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Adam Hodgson

Mirfield, Yorkshire

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Adam Hodgson

Mirfield, Yorkshire


I have worked in the Digital sector for over 12 years as a Web Designer and Developer.
I currently work Freelance and try to work with small/local businesses and Startups to help achieve their goals online.

My Services Include :

Web Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchApp)



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A great customer experience - From the visuals to the functionality, a website that can be usable and convenient and can help customers achieve their goal. Concentrating on the small things to help the bigger picture.

- What is the budget? - It's crucial to be as transparent as possible about what the deliveries and expectations are.
- What are you trying to achieve? - What goal/purpose is the website/branding trying to deliver
- How can we get you online in the quickest possible way? - Let's get you online and add new functionality when we need it
- What is the timeframe? - Let's be reasonable, work hard and get the work done in a time that suits your objectives

I like to first design some key ideas, whether that's logo sketches or ideas for colours.

Once we have a basic understanding of what works and doesn't work we can refine on the design - Work through Wireframes to figure out what pages and components are necessary for the website.

Once we have a basic understanding of what pages we need we can start defining the content, figure out what customers actually want to see and build out from there.

We would then start the design process, working through high fidelity designs, go through iterations of concepts, colours, think about transitions and animations (depending on budget).

Once we have a clear defined styleguide and design we can start the build/development.

- Who they are and their objectives
- Ideas for logos/branding/styles
- What is their goal for the website - are we trying to sell to customers or just advertise products and services?

I love being passionate about design and development. It's a great sense to be able to enjoy what you do for a living. It's a shame not all people have that feeling about their job, so I find myself very lucky.

The idea of working for myself, being remote and working from home, the flexibility to spend more time with the family.

I am honest, transparent and don't give unrealistic goals. Honesty is key in this business - trust works both ways.