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Founded in 2005, My life of Photography and Film became a passion through another favorite pass time of touring the California roads on my motorcycle.


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Nathan Hailey

9 May 2019

Andy’s eye for detail is unparalleled by any other. He makes it so easy to model with him. Will definitely consider using Andy Photo for my next shoots and portfolio work. Thanks so much Andy!!


Peter Bryner

9 May 2019

Andy's photos are always high quality and you can tell he has passion for what he does. Highly recommend Andy Photo for those in the Bay Area looking for a great photographer/videographer :)


Jessa Walsh

22 February 2019

I hired Andy Photo to create one of the most important things I will ever create in my life - a surprise music video I played for my wife at our wedding. I was beyond impressed from start to finish! I came to Andy with a tight timeline, vague details and high expectations and he delivered ten fold. The shooting process was efficient and he gave me the direction I needed to be comfortable in front of the camera, doing something I've never done. After we spent a few days and different locations shooting, he sent me the rough draft much quicker than expected - and it BLEW ME AWAY! I was literally in tears watching this video that was so professionally done and it exceeded my already high expectations. I suggested some minor edits which he took care of quickly and with enthusiasm, actually enjoying the collaborative nature of our discussions, not making me feel like I was insulting or being too demanding. His energy and passion was infectious, you can tell that he is IN LOVE with what he does on an artistic as well as business level. The finished product was AMAZING!!! I played it at my wedding and it was the biggest hit. I got endless compliments on it and my new wife was moved to tears. It looks like a legitimate music video! I cannot thank Andy enough for his professionalism, creativeness and efficient work in helping me make the best day of my life that much more special and unique. I highly recommend him! More...


PJ Nelson

27 July 2018

Amazing photographer to work with..he is kind, aware of his surroundings, efficient, and passionate about his work..every time we did a shoot he made it easy and fun, and we were able to get amazing work done..will definitely be coming back to get more work done by him More...


Omar A.

27 July 2018

Very quick and professional. Detailed work. I recommend. Thanks again!


Rolando Salom

27 July 2018

I've had a few school projects involving photography and photoshop. I've had consultations and critiques w/ the owner on how to make my projects more viewer friendly and aesthetically pleasing. With all the guidance provided by Andy Photo, I've gotten top marks on collaborating projects. Strongly recommend a company with such great vision. More...


Tony Pereira

27 July 2018

Was just casually lounging at the club where Andrew hosts a wonderful karaoke night and came up to me to show a photo that he took of me. I absolutely feel flabbergasted and love the photo so much I have personally made it my profile photo on social media. Andrew is extremely skilled at everything he does and this ends up being another skill that I am excited I have witness. More...


steph gutierrez

27 July 2018

Andy has an amazing eye for photography. The way he frames his subject and adjusts the exposure makes his pictures truly breath taking. Plus, he is great at photoshop. I saw this one picture where he took a person out from the background and the final picture looked flawless! I will definitely book him the next time I need a photographer. More...


Sean Ivers

27 July 2018

Absolutely adored the shots taken and picture quality!
You can always tell when a person puts a little bit of themselves in their work, and it definitely shows in each and every one of his photos.
Keep up the good work!


Liz Vizena

27 July 2018

I recently hired Andy Photo for an event that I wanted to have pictures of throughout. I was so happy with the service! Not only was Andrew prompt, he was also pleasant, thorough, and the photos came out amazing! I will definitely be using Andy Photo again! More...

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I don't believe there are secrets to capturing a "great" photo. A photograph is great when like minds share the connection with the image. An image that sparks a memory, or a familiar sense of nostalgia. In my experience the best photographs are the ones that will never come with a price tag. The ones the photographer cherishes the most because only the photographer knows what it means to them.

What is the nature of the service needed?
What is the approximate dead line?
Will you be needing prints?
Will the images be used for commercial purposes?
Will the project need models or actors/actresses?
What is your budget for the project?
How many people will be attending?
Will you need video services with your photography?
If you are a commercial business what type of business are you?
Where are you located?
How many members are in your musical group?
Will you be needing a make up and hair Specialist?

what I do is My Art First, that I also love to call my career

So many things inspired Andy Photo, and truly no matter how bad things can be, My community, friends, and my family is what drives me to continue to create new images for everyone to enjoy

I believe they will find that working with me will provide equal and open minded support in their creative goals, and I will do everything In my power to make sure I can produce it for them. I will encourage them to stay creative, make proper suggestions, and price them fairly even on a tight budget I will work the same way for someone who can't afford a lot as I do top dollar clients.