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I specialize in head shots (LinkedIn, social media and chiaroscuro), product photography and events. My head shots and product photography are typically done in my studio at 807 East Main Street, Durham, NC 27705.

My event photography focuses on parties, conferences and dance events.

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19 December 2019

Our first time working with Alec Himwich and it was a great experience. Alec is an excellent photographer which you can see by his website. Alec is very easy to work with, and goes above and beyond making sure he gets the shoots you want/need and that you are very satisfied with the end results. We would absolutely use Alec again and look forward to it. More...

30 September 2019

Alec was very patience and professional! Love the pictures!!! Plus he is very on clock! I think was his 1st experience take horse picture and he made it!!! He got really good ones!!!

31 July 2019

Professional headshot done. A great experience and wonderful results. Alex is so personable and puts you at ease. Looking forward to working with him again.

24 July 2019

Working with Alec was very easy and enjoyable, which was a nice surprise since I went into my first-ever headshot session a bit nervous. I was also impressed with how quickly he got the finished products back to me and very pleased with the results! I highly recommend working with Alec More...

7 July 2019

Alec photographed my wedding and he was absolutely phenomenal. He was extremely professional and took care of everything for us. He listened and gave us lots of helpful insights while also letting us call the shots. I can’t recommend him enough! His price point is shockingly low for the quality of work! More...

31 January 2019

Wonderful person to work with! I had my paintings photographed and he made sure that I was satisfied with the results by endlessly tweaking some of the color specifications that I was particular on.


In making head shots, the important thing is to establish sense of trust and understanding of the essentials of a good head shot.

With product photography, my concern is representing the object I am photographing as accurately as possible. I shoot tethered so it is possible to evaluate the photos as they are made. I prefer to work with the object owner to be sure that the lighting (reflections and shadows) are managed in an optimal manner.

At events, I like to capture individual and group photos as well as moments that tell a story about the event. At dance performances, I seek to capture the climatic moments the event.

For head shot clients, I need to know the purpose of the head shot, whether a make up artist is needed (I can arrange that) and whether the photo is to be taken in the studio or on location.

For product photography, I need to know if the client can come to my studio or whether I need to travel the client's location. I also need to know the number and size of objects to be photographed.

For event photography, I need to know where the event will be, how long it will last and what products are to be delivered.

In doing head shots, I love the rich, collaborative experience of working with someone to create their public face.

In doing product photography, I enjoy the challenge of getting the lighting just right to represent the object without visual distractions.

In doing event photography, I enjoy interacting with the event attendees to capture representative photos. In the case of dance performances, I aim to freeze action and capture the decisive moment in the dance.

In 2000, I became interested in photography and have been avidly photographing since then. In 2016, I had time and opportunity to convert my love of photography into a business.

I shoot with the the latest mirrorless cameras (that can capture photos soundless at events) and I have the capability of shooting with continuous lights or strobes in the studio or on location.

As part of my service, I deliver both RAW photos (for the client's archival use) and lightly edited JPGs. I am always willing to do additional editing when required for an agreed upon price.

My interest in working with clients is to capture photos that address the client's stated requirements. My highest concern is with the client's satisfa ction with my work. Although I quote a price for each job which I stick to, I do not stint on effort and time spent and I stick to my original quote.


Head shots for social media, corporate use or artistic chiaroscuros.

Photography of furniture, jewelry or other objects. This work is typically done in my studio at 807 East Main Street, Durham, NC 27705. I deliver carefully retouched JPGs (files directly usable in print or web use) as well as RAW photos (for the client's archival purposes ) if requested.

Photography of meetings, parties and dance performances, I travel to the event location within a radius of 25 miles of Durham, NC. I charge $0.30/mile for travel in excess of my studio at 807 East Main Street, Durham, NC 27701, I delive r lightly edited JPGs (files directly usable in print or web use) as well as RAW photos (for the client's archival purposes ) if requested.