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Gravesend, Kent

6 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
afeath22@btinternet.com logo


Gravesend, Kent

6 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We offer a wide variety of accountancy services along with business advice to companies and the self employed throughout London and Kent.

* Our Taxation Services (including our £195 "all in" Self Employment service is very popular. Problems with HMRC (Eg Lettings)?


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Katie Swatton

23 July 2018

Excellent service and very friendly!!!!


sandra colley

29 May 2018

Excellent service, very fast response to my enquiry.



27 April 2018

Thank you Tony for your services

Will use again

Helpful friendly service
Highly recommended



24 April 2018

Tony is great - really helped explain what I needed to know



19 April 2018

As described - simple, clear and easy to understand no nonsense approach.

Thanks Laurence for the review!



1 April 2018


Thanks David and thanks for choosing us! Regards, Tony

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-- Tax: Advice, Self Assessment, VAT, Corporation tax, PAYE/NI. Had a letter from the dreaded revenue? Need a calm calculated response?
-- Bookkeeping: Your systems in your office? Quickbooks, Xero or Sage, Cloud based modern and most efficient approach We do the lot!
-- Payroll: Weekly, Monthly, EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU
-- VAT: Getting it right is a bit of a challenge and you do not want to get it wrong... Approaching the £85,000 threshold?
-- Company House Submissions - Piece of cake!
-- Management Information - monthly accounts? Yes of course, but what about other important information you and your team need to run your business?

Our profession is going through a bit of a silent revolution at the moment.

Customers need systems, advice and support 24/7. They want low cost services based on low cost processes and procedures - YES?
What they don't need is to see their accountant once a year for an overpriced inadequate service full of questions about transactions they have forgotten about.

Revolution is not too strong a word, many people approach me because they need to focus on customers not on admin... Get rid of the admin today by using online systems and instant access to advice.

The truth is... The WOW factor from customers who cannot believe they really can leave their admin behind in safe hands and knowing that there is no end of year drama and cost. Low monthly cost packages starting at well under £100 to release them from this burden - it's a no-brainer!

It's a bit of a power thing. My colleagues and I control everything that affects the service that our customers get. I do not have to put up with anything that is wrong and we have never let anyone down - and that's the way it is going to stay!

Well, At Simply Tax and Accounts, we have the attitude that the Japanese had in the late sixties as Quality management ideas started to permeate western culture.

A true story from the time concerns a Japanese company who received an order from a UK firm for some engineering items. The UK company had added a note to the order that they would only accept "out of spec" quantities amounting to 5% of the order.

The Japanese were mystified at this, but got on with the order as required.

The British firm received their items in due course and were pleased to see 100% of the consignment met the specification. Then they saw a smaller box had also arrived - yes, you have guessed it, in the small box was the 5% that had been requested to be out of spec.

A funny story, but it demonstrates a 100% right first time culture - and that's us!