5 Claire Louisa Beech

Thank you so much to Philip for all the help and support you have given to me and Pennie my rescue dog.
When i took on my rescue dog, i never thought about whether the dog will play well with other dogs - dont all dogs know how to be sociable? The answer is no.
I contacted Angel Dog Training as my dog has always shown dominant behaviour towards other dogs and it was getting increasing difficult to walk without some sort of drama happening.
She would also be very wary of strangers and would bark if people came to the door.
Even after our 1st session i could see a great improvement in her, she would be calmer and less alert to every noise, she began to see me more as the leader and would relax more around the house.
She is much better on the lead when we are out and i feel that she is trusting me with situations that she used to feel she had to be protective over.
The training that Philip has given has helped me be a better leader and has given me confidence to deal with the situations that used to scare me.
Pennie has shown great improvement when approaching dogs and has remained submissive due to the training we have put in place.
I know that this is not a quick fix and i believe that with the continued training plan that we have in place we will continue to have positive encounters with other dogs.
I am confident that i have been given the tools to help my dog achieve a calm and happy life.
Thank you once again to Philip and Angel Dog Training.
Claire and Pennie.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Becki Taylor
5 Becki Taylor

We have used the lovely Philip at Angel Dog Training for our stubborn, excitable, free spirited basset/springer cross. I was very dubious of the "instant effect" claims of others but it totally made an instant difference in Sirius and his behavior. It takes a huge amount of effort from owners part just as much as angel training and the dog. Be prepared to learn some interesting noises to communicate with and the homework takes a lot of time on your part but is so so so worth it. By no means is this an easy fix but stick with the programme and it will pay off. Sirius is now more chilled out as hes back at the bottom of the pack and actually gets in his bed when told to! Hes back in his crate at night sleeping soundly and we are working on him greeting guests at the door. Sirius is certainly a work in progress but without Philip and his guidance i fear that we would have resigned ourselves to a life of saying "that bloody dog". Philip is full of amazing advice, helped us place our crate, discuss the move to raw feeding, where not to let Sirius roam when we are out of the house and much much more. All whilst being a really really lovely man. Would recommend in a heartbeat! Thank you!

Review of Angel Dog Training by Nikita Bedford
5 Nikita Bedford

Me and Jake contacted Phillip about our German shepherd Mitsy. Mitsy liked to rule the house and was very protective when we were out on walks. This led her to have bad experiences with other dogs on and off the lead.

With just some simple and easy training tips from Phillip, Mitsy is now a lovely, calm and placid dog. We now are able to walk past and play with dogs with no aggression or anxiety.

We would highly recommend Phillip for not only implementing techniques, but also exceeding our expectations by bringing his own dog along to help us train Mitsy.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Glyn Dewey
5 Glyn Dewey

After our initial training with Phil from Angle everything was running smoothly. Our beagle had been transformed. Keeping up with the routines allowed the family to bond closer with the new loved one.
A couple of months after we finished the initial training our soft, kind and loving beagle developed what we later found out to be called resource guarding. My wife was the unfortunate one to discover this problem and instantly, because of the aggression shown by Nala wanted her out of the house. After convincing my wife that this was a one off, we had a couple more episodes that involved me. Phil was called and came straight round.
He spent some time with us and Nala to get to the route of the problem and very quickly had our dog and ourselves under control. Since having Phil come round to help us with with problem, Nala has only displayed resource guarding once. Using the technics that Phil has taught us, the situation was defused quickly and efficiently with no aggression shown.

Phil, we are ever so grateful because once again you have sorted a major problem with our dog that caused stress and tension in the family. We can now get back to loving our dog the way she deserves.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Emma Keelty
5 Emma Keelty

Incredible is the only way to describe Angel dog training! I struggled for a number of years with my spaniel cross; Barney and my German Shepard; Inka, and have seen a number of dog behaviourists to try and address both dogs fear of people, with little success. Phillip on the other hand, has visited us twice, and tonight, for the time ever, I walked Inka through a busy high Street and she only had eyes for me the entire time!! I can honestly say I never imagined that would be possible, and certainly not so quickly! I can't stop smiling now and I'm really looking forward to giving it another try again tomorrow! I cannot thank Angel Dog Training enough, and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants quick results, using only kind methods. I am a VERY happy customer, and so are Barney and's to many long and enjoyable walks!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Review of Angel Dog Training by Sharon Harris
5 Sharon Harris

We turned to Phil at Angel Dog Training for help and guidance with our high demanding English Springer Spaniel Puppy, Mylo. We wanted to stop any behaviour issues before they got any worse. The transformation in Mylo over the sessions we have had, has been amazing.

It’s very clear Phil knows what he is talking about and he loves what he does. Mylo adores him. He is possibly one of the most patient people I know.

The training is very effective and Phil has always been happy to answer any questions we have had along the way. Not only is Phil a dog trainer, he’s become a friend. We can’t thank Phil enough for how he's helped our family adjust to the joys of having a springer spaniel pup.

I would highly recommend Phil from Angel Dog Training to anyone how needs help with their dogs. It’s certainly an investment worth making.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Julie Walton
5 Julie Walton

It's hard to put into words how much Angel dog training has changed our lives. Phil is amazing, the second he walked through our door we knew we had made the right choice. We have two boxers and Mia the youngest had become aggressive to other dogs and constantly barked when anyone passed the house. It had got to the stage where we couldn't let her off the lead and didn't feel comfortable taking her out, dog walking really became a chore. We didn't think she would ever be able to run free again but hoped that Phil would at least be able to help us calm her down. Just one session and Mia had miraculously transformed into a much calmer dog and with the training techniques Phil had taught us she quickly became a pleasure to walk on the lead and stopped barking at passers by. We have just completed our 3rd and last session with Phil and most of this session was about Mia walking off lead, something we never thought would be possible. We are so grateful to Phil and Angel dog training that we can now enjoy going for proper dog walks with our two beautiful girls.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Angie Lewis
5 Angie Lewis

Bentley my mummified, protective, nervous of other dogs cocker spaniel was driving me nuts!!!. I had been to behaviourist/trainers before these were treat based with limited success.
I saw Angel dog training on face book and they said their method was different so I thought i would give it one more try ...
When Phil came WOW! did he change things Bentley became a totally different dog overnight everyone I knew asked if I had swopped him for another one �
He does still have not so good days but with the training Phil gave me I know we can do it
I cant thank Phil enough for what he has done for Bentley and me
He is the only dog trainer i will recommend thank you

Review of Angel Dog Training by Graham Smith
5 Graham Smith

From the first visit we knew Phillip was special and so did our Goldie, Digby. There seemed an instant rapport and the training began almost before Phil had done or said anything.
He spent an hour talking to us ( me & my wife) to get a thorough idea of what Digby was like & and what the problems were that we were concerned about.
Then it was out in the garden to learn what to do (us & Digby!). It was amazing. Digby was more calm and eager to please immediately, and following Phil's advice we have continued to enjoy our 'new' dog.
Two more follow up visits, and Phil has become a friend to us and Digby. We have no hesitation in recommending Phil if you have any training or behavioural problems with your pooch, he is the best!

Review of Angel Dog Training by Natasha Sheppard
5 Natasha Sheppard

We have had issues with our spaniel for the last 4.5 years, since he was 6 months old... pulling on the lead (like a train!) and disappearing off lead constantly hunting and not coming back till he was ready! We visited 2 different gun dog trainers in this time with absolutely no results and pretty much given up, almost accepting that this was it for the rest of his life. My husband and I were getting to breaking point with him and almost avoiding taking him out as it wasn't enjoyable. I discovered Phillip on a Facebook page and after reading about him we decided we would give it one last desperate try. The results were AMAZING! Phillip has a real understanding of why dogs do what they do and how we, as their owners, influence that behaviour. We had results in just the 1st visit and we now have a completely different dog... he walks to heel and doesn't disappear off hunting! Happy dog and happy owners! We are so glad we came across Phillip and would highly recommend him. It didn't go without hard work from us, but we couldn't have done it without him. Thank you Phillip!

Review of Angel Dog Training by Lindsey Baldwin
5 Lindsey Baldwin

We have a 7 year old jack Russell cross called Freddy, before Phil came to us he had a lot of anxiety. He would bark every time we left him as soon as we closed the door and we had complaints from our neighbours. He would bark as soon as he saw other dogs and people out on walks and generally was just a very scared dog. Since we met Phil and he taught us certain techniques with him and recommended a different healthier diet for Freddy, it’s like we have a different dog! He’s so much more happier in himself and even looks younger than he did before, it’s like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders and ours. He no longer barks when we leave him to go to work and no more complaints from our neighbours and he is a joy to walk. No barking when he sees other dogs and people and he wants to socialise with them. We even take him to dog friendly pubs and socialise him on walks with friends dogs which is something we never thought would be possible. We were told before that he was too old to be changed and we were stuck with his behaviours but that wasn’t the case at all. I’m so pleased that we got in contact with Phil and he came to help us and we now have peace of mind that Freddy isn’t stressing out. He sleeps longer and isn’t constantly on guard. I could write pages and pages of how grateful we are to Phil for helping us out. We would highly recommend him.

Review of Angel Dog Training by Josie Rixon
4 Josie Rixon

I would just like to comment on Phillip and Angel Dog Training, Phillip and I meet back in June last year. I had been following Phillip for a year before I asked him for assistance with my naught pack of dogs. Phillip is warm ,friendly and most impressionable person he is excellent at what he states on his website.
I have encountered two training sessions with him which helped immensely, but due to reason beyond Phillips control we have not been able to complete all these sessions booked and paid for. Phillip has refunded all monies owing and has been very honest and upfront about the situation as his father passed away recently.

In all of this I can not fault Phillips knowledge of dog behaviour and his ability to enable you to grow with your dog and come away with confidence in yourself, because at the end of the day it is us the owner who needs to be trained more so than the dog. I would without a doubt still recommend Angel Dog Training as Phillip has dealt with my issues professionally and effectively .I wish Phillip all the best in his business and personal life.
With most sincere regards Joanne

Review of Angel Dog Training by Clare George
5 Clare George

Just had our first session with Phillip!
Thank you for giving us the confidence to go forward with the training,your knowledge is superb and to see our dog take commands from day one is truely amazing!Cannot wait for the next two sessions!
Thoroughly recommended....5 stars without hesitation!:)

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Practical. Positive. Lasting Results. Welcome to Angel Dog Training. Hampshire and Isle Of Wight Dog Behaviour and Obedience Training Specialists. Get ready to experience a new style of dog training: a practical, positive, relationship-focused approach that provides lasting results. No matter the breed, age, obedience objective or behaviour issue, we can help! Phillip Gazzard and his acredited team of certified and veterinary-recommended trainers and behaviour consultants have proven experience and education in: consulting for aggression, fear and anxiety; puppy development; and basic & advanced obedience training. We provide specialist at home training for dogs - and owners too

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