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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, specializing in relationship concerns involving tweens, teens, young adults, and adults. My goal is to help family members and couples to turn towards each other in hardship, and lean into difficulty with curiosity and empathy.



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I simply love engaging with people in conversations and my style of counseling feels like we are having real conversations. While focusing on helping you live more fully we have great conversations. I will ask lots of questions. Sometimes we will laugh or cry together, and sometimes we'll be quiet. I love being able to bring my personality into the room with me. I am highly trained but I am also a person first!

I began my own private practice to be able to work with people in the way we feel is most beneficial. I believe the counseling process to be one that is guided by you.

I am not much different than you. I get the place you are coming from to seek out help. My life has been fabulously full and messy. As a child, my parents divorced when I was in elementary school. I felt the emotional tug of war as a child. During a 19 year marriage, I became the mom of three wonderful boys. I quickly learned that everything I thought about parenting was garbage. I struggled with feelings of inadequacies as a parent when navigating concerns such as parenting an ADHD child, parenting a strong-willed child, learning to communicate with an introvert, supporting a child who is bullied, supporting a child through divorce, and learning to be a new kind of parent to adult children. I survived a marriage that crumbled and a divorce. I learned to navigated a divorce relationship that spun into a high-conflict relationship. I have remarried and learned how to blend children into a new family system. I am no different than you. My life has been messy. I have learned to not allow my past messy life to be a stumbling block in my view of myself or my current relationships. On the contrary, they serve as a reminder of how easily relationships can become fractured and distant.