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Allen Holz Photography

Charlestown, IN, Clark

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Allen Holz Photography

Charlestown, IN, Clark



Allen Holz Photography I offers studio and location photography in Louisville Metro and Southern Indiana area.

Wedding Photography
Family Photography
Couples and Engagement Photography
Corporate Photography
Event Photography (small to extremely large corporate and community events)


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22 May 2018

Excellent work!

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There is no “secret” or “magic” to taking professional portraits and images. It’s experience, experience, experience.... I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of images (or more!) over the course of 20+ years. After technical ability, it’s simply having fun with the client, listening to their needs and delivering more than they expect with simple, old school customer service.

What do you want from your portraits? What are your ideas? I know what the client wants before I pick up the cameras. I offer advise, suggestions, creative input, and options based on my clients goals.

I get to work with different people every day! Each day I do something different, get to be creative, and simply do what I love to do... create portraits and images that clients cherish!

After my military service, I picked up a camera as a way to look for beauty in the world again. I lived in Colorado at the time, and spent many solitary hours in the mountains. I eventually found what I was looking for and also found I had developed some respectable photography skills in the process. I’ve never stopped creating images and I never looked back. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the world and have taken images and portraits all over the globe. I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I started my business to share my passion for photography and to deliver the level of customer service clients should expect.

Exemplary customer service, 20 years of experience, and reasonable pricing.

I don’t play the “credits” and “packages” game to force customers into exhorbantly overpriced packages after being hired. I am generous with images, professionally retouching is included based on the number of retouched images agreed upon for the price. If additional images are desired for retouch later, I offer them at a very reasonable cost. My print pricing is ala carte and affordable. I also offer digital downloads, online proofing and online ordering.