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Located in Nottingham, we are a premier provider of high-quality scalp micropigmentation (hair tattoo), semi-permanent makeup and medical tattooing procedures. We offer solutions for both male and female hair loss, 3D Areola and nipple reconstruction, eyebrow micro blading, permanent lip makeup and camouflage for all kinds of scars and other skin blemishes.


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Jayei Jayei

8 August 2019

friendly professional service dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for client .. in had a bad experience previously and she gas rectified it and given me my confidence back .. thoughly recommend ♥️


Roz Armstrong

12 July 2019

Agatha is highly professional and gives you lots of information about your treatment. very safe hands to be in!


Angela Matthews

1 June 2019

Lovely lady very professional and thorough, love my brows would definitely recommend


Molly Green

1 June 2019

I am so happy with my eyebrows, Agatha did an amazing coverup of my old ones. Thank you so much such a lovely professional lady.


Karen Orr Wickes

25 May 2019

Agatha is a true professional!!...I felt totally at ease straight away and was so impressed with her patience.....after only one visit i can tell that Agatha will only be happy if you are happy!!! I had my eyebrows done only a few hours ago and have had nothing but compliments ever since!!.......i will be recommending you Agatha!! Thank you so much!!❤❤ More...


Elaine Ridley

24 May 2019

I had my eyebrows done and I was very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend her.


Barbara Molnar

24 May 2019

I am very happy with my new brows. I can honeslty say there was no other person I felt comfortable with doing my eyebrows. I love the shape and i cant wait for my next treatment.
The whole procedure was explained fully before the treatment started. It wasn't painful as I expected.
She is true professional and highly skilled.
I would highly recommend her!
Agatha is brilliant at what she does!


Sally Coxon-Peach

16 May 2019

Agatha is absolutely amazing at what she does. So friendly too. Very highly recommended!!x


Brigitta Vedrédi

14 May 2019

Excellent service,very kind and friendly person. Agatha took her time and talked me through every step. I'm so happy with my new and improved eyebrows! Thank you so much


Brigitta Vedrédi

13 May 2019

Excellent service,very kind and fiendly person. Agatha took her time and talked me through every step. I'm so happy with my new and improved eyebrows! Thank you so much


Paulina Perzynska

6 May 2019

i absolutely love my eyebrows now . very friendly and proffesional service. highly recommending xxx



4 May 2019

I had amazing experience with Agatha. I've lost all my eyebrows due to some medications I been taking and getting a new one was a really big deal for me. Agatha helped to go through the process by giving as much as possible information and very soon I got assurance that she knows what she is doing and that I will be fine. Now after the procedure and second retouch I have beautiful new eyebrows and my life is great again. I would recommend her any time. More...


Lisa Lubelski

13 April 2019

Absolutely blown away with my results,didn’t feel a thing and an absolute perfectionist...thank you


Caroline Harahan

8 March 2019

Had my brows done 3 weeks ago and they look amazing. Agatha spent over an hour measuring my face and creating my brows to fit perfectly to my facial shape and features. The end result is stunning. A lovely women who is meticulous in what she does. I would not go anywhere else. More...


Jo Ogden

3 March 2019

Had my brows done sat, Agatha was amazing!! Unfortunately she had a previous bad job to cover up, but she was great and completely honest! Would 100% recommend her!!


Szilvási Alexandra

2 March 2019

Lovely lady, very professional and talented! She explained every steps and made me feel so easy! Would 100% definitely recommend


Charmiee O

27 February 2019

Five stars and two thumbs up! I can say Agatha is an artist and a visionary, she has changed the shape of my eyebrows in a very attractive way (with my permission of course) I would never have thought myself. I'm lucky to have my brows done by someone very talented and very professional. So pleased with my eyebrows, highly recommended! More...


Erzsébet Szakács

16 February 2019

Lovely, friendly staff, had semi permanent eyebrows, fantastic job, very pleased.


Janet Dunn

11 February 2019

Agatha is very professional and does not hesitate to discuss all your requirements when having your brows done.. I totally would recommend her to anyone looking for a great service .... thanks Agatha


Charlotte Maxwell

7 February 2019

My eyebrows have fully healed after a top up and I can safely say I’m happy with them! They make such a difference. Agatha was able to make them a colour I wanted. The shape suits my face. Friendly lady. More...


Kate Richardson

26 January 2019

Very professional explained the procedure & took the time in the preparation for an excellent finish, a perfectionist. Pain free & great results. Lovely lady.


MHinch LMarg

23 January 2019

Agatha is an amazing woman. so very talented. Really is a perfectionist with her eyebrow tattooing. Very lovely lady too that makes you feel at ease. I would highly recommend her. Would never go anywhere else now More...


Gina Ridley

13 January 2019

Lovely woman, my brows look amazing and it takes me half the time to get out the house in the morning! Would 100% definitely recommend


Lesley Moore

1 November 2018

Definitely recommend Agatha K done a fantastic job on my eyebrows love them thank you x


Nicola Caurah

17 October 2018

Love my brows... Thank you x


Valentina Fitiu

29 September 2018

yesssss I will recommend Agatha K. Micropigmentation is very nice and professional I m very happy with my eyebrow. Thank you Agatha❤❤❤


Sarah Theobald Tebbett

14 September 2018

Wonderful service. Was made to feel comfortable and involved in decisions about the tattooing. Thrilled with the results thank you x


Erzsébet Rita Szakács

14 September 2018

Agatha is lovely and professional. I’m so happy with my new eyebrows! Highly recommend x


Lisa Cox

12 September 2018

Love love love my new eyebrows! Being my first ever tattoo I was understandably nervous but was put at ease straight away and felt like I should have had it done years ago. It’s strange how changing the shape a little and filling in the bald bits knocked years and wrinkles off my eyes! Would highly recommend and I will remain a customer for life! More...


Csenge Szűcs

12 September 2018

After years of struggling with scars all over my arms left from bad skin problems I have finally found Agatha and cosmetic tattooing and I couldn’t be happier with the results and I only wish I had it done sooner! Very gentle and professional treatment! More...


The satisfaction of the customer's face. Being my own boss, I love that I have flexibility in my schedule. Even though I work a lot…I can arrange my time so as to pick up my little one from school.

Changing lives is now part of my career and something I want to do for the rest of my life.

At Agatha K. Micropigmentation, we custom fit your brows, lips, eyeliner to your unique style. Our services are tailored to your face shape and skin type. We want to help people regain their confidence and self-esteem.



- Eyebrows (microblading, ombré, hair stroke, combination brow) - Lip - Eyeliner

Scalp Micropigmentation (hair tattoo) is a cosmetic grade medical hairline tattoo, which serves to disguise thinning hair in men and women. The fastest growing innovation in hair loss history, hair tattoo uses advanced techniques to simulate the appearance of real and natural hair follicles, using tiny pigment deposits throughout the treatment area. When combined with thousands of other pigment deposits, the result is the appearance of a full head of shaven hair.

An advanced form of cosmetic tattooing is an option that can facilitate a desired change or restoration of appearance. - 3D Breast Areola Reconstruction - Skin Colouring / Vitiligo camouflage - Scar Camouflage

The salt & saline solution is a common, effective approach to lightening tattoos. Although it is a slower process than other treatments, this method is popular because it is safer than other tattoo removal procedures. The main ingredient of this tattoo fading technique is Sodium Chloride (Salt). When the sterile salt solution is implanted into the unwanted tattoo ink via specialized tattooing techniques, the osmotic process is induced which successfully attracts the fragmented ink particles, drawing them out of the skin. This method is highly effective and commonly used within the initial stages of permanent cosmetics correctional work to lighten ill-placed, badly shaped, discoloured cosmetic enhancements. In addition, the salt & saline solution treatment is ideal for those with darker skin tones, those with sensitive skin, and those who have had an allergic reaction to tattoo pigment. This method can lighten tattoos in any area, including around the eyes.

Stunning alternative to eyelash extension