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Wimbledon, Greater London

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Adventure Paws Training

Wimbledon, Greater London



Lottie's goal is to enrich the relationship between you and your dog by showing you how to easily and effectively train with them. Offering reward-based, positive dog training and behaviour in the comfort of your own home, Adventure Paws Training will develop a plan that's tailored to your dog or puppy and life with them.


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Jason Bezuidenhout

2 March 2019

Each session was filled with lots of love/fun and happiness. Lottie helped us completely change our little Daisies life for the better with all her knowledge and love for dogs. I hightly recommend her training services More...


Hannah Merridale

25 February 2019

FIVE STARS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I cannot recommend Adventure Paws enough!! Both of my dogs went to their puppy school (at different intervals) and Lottie was so so friendly and approachable on both occasions. I always had so many questions about my pups and Lottie was always available to help me. Even in their adulthood I still get advice off Lottie, she just goes above and beyond, and really cares about dogs. Both me and my doggos enjoyed the sessions and they came out well socialised and well trained! Its really refreshing to meet someone so friendly and approachable in the dog training world. I wouldn't send my dogs anywhere else now. More...


Tricia Culliford

24 February 2019

Lottie adores dogs and has an obvious bond with them all. We first went to her puppy classes where she instilled the basics in class clearly and firmly. We have also employed her for some additional one on one sessions as our Springer Spaniel has become a teenager and thinks he's in charge. Very useful indeed. Highly recommend More...


Archie Lambert

21 January 2019

Lottie was instrumental when I first got my puppy Archie (5 years ago). Her training techniques were so helpful and she was very patient with me whilst I learned the ropes. I couldn’t have done it without her! More...


Elizabeth Crawshaw

20 January 2019

As a first time dog owner (7 years ago), Lottie helped me with various behaviour problems of my Jack Russell puppy giving me the skills and confidence to 'parent' Millicent into a popular, friendly, (mostly) well behaved little terrier! She helped with all aspects of socialisation and was always on hand with advice and training tips for the tricky moments or the next challenges. Lottie has a natural way with dogs - quiet but firm - with loads of humour and fun. Whether in a one to one training session or group training, my somewhat stubborn dog responded brilliantly to her fun approach to training and taught me to understand how dogs interpret commands, praise and attention. I can't recommend her highly enough - she is an absolute star! More...


Rose Fairlie

18 January 2019

It was clear from the beginning that my schnauzer, Gretel, had a shy temperament. Lottie was the trainer in our puppy classes and she helped me to build my dogs confidence. Gretel went from hiding under my chair every week to loving her training sessions and the other dogs, to which I credit Lottie’s guidance. A while later, Gretel began to develop a fear of children and also barked incessantly whenever we had anyone visit our house. I began to feel desperate. Lottie was the obvious behaviorist to ask for help and I was really impressed by her thoroughness. She gave us a huge amount of her time, coming on a walk with us and was always in touch to see me through the next stage in Gretel’s training. Most importantly, Lottie is not interested in quick fixes and I was really pleased that she addressed Gretel's anxieties rather than just silencing her, with the cause of the worry still there. Now, at three, my dog is so much happier and her problems have gone. Thank you Lottie, I couldn’t have done it without you. Rose and Gretel More...

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