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Alcántara Wellness uses biblical principles to holistically treat the mind, body, and soul. Through both mental health services and personal training/nutritional services Alcantara Wellness can help you transform your life.

With mental health we specialize in issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction.


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Joe Fitzhenry

27 December 2018

Wonderful people. I highly recommend Alcántara Wellness


Christa Chaffins

26 November 2018

Both Carlos and Bianca are fantastic, knowledgeable and truly caring people. They are a wonderful team that will most certainly bring you to fuller and richer relationship with yourself, God and others. I highly recommend checking out their center. More...


Frank Vaccarello

25 November 2018

Yes I recommend this place Great people great support

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When it comes to the fitness component of our business, we ensure that you feel the program developed directly matches your goals. We will provide a thorough scan of your body and give you accurate numbers of your current health/fitness. Then, with our trainer, you will develop a realistic goal and we will provide you guidance on your meals, exercise, and daily routine. We are familiar with many obstacles that may interfere with your fitness goal, and there are no barriers that we cannot help you overcome. Alongside your motivation to change we can help you transform and reach your optimal you!

Your desire for the "greater you" needs to be stronger than the complacency to stay the same. You have to dig deep and identify what keeps you the same? Then, with your coach, you will be able to develop the ideal you and little by little move towards that person. However, you have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. You will have to be prepared for changes to your daily routine, changes to your eating habits, and changes to how you cope with life. If your desire for the greater you is stronger than your complacency, you will implement those changes and reach your goal!

That we don't try to just implement behavior modification or provide short-term tools for intsant gratification. Our clients must come in seeking life-long transformation. Clients in our program will learn how to transform thier lifestyle so that the ideal self manifests effortlessly. We love to see people explore and find who God designed them to be, and develop a perseverance and determination to make that purpose come to life!

Our team has experienced many many stressors, obstacles, and complex life circumstances that have impacted them mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our team humbly sought help when they were down and sought transformation themselves. Because we have been on the side of life filled with chaos, darkness, and hopelessness we truly understand the physical and emotional toll life can put on a person. However, we have gone through our own transformation and are now excited to share with the world how God's principals and Truths can sustain long-term health and wholeness that nothing else in this world can replicate.

Because our approach to mental health and physical health are grounded of God's principals that are promised to work. We are living proof of this transformation and are excited to come alongside your journey to help you accomplish your goals. We know what we have to offer can provide you more than what you can imagine; because what we offer is to align you back to your God-given purpose.


We believe it is through the renewing of your mind and heart that long-lasting transformation becomes a reality. Alcántara Wellness uses biblical principles to holistically treat the mind, body, and soul. We provide individual session, couples therapy, and family therapy.